• Bruce

    It was apparent watching yesterday’s game that the team was much more effective with Army and Richardson in the lineup. Zeiler can be the perma-scratch extra forward. Boyle should have been sent down earlier to further develop his game and find a mean streak. He must learn to play as big as he is.

  • Milton Waddams

    As excited as I was to see Boyle this year after his stint last year, he really has been disappointing. Richardson and Army have played much better when they’ve been in the lineup. I’m glad to see this move. Hopefully Boyle can use it as motivation, and become a better player for it.

  • Quisp

    I love Boyle, but this is a good thing. He needs to get down there and score a ton. Although there’s “no corresponding move” now, I expect there will be one (Purcell or Lewis) in the next few weeks. Hopefully, DL will bring up Lewis so Murray can start resting Ivanans.

  • The Man from UNCLE

    Boyle is a good hockey player, so it’s not clear what his brooding, uninspired play is all about. The coach has given him plenty of chances to shine and unfortunately he hasn’t seized the opportunities.

    Last year he was really, really impressive & I was really anxious to see what he would do this year given a proper spot in the lineup.

    Maybe in Manchester he’ll sort out whatever’s wrong with his mental game & will come back ready to live up to his potential. Good luck Brian!

  • CiscoC

    Good move. Boyle needs playing time in a scoring role.

  • jediknight329

    i agree with milton and quisp. hopefully boyle will experience the success sully had when sent down a couple of years ago. boyle needs to learn to use his size and play nasty out there. with his size and good hands he should be able to be a 2nd line center, but he needs to work on his aggresive play and skating. this probably means that both army and richardson will get more playing time.

  • Datacloud

    It’s about time. I not concerned about his scoring. He needs to learn how to play like someone who deserves to be in the NHL. Play the body, battle and compete, go into corners and rail some players, etc. etc.

    We all know he has hands. He just can’t play like a little girl anymore.

  • Anonymous

    All the comments here are correct. He has really played under his ability. Needs to see the minors for awhile to understand what the NHL is all about. He kind of has a “I’m a star” mentality. Doesn’t quite get it yet.

  • MarkE

    Can we stop with the Ivanas bashing.. He’s an enforcer, every team in the league has at least one and some have 2 or 3. He’s not going to play 15 min. or score pretty goals. He’s going to prevent teams from taking liberties on the rest of the team, YES, he will take some bad penalties. Anyone who has played team sports especially hockey appreciates and wants these guys on your team. Its great to know they always have your back, and it makes you just a little braver out on the field, ice, court….

  • mrk

    I agree w/ all. I do wish to see Azevedo play w/ the big boys though.

  • Mel

    Terrible decision by management in general. I don’t know if it’s Terry Murray to blame or what, but he never gave Boyle a real chance at playing with people he should be playing with.

    Boyle did what he could on the 4th checking line. But did we seriously expect him to score when he was with Ivanans, Zeiler, Armstrong and the likes? Nothing against any of the linemates he was stuck with, but that line was just there to kill time.

    I hope the Kings organization haven’t thrown in the white flag for Boyle. But the next time he gets called up, he needs to be used better.

  • Moondoggie

    It’s a good move. It will give him time to get his game together which he needs. It will also allow the Kings to get Richardson into the lineup more. Overall a good move tho I hate to see it. He just hasn’t been the same player the Kings brought up last year…..

  • Marty

    Miss handling of Boyle in my opinion.Boyle is an offensive player and has not been given a long enough chance playing with the better offensive players on this team except for the 3? games played with Sully.In order for success at this level it helps to put the player in a position to be successful .How about playing him with Kopitar and Brown or Sully and Fro for a extended period? this has been Murrays downfall all this season,he doesn’t allow the top six to gel into 2 complete and reliable lines.Look at the disrespect he has shown Sully throughout this year.He has played wiyh every player in every capacity,made them all better yet is not played on the PP by Murray if I was him I would ask to be traded,screw him.

  • Goon Squad


    According to you, Boyle needs to play with guys like O’Sullivan.

    Yet according to you, O’Sullivan was shown “disrespect” by having to play with guys like Boyle.

    Can we connect the dots now and put the Sully being disrespected argument to bed forever please?!?! Murray will damn well use O’Sullivan however it’s going to benefit the team. Right now he’s the MVP of this team, so stop crying.

  • Anonymous

    The kings screw up another talent, great. Boyle is not a 4th line player. I agree that Army and Richardson are better suited on the 4th line, but give Boyle the same line mates as Simmonds or Moeller and he would have more points then either. When Boyle proved he should have been up with the club last year the kings screwed that up by sending him down. Great Job kings, way to screw up another one.

  • 4thlinechecker

    My prediction is Boyle comes back one tough SOB. Kinda like when crow sent sully down….. We shall see, but it should shake him up a lil. Kinda funny how Army and Richardson came out pretty intense after sitting for a while……. same deal

  • nykingfan

    How’s it going Moondoggie
    Good point…Richardson should get an extended look now.

    It’s not about scoring with Boyle. This is not fantasy hockey. He needs to be a complete player to stay in the NHL..same as Sully had to be.
    The guy didn’t seem hungry out on the ice. Hopefully he gos down to Manchester and does what Sully did…come back a complete hockey player.

  • mrk

    So Marty, which is it? Boyle w/ Kopi/Brown? or Sully w/ Kopi/Brown? Admit it, nothing Murray will do will satisfy you. You have a bone to pick w/ everything that the coaching staff will do.

    FYI it’s mishandling, not miss or mrs. handling.:)