Practice/injury update

A couple quick things, with more quotes and notes to follow…

– Denis Gauthier hurt his right foot while blocking a shot in the third period yesterday. He didn’t skate today and will have a MRI tomorrow, but he’s walking around on a boot so that’s not encouraging.

— Jason LaBarbera will start in goal tomorrow. Terry Murray cited the upcoming compact schedule and also said, beyond that, that both goalies will play regularly.

No other lineup changes, it seems. Quotes a bit later…

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  • KingRu

    Great Labs is in net!

    Toronto is suppose to be a gaurentee win now with Labs in net we are gonna lose. I live in Ontario, Canada and now I have to deal with all my friends thinking Toronto is better then LA. Shame

  • Mark

    I hope Gauthier is alright because I never like hearing that players got hurt, but at the same time, I’m kind of excited. It seems he is always on the ice when we give up a big goal. I expect that he and Harrold will be the odd defensemen out once JMFJ comes back.

  • Saevel

    I think Gauthier not playing might be better for the team. Sorry to say

  • Big Mike

    Why does Murray insist on over coaching? Labarbera looked terrible in Edmonton, flopping around like a fish outta water. Ersberg was great yday, huge save on Kane, kept us in the game to win it so naturally this buffoon of a coach changes things up.

  • Brent

    We play Phoenix the following night. They are an in conference foe. If we lose to Toronto, who cares? Except those that live in ONT, Canada. If we lose to Phoenix, it has bigger implications in the standings. Murray is being smart. 4 games in 6 days. Ersberg can’t play them all… This is a good game for Labarbara to start. Labs can do it.

  • Keneth Najjar

    What will the iphone folks think of next?