The Saga of Lauri Tukonen

Former Kings winger Lauri Tukonen is on the move again. Tampa Bay acquired him from Dallas in exchange for defenseman Andrew Hutchinson. Tukonen has been playing in Finland this season, where he has five goals and eight assists in 22 games.

I’ll be heading out to practice this morning. Anyone have any questions they’d like to get answered?

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  • Mr Man

    It’s looking like Ersberg is the number one guy, what is Murray’s take?

  • Rob

    Rich; Is Zatkoff hurt? He didnt play friday night and I read that Ontario picked up a goalie as an emergency back up.

  • Mbar

    Can you ask POS if he intentionally flipped the puck along the Chicago bench yesterday because he saw them making a change and thought he might draw a too many men on the ice penalty?

    It looked like an unusual dump in pass and I’m curious if his hockey IQ is so high that he did that with the intention of drawing a penalty.

    Thanks for your awesome blog.

  • Rob

    Rich; Is Zatkoff hurt? He didnt play friday night and I read that Ontario picked up a goalie as an emergency back up.

  • Danny

    Is there a chance of seeing Clune in the line up anytime this year?

  • Old School

    Kopitar seems a half-step slow this season. Is he healthy?

    Also – Brad Richardson looked quick out there and won some faceoffs. Could he see an increase in ice time?

  • Crash Davis

    If Richard Clune pans out – and he was impressive in camp as a younger Army (until hurt) – then Kings did well in the Tukonen trade.

    QUESTION: Who pays the salary of a Junior eligible player during the 9 games max they are on the NHL roster? What are they paid – 1/82nd check per game they play @ NHL minimum salary? Paid per day they are on the NHL roster? Or does the NHL club cover their junior contract until they are returned to junior club or hit the NHL 10 game mark at which time they would be given a standard NHL entry-level rookie contract?

    Crash aka Craig

  • Anonymous

    Will the Club ever sort out the bad ice and glass around the rink to NHL standards?
    The puck starts bouncing around after five minutes and we all the know the glass situation.

  • nykingfan

    Can you ask Murray what his plans are in goal with the numerous back to back games coming up

    About Boyle
    He hasn’t played the past several games…Was Murray upset over his last game or has it been a progressive thing? Also, does he think sending him back down might be a future option?

  • smv

    Any chance of an all rookie line like Boyle-Moller-Simmonds?

  • Anonymous

    I find it sad to read that Rich Clune is now out indefinitely with a knee injury and may need surgery.

    How he hurt it is even more disappointing. Getting jumped by three Rochester players in a game last week.

  • jediknight329

    13 points in 22 games for lauri not too bad. it seems that he is picking it up. and well he should being that he was a first round pick. dallas realized that we sold them a lemon and tampa is scrambling around with their current dismal season so they are just trying everything. good luck to him. maybe stamkos can motivate him.

  • Anonymous

    He couldn’t make it in L.A. even though we sucked the last few years, he couldn’t make it in Dallas, even though they suck this year, and now he’ll fail in Tampa Bay, too. Whatever happened to the Calder Trophy winner for this year, anyway???

  • anthony

    Poor Lauri.
    It seems wherever he goes, nobody gives him a chance.
    I thought he was gonna be a star.

  • Quisp

    re Rich Clune –

    Anonymous, where did you see that he may need surgery? I saw the paragraph, in the article on the Monarchs website, that mentions the lower body injury, but not any more than that. Surgery, grrr.

  • Anonymous

    Lighting The Lamp
    1.5 Fights Into Season Clune Out After Ambush
    Wednesday November 26th 2008, 7:39 pm
    Filed under: Uncategorized

    JUST 1.5 FIGHTS, two games into his Monarchs season feisty left wing Rich Clune is out with a knee injury. The second-year pro, often compared to Dallas agitator (and former LA King) Sean Avery, was jumped by three Rochester Amerks during a road game on Nov. 21.

    Monarchs coach Mark Morris saw it this way: (Clune) was holding a guy up he was going to scrap with him and two other guys jumped over his shoulder. Big pile up and unfortunately (Clunes) leg was caught underneath and twisted him up in an awkward position . . . other than the fighting penalty we thought there might be a third man-in call but the ref didnt see it that way.

    The Rochester perpetrators were 6-foot-4, 220-pound Luke Beaverson, 6-foot-8, 248-pound Riley Emmerson and 6-foot-1, 210-pound Tanner Glass (is this any way for a Dartmouth man to act?). Clune is a six-footer under 200 pounds.

    I had no idea they were coming, said Clune. I didnt do anything to warrant that . . . Everybody knows Ill man up when push comes to shove. Right now Im pissed off.

    Morris said there was no discussion among the coaching staff to send the video of the incident to the AHL. Monarchs director of hockey operations Hubie McDonough, who usually handles such matters, was attending the wake of a close relative. The league only allows 24 hours for a review.

    Clune said the knee injury feels like one of the worst injuries he has ever had. While an MRI has shown his ACL is not torn, that doesnt mean he is out of the woods when it comes to surgery. Right now Clune is out indefinitely until further evaluation by team doctors when the Monarchs return home this weekend.

    On the frustration of missing more of the season Clune said, Im just on pins and needles right now . . . Ive spent so much of my life working for this. Im not ready to pack it in. Im going to come back bigger and stronger and badder.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll give Tampa a week to try to find a way to void that trade…

  • mmfan

    Tukonen > Boyle, Purcell, Moulson

    Boyle. The only thing he had over Tukonen was size. But you know what? Boyle doesn’t use his size. Also, it doesn’t help that big Brian is too slow.

    Purcell. One dimensional, slow transition, and overrated by Dean Lombardi. He plays a very ‘minor league’ style of game. There’s talent there, but it just won’t be enough to be an effective NHL player. I HOPE I’M WRONG because I like the guy and i’m cheering for him.

    Moulson. Matt Moulson has the best chance to make it because he can fill in a bottom-6 role. He needs to stop acting like an offensive player because he’s not. What was Murray thinking at the beginning of the season? Don’t be fooled! He could put up points in the AHL but not the NHL.

    They could’ve slotted Tukonen anywhere in the top 9. Does anyone like Kyle Calder playing with Brown and Kopi? Nope. Tukonen goes in front of the net too, is a better skater, and younger. Dean gave up on him because Tuki wasn’t one of ‘his’ guys.

  • Anonymous


    Thank you for your top of the line coverage of the Kings. You feed us information like none has ever done in the past…

    My question is in regards to theice at Staples Center. Why is it so bad? Does it just have to do with the warm climate in Southern Cali? Or is there another factor? We consistently hear players and coaches complain about the ice conditions here at Staples. Is Dean and Co aware of the problem? If so, do they intend to fix it? Would love to hear Dean’s thoughts on this.. Thanks!


  • Quisp

    mmfan —


    (2) Tukonen, in three seasons in Manchester, scored 14, 13 and 9 goals respectively. Boyle scored 35 goals last year (31 in the AHL and 4 with the Kings). Purcell had 25 goals and, uh, 58 assists. Moulson scored 25 and 28 goals in his last two AHL seasons, and last year managed 9 points in 22 games with the Kings (roughly same as Moller this year over the same number of games).

    (3) Purcell — overrated by DL? Based on what? He was overpowering in Manchester last year, putting up numbers a la Patrick O’Sullivan’s huge AHL season in Houston before he was dealt to the Kings. Purcell also appears to be on the POS career path, taking a step backward to learn defense in the AHL after (perhaps) believing he had “arrived” with the big club. Nobody thinks this is a bad idea. He’s a huge asset and a huge part of the Kings future. If he’s not the second line RW behind Brown by 2010, it’s because he’s on the first line.

    (3a) One dimensional? Aside from the fact that he can skate, he’s quick, agile, he’s crafty with the puck, and has a knack for scoring goals in giant boatloads, I guess you’re right.

    (4) Boyle is…slow? He’s 6’7″. He can reach from the front of the net into the corners without leaving the top of the crease. Who gives a s**t if he’s not as fast as, take your pick, Corey Millen?

    (5) Moulson…”should stop thinking he’s an offensive player because he’s not.” Why? Because, the rest of his career notwithstanding, he didn’t click with Brown and Kopitar who so far this season have clicked with exactly nobody, not even each other?

    (6) DL didn’t give up on Tukonen because he wasn’t one of “his guys.” He gave up on him because he’s not a hard worker, doesn’t play defense, has a bad attitude, and couldn’t score in the AHL, to say nothing of the NHL. If anybody thought Tukonen was better than Purcell, Moulson or Boyle, Tampa would have had to give up a lot more than the AHL veteran defenseman they sent to Dallas.

    (7) Tukonen couldn’t be “slotted anywhere in the top nine.” Follow the logic: he can’t score in the AHL, so there’s no reason to put him in the top six at the NHL level; and he can’t go on a third line because he’s not defensively-sound. Tukonen was, in fact, dominated — using every imaginable yardstick — all of last year, by none other than Boyle, Moulson and Purcell.

    (8) see 1 above.

  • wavesinair

    “Does anyone like Kyle Calder playing with Brown and Kopi?”



    mmfan – I agree with you on some of your stuff.
    Tukonen never got a chance to play with the big club and there’s a lot of judgement of him by people who rarely saw him play.
    I’m not going to back statements that he’s better than other players, there’s more to quality than specifics (remember Luc), but by all accounts he’s a talented player.

    Quisp laughs at your comparisons, yet posts this on another thread:
    It’s relatively easy (relative to putting up big numbers in the NHL) to score a lot in the NCAA, or in the AHL. It really is important for Boyle to play a consistent two-way defensively-responsible game…

    Are Purcell and Molson known for defensive responsibility? Why does a knack for scoring count for one guy and not for another when it’s at a level below the NHL?
    It’s like playing both sides.
    Who’ll be the best NHLer? That’s the question. If none of them make it the whole argument is a waste of time.

  • Quisp


    It’s true, as I said, that it’s easier to score in the AHL than in the NHL. It’s also true, as I said in so many words, that it’s important to be a well-rounded player. That doesn’t mean that AHL scoring stats are meaningless, especially when comparing four players all of whom play(ed) on the same AHL team.

    You ask, “Why does a knack for scoring count for one guy and not for another when it’s at a level below the NHL?” It doesn’t. Boyle, Moulson and Purcell all show a knack for scoring. Tukonen does not. At the same level. Your comment makes it sound like Tukonen has put up the numbers but no one cares. But he hasn’t put up the numbers. The others guys did.

    Then you say, “It’s like playing both sides.” But it’s not. Boyle is going down because, despite putting up the numbers in the AHL, he’s not playing a complete game. Tukonen never got the call in a meaningful way because he never got past the first step and put up the numbers in the AHL. Boyle passed the first test; Tukonen didn’t. They both have to clear the second hurdle (being a complete player); Tukonen didn’t clear the first hurdle (success at the AHL level).

    And Tukonen was only well-rounded in the sense that he was just as disappointing offensively and defensively.

    You ask if Moulson and Purcell are known for being defensively responsible? If they were defensively responsible, they wouldn’t be in Manchester. When they learn to be, they’ll be playing in the NHL.


    This news about Clune is horrible. I wonder how Adam Foote is doing?

    I haven’t seen the incident with Clune, but this sounds like a real big problem. Is the AEG organization doing anything to press for suspensions or bans from the game after this? Why is one of their players having his career threatened by an act of goonery but there’s no revue being requested?

    Very upsetting to hear this guy uncertain of his future after having worked so hard to build a career.

  • Janice Joffrion

    gr8 resrch bro chase sapphire