Another Armstrong moment

Oscar Moller got leveled by Jeff Finger midway through the second period. It was a clean hit, but Derek Armstrong took exception to it, and he and Finger dropped their gloves and both were assessed five-minute fighting penalties. Neither really got in a good punch, but Armstrong certainly came to Moller’s aid.

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  • Arron

    4 on 3 and you only get three shots. Some serious work needs to go into the power play…it is just anemic.

    Also if the Kings want to win they better start to play better because Toronto is controlling this game.

  • the Leafs announcers didn’t understand this, but they also didn’t recognize the fact that the hit was high and to the head. the Leafs guys also stink…i mean how can they mispronounce Simmonds named (“Simon-ds”) when he was on the Canadian Jr. National team?

  • Big Boi

    Nice to see Armstrong get after Finger right away. Now i’m dying for Ivanans to take out that piece of crap Deveaux, that loser think he’s pretty tough going after Kopitar? Let’s see him take on Ivanans

  • Kevin Y

    It’s always a great sign when an old veteran like Armstrong sticks up for his rookie teammate like that.

    I’m not saying this is a result of the ping-pong table, but the Kings seem to have great chemistry. Especially when the two goaltenders fighting for the #1 spot are best buddies.

  • charlesinReno

    The toronto anouncers are a bunch of whiners, the hit was high and to the head. And then dovouroux wants to play bully on the Ice but wont back it up when ivanans comes out.
    Someone needs to let the Toronto anouncers know that fighting is still part of the game.

    Arron anytime a team gets 3 shots + a solid scoring chance on a powerplay its considered a success and the goals will come. anemic??? come on the leafs couldn’t even get a single clear in.

  • Arron


    That was bugging the heck out of me too. That announcer was driving me nuts, I mean learn how to pronounce the players names already. Oh and that was Greg Millen who just couldn’t understand why Army came to Mollers defense. See Millen doesn’t understand anything, that is why is a commentator for the Leafs!

  • Arron


    The Leafs didn’t even have to move to defend on their PK. The lack of movement by the Kings and all the Leafs had to do was keep the puck outside which is what they did. The fact that they have not been able to do anything on the powerplay makes it anemic.


    I agree that the PP is anemic. We can’t score when we need to with the man advantage. It’s going to cost games when that happens. It’s a smaller problem than not being IN games, though, so I’ll accept it for now and wait for the young team to learn how to change games. If they figure it out by the playoffs it could take them a long way.
    I’ve said critical things of Greene but agree with Jim Fox that he had a great game. Sometimes I forget that he’s still pretty young and is still improving. If he elevates his game to this level on a consistent basis he’ll really be a good asset.
    Finger was impressive for Toronto in a similar way. He left his feet checking Moller, but he might justify that big contract. Toronto looks like there’s a bright future around the corner, much like the Kings.

  • mrbrett7

    Eat the Rich…

    Toronto has a bright future? What future? Yes, I know they won the game, but can you really sit there with a straight face and say that a team that has the worst farm system in the NHL, and aside from Luke Schenn, absolutely NOTHING in the way of prospects, has a future?


    I love Armstrong and his support of his teamate, but we need a bruiser to send the message. Let’s greenlight Ivan for some instigator penalties. Finger and Schenn were too free with their aggression, not to mention Deveaux. Why doesn’t Murray take the chains off?

  • mrbrett7

    In case you missed it…Ivanes was trying to get Deveaux to go with him…Deveaux ran away from him.

    When the hit occurred on Moller, take a look at who was on the ice at the time…Army did the right thing.

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