Bond between goalies

Terry Murray likes that Erik Ersberg and Jason LaBarbera seem to get along so well. That’s not always the case when you have two players who want to be in net each game. Jason LaBarbera gets the start tonight, and Ersberg will start tomorrow in Phoenix.
“We’ve really come together as a team,” Murray said. “Both goaltenders understand it’s going to take both goaltenders playing well. They’re going to share the workload. I see a lot of good camaraderie with. There’s good conversation on the ice before practice starts. They’re stretching together and talking and getting ready for practice. It’s good to see. You often have a little bit of tension between goalies with each wanting to play the majority of the games. I feel that’s the case. They both want to get in the net, but they also see that there is a good thing happening here that’s coming together and their support is very important for each other and for their teammates.”

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  • Anonymous

    i would venture to guess that “their teammates” have a preference as to who they want in net for the majority of the games though, especially the defensemen. oh well…

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