LaBarbera on the goalie situation

Here’s what Jason LaBarbera said about the goalie situation. Both he and Erik Ersberg will get two starts this week since there’s a pair of back-to-back games.

LaBarbera on the goalie situation
I think any goalie would love to tell you they want to play a lot. The biggest thing right now is to have both of us going. We’re playing well as a team, so as long as we keep winning and playing well that’s biggest thing. Me and E get along awesome. I love the guy. He’s hilarious. He’s quiet but he’s dry. We have a really good relationship.

LaBarbera on communication with Ersberg during games
I think between periods we’ll talk about what happened or what the guy saw or what the heck just happened not necessarily on the other team’s players and what they’re doing. For me, I want to just worry about myself and not focus a whole lot on what the other team is doing but more myself and what I’m doing.

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