Injury update

Denis Gauthier was a surprise addition to the practice group today, given that he was walking around in a protective boot three days ago and that he missed the previous two games. Gauthier, who officially is listed with a bruised foot, limped as he walked toward the ice and made it through about two-thirds of the practice before he left the ice on his own. Afterward, Terry Murray said it had been up to Gauthier to determine how much pain he could tolerate in practice. It’s unknown whether Gauthier will attempt to practice Thursday.

Also, Brad Richardson left practice early. He stumbled during a drill and discovered that his skate blade had become loose. Then, upon taking off the skate, he discovered a bloody sock. Apparently, Richardson had been slashed by a teammate’s skate during the drill and hadn’t noticed it. He got stitches after practice and his status for tomorrow is also up in the air.

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  • Marty

    No interest in this Rich.Its all about the line combos.Get Deano on the horn.

  • BS!


    I do find this interesting and appreciate any Kings news you have to report. It seems that some people are beginning to take this blog for granted, but you’ll never hear criticism from me. Thanks again for all you do (which a lot of it is unpaid, I understand).

  • geeblenob

    Gotta really disagree with you on this Marty. I agree the line combos are one of the biggest issues now, but I GREATLY appreciate ALL of the behind-the-scene news that Rich is able to provide from meetings and practices.

  • Thanks for the update, Rich.

  • Old School

    It just seems like something is not totally right with Kopitar. He’s not the same player he was last year. Does anybody else notice this during games on TV? He seems to get brushed off the puck rather easily, and his shots are either weak, or way off target. Is the guy perhaps hiding an injury? Or are other teams dogging him defensively and it’s starting to show?


    Old School:

    No Blake.
    No Lubo.
    No Cammy.
    No Stuart.

    Add Doughty and thats minus 3 still. Not as much to work with on the offensive side.

  • rjc76

    Funny you’d say that Marty because for the most part not too many (Anthony for one,aside of course) have any interest in your posts either.

    That aside, gotta love Richardson. Forget the slashed foot,his skate has to come apart to get him off the ice.

  • 4thlinechecker

    Sorry people take this stuff for granted Rich/Jill……. This is the best Kings coverage ever, Thank you!……. Off the subject but I am laughing at how we lost 3 in a row earlier in the season, and everybody was so negative about murray, then when we went on a 3 game win streak you posted that poll and most were in favor of Murray…….. Kinda like listening to Kings talk, its amazing how people change their tune. If we dont go 2 men down against Toronto and win that game then all the calls would have been positive instead of doom and gloom. Not only did the team need a culture change, but the fans do as well, It might not show in the standings yet, but there is alot to be excited about.

  • Anonymous

    Old School:

    I noticed the same thing. It seems like Kopi is weaker and more tired this year but maybe it is a result of him having to play both ends of the ice this year. I really hope he is not injured or sick and even after however many games it has been, I still have every confidence in him and his ability to start scoring some goals.