The closed-door meeting

The Kings held a closed-door meeting after last night’s loss to Phoenix, the first such meeting of the season. Here’s what alternate captain Matt Greene said today about the meeting…

Question: Were there some things that needed to be addressed immediately last night?

GREENE: “Yeah, a few things, but they’re all things that we can correct and they’re all things that we’re capable of fixing. It’s a closed-door meeting for a reason, but there was still paint on the walls after. It was just things that needed to be brought to attention, and they were. I think it will make a difference as we go along here.”

Question: There are certain ups and downs to be expected from a young team. Does this go beyond that?

GREENE: “We’re a young team, but obviously all of us have been key players on our teams growing up. So everybody knows how to win games, how to come back and how to protect leads. It’s just a matter of doing it. I think that’s the main point. We’ve got to figure out how to win games at this level.”

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