Armstrong update

Derek Armstrong, who took a hit to the head in last night’s game, came to the rink today and rode the bike but didn’t practice. He had a headache, but there’s no medical update beyond that right now. Raitis Ivanans didn’t skate today because of flu symptoms.

We’ll see what Armstrong’s status is for tomorrow’s game. The Kings have yet to make/announce any roster moves today.

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  • Anonymous


    rumor on the Kings boards that Purcell is coming up? Any truth?

  • Marc Nathan

    Re: Purcell — You’ll probably know when they send out the release, right?

  • Quisp

    Purcell rumor. Hmm. I hope so. I was actually coming here to ask about call-ups. By my count, with Richardson and Armstrong hurt, we’re down to 11 forwards, and if Ivanans is sick, that’s 10.

    So it’s Harrold, or call someone up, right? Or both?

    I don’t need much of an excuse to post a line up with Purcell in it! Throw in Lewis and it’s Xmas for me.



    Shanahan – O’Sullivan – Brown
    Frolov – Handzus – Purcell
    Moller – Kopitar – Boyle
    Calder – Stoll – Simmonds

    I wish I could see this for a few months.

  • anthony

    Purcell is due.
    Call him up and put him on the top line.


    With Igor Larionov coaching.

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