More on Purcell

If you recall, Teddy Purcell was one of the rookies the Kings expected to make the team out of training camp, but he didn’t impress enough to earn a spot. He started slow offensively in Manchester, with two goals and three assists in his first 10 games, but then he totaled eight goals and seven assists in his next 11 games. He dipped a bit, and had put up zero goals and one assist in his last four games, but got the call today when Derek Armstrong’s status (and possibly Raitis Ivanans’ status) came into doubt.

Here’s part of the release from the Kings…


Purcell, 24, leads the Monarchs in goals (9), assists (10) and points (19), and he also has six penalty minutes through 23 games this season. The 6-3, 202-pound native of St. John’s Newfoundland has not played in a regular season game with the Kings this season. He will wear jersey No. 54.

Last season, Purcell recorded three points (1-2=3) and zero penalty minutes in 10 games with the Kings. He made his Kings/NHL debut at Edmonton on Jan. 15, 2008, and he scored his first career Kings/NHL goal vs. Calgary on Feb. 15, 2008. With Manchester last season, he recorded 83 points (25-58=83) and 34 penalty minutes in 67 regular season games. Purcell’s 83 points and 58 assists led all AHL rookies, and his 25 goals tied for second among rookies in the circuit. Additionally, his 49 power-play points and 36 power-play assists led all rookies, and his 13 power-play goals ranked second among first-year players. Purcell was named AHL Rookie of the Month for November of 2007 after recording 17 points (5-12=17) in 12 games. In addition, he was named a starter for the Canadian AHL All-Star Team, and he was named MVP of the AHL’s All-Star Classic after collecting a hat trick during regulation play and then scoring the decisive goal in a shootout that decided the game. The former Hockey East Rookie of the Year (with the University of Maine in 2006-07) was originally signed by the Kings as an unrestricted free agent on April 27, 2007.

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  • anthony

    Thanks Rich,

    Is Richardson still injured or was he a healthy scratch last night?
    It doesn’t seem that TM has any use for him.

    Why doesn’t he get sent down and play instead of just sit in the press box.

  • Quisp
  • Quisp

    Richardson cut his leg with his skate.


    Quisp – Do you think Boyle should have been recalled as well? I kinda wish he was considering the recent struggles.
    Good Day, Sir.


    Ironic that yahoo has a cover story on McLaren playing in the minors today.;_ylt=Amk4802bBVk7niEjEPWGauoJfwM6?slug=ys-mclaren120908&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

  • JDM

    Ah, thanks for the link Quisp. I haven’t seen too many players who can sweep the puck like Purcell can. Here’s hoping he does that a lot in the upcoming games!

  • Quisp

    Eat, re Boyle:

    No, because he only just arrived in Manchester. Give him some time. Lewis. Lewis deserves a shot. Azevedo might have earned a shot at some point, but he’s hurt, as is Clune and Moulson. I wanna see Lewis!


    Quisp – Have yet to see Lewis skate. Maybe they should both come up but I’m sure that it would knock Manchester off any rythym they’re trying to build.
    If things go south here I want to see all 3 of them come up for good.

    Do you know anything about why the Kings don’t have defenseman Joey Ryan anymore? He’s in Detroit’s org. now.

  • Anonymous

    Would it be OK if we kept some players in Manchester?

  • Quisp

    Eat, re Joey Ryan —

    Kings let him go after last season. He went to the Wings camp as a try-out, but was released. He’s playing in the ECHL for Cincinnati.

  • Marty

    Good move brining him up. Unfortunately Murray will misuse his talents just like he has with the core this season.Still more 1 goal losses are in order with Murray continuing to do what he does best,limit our offense.


    Oh. I saw a preseason game and the announcers were saying Detroit liked him a lot. But I guess not. Too bad he didn’t stick here. Seemed a bit of a mug – stay at home but tough, Tim Wattersish.

  • Quisp

    I guess not Tim Watters-reliable, however. Hard to know, since he’s still young, and Tim Watters always seemed to be 35-40.

  • 24diving

    Along the lines of what Marty posted, my comment is to wonder whether Murray will put him on the fourth line and tell him to bang around the other team like he did to Boyle, another scorer. If you want a fourth line player why call up a first/second line scorer especially when Manchester has injuries to other scorers?

    Personally, I really dislike the positioning of players and the constant scrambling of lines that is going on. Several players who should be on the third/fourth lines are being played on the top two so those who should be on the top two are where they don’t belong. Players should be played to their strengths and learn the the defensive aspects at that position not another.

  • BringBackKingston

    So is he only going to be up for a game or two until people feel better or heal? Or will he get a chance to stick with the team?

  • kingsince67

    Gee if he comes in and scores a ton of goals, plays well and impresses….something that Kopitar, Brown and Fro have not done, of course he will stay. If he is not ready then he goes back….

    What I see is those 3 are not top players in the NHL at this point so there is little hope they will evolve into that level. They are very good players and not ones to be let go unless the right deal comes along…but I see Kopitar as the one that may fall into the Lubo scenario if his game does not pick up….right now he is not putting the effort out that is required to be an upper level player. He gets knocked off the puck way too much, does not drive hard for the puck and misses the net way too much. That is something that never happened before. That is not coachable, not to be blamed on Calder or any other line mate…that comes from within and if you have beern there yourself…you would know.

  • Dan H.

    I have to agree with 24 diver here. I’d think that someone like Moulson would be called up when two non offensive guys like Ivanans and Armstrong are possibly out.

    It’s just a strange swap. Putting a scorer on the 4th checking line might make him learn defense but it’s not playing to the players skillset.

  • Anonymous

    They are trying to teach Boyle how to use his size BEFORE he is a scorer. I sincerly doubt they do that with Purcell, he may be the biggest wimp I have ever seen…at least he put on some weight though.

  • Rory

    I think Purcell has a decent chance to play a top 6 or at least top 9 role tonight, when Murray put him with Kopi and brown in preseason he said “Skilled players need to play with skilled players” I don’t think TM will play him on the 4th line like he did Boyle. Although Purcell might need to earn his ice time 1st.

    The only reason Boyle was on the 4th line was to try and develop a tough physical grinding game. Oh man, can you imagine if Boyle becomes the mean tough SOB the kings want him to be with those offensive skills he has…he could be dominate, he’s still only 24.

  • Marty

    We don’t have lines. Winning teams have lines.We have 3 whatevers come out every shift.No brain ,no gain.

  • Ersberg

    I think you’re right about Purcell, Rory. From what I gathered, Boyle was put on the 4th line, due to a lack in offense. It seemed logical to try him out on the 4th line, because of his size.

  • Anonymous

    why are they wasting everyones time with this callup if hes gonna be put into a role he probably doesnt belong much like calder on the 1st line.

  • BringBackKingston

    I hope it would be obvious that if he put up big numbers that he stays. If he is only an injury call up for a couple of games, I doubt he will put up big numbers. Or even when guys return is he going to get a chance to stay so we can see what he can do. To me it’s not obvious that he was brought in for long term offensive relief. I’m just wonder which it is – injury call up or will he get a real opportunity beyond the injuries/sicknesses to stay.

  • Bruce

    FWIW, Moulson was reportedly injured (last week?) and will be out 6-8 weeks. I hope he’ll be a solid full-time 3rd line replacement for Calder by next season.

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