Congrats to Nick Nickson

Kings radio voice Nick Nickson has been voted into the Southern California Sports Broadcasters Hall of Fame. He joins Bob Miller, a previous honoree. Hard to believe, but this is Nick’s 28th season with the Kings and his 19th as the lead radio voice. An awards luncheon will be held Jan. 26 at the Lakeside Golf Club in Toluca Lake.

I’ll be heading out to the morning skate shortly to see what’s going on heading into tonight’s game, most notably what the Kings play to do with Teddy Purcell and what they plan to do in goal…

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  • Saevel

    I would be very interested in knowing exactly how Murray is planning to address the lack of scoring. Sure, he’s blamed it on the players not working hard enough, and not being gritty enough already, but is he tweaking his offensive system at all? You see good offensive teams often have a lot of emphasis on player movement and breakouts, is this being addressed at all in depth? Or is it just “make the simple play” all the way?

  • Paul from Oxnard

    Congratz to Nick! He’s a terrific play by play guy and I’ve been happy to listen to him for years.

    Just a note….media related, but not related to Nick….

    Watching “NHL Live” on the NHL Network this morning. Bill Clement is the co-host and he stated at the top of the show that based on the talent the Kings have in the organization, the # of high draft picks the team still has over the next few years, and the team’s financial situation, he believes “The Kings WILL make a Cup run within 3 years!”

  • Mark

    It’s always great to listen to Nick Nickson and Darryl Evans on the way to the game and their post game show on the way home from games. Since we decided to get rid of cable (sorry Bob we miss you) this has been a good alternative.

  • Back to the topic, congrats Nick! Being back East the last decade or so made me appreciate growing a very distinctive tradition that Nick follows in terms of local pro teams, which is fantastic announcers who are not homers. Just like Chick, Scully, and Bob Miller, you know Nick is a local announcer who is going for the Kings but he’s not overly biased and will call the team out when they’re doing something wrong.

    It makes the game much more enjoyable to watch when you know the announcer is not being oblivious to what he’s watching but also not overly negative (something maybe the comments here can learn from).

    Congrats again Nick. Rich it would be totally dope if you could pull off a blurb from Nick of his top moments as a Kings announcer, most embarrassing gaffs, etc.


  • Brian

    I have chosen to live without a TV for the last 20 years, but I love hockey. What to do? Nick Nickson to the rescue. His calls lets you see the game in your mind’s eye. And sadly the King’s too often look better that way than on the camera. Seriously, he knows his hockey, is pro Kings, but is not obnoxious about it or oblivious to their faults, and most importantly makes the sport exciting to listen to. I deeply appreciate Nick and Darryl and can’t wait to hear them both tonight

  • old man

    Thank`s Nick for all the wonderful years.I just can`t listen to Kings talk from the lexus room, the back ground noise is to much to take.BUT YOU ARE GREAT! THANK`S AGAIN!

  • old man

    Thank`s Nick for all the wonderful years.I just can`t listen to Kings talk from the lexus room, the back ground noise is to much to take.BUT YOU ARE GREAT! THANK`S AGAIN!

  • Anonymous

    A truly deserving honor for yet another great L.A. broadcaster.


    Congratulations Nick. I love your work.
    I can still remember Nick on the Ticket with Bob, and no offense to Foxxy, but I really liked that combo.
    What a great job Nick does on the Radio.

  • Big Rob in Dallas

    Way to go Nick! Way before the internet, I used to sit in my car 650 miles away in Humboldt County and try to pick up the Kings games. It would be full of static on most days but every once in awhile it would come thru crystal clear. My main memory is the game Zhamnov scored 5 goals against us. I was an obsessive hardcore Kings fan back then. Still am but not to that degree.


    Big Rob – I have to say, that’s amazing you’d occasionally get the signal up there in Humboldt.
    I remember that Zhamnov game, too, but on TV.

  • Old School

    Congrats to Nick. He’s always been a class act and is well-deserving. Does a great job and lets the game do the entertaining, plus isn’t afraid to criticize when necessary. We are definitely spoiled here in Southern California with our quality broadcast teams!

  • Big Rob in Dallas

    EAT THE RICH said:

    Big Rob – I have to say, that’s amazing you’d occasionally get the signal up there in Humboldt.
    I remember that Zhamnov game, too, but on TV

    It was rare. I’d try to fight the static just to hear the score but most days I got zilch. That was a special day because it was so clear and I probably had a fresh batch of Humboldt’s finest to make me patient enough to sit in my 1975 Ford Country Squire station wagon complete with wood paneling on the side!!


    Big Rob – I have to wonder why you ever left? Sounds idyllic. hehee.
    I was never a big baseball fan but thought the Arcata minor league team in town was really cool. Too bad some Lumber Baron didn’t build an ice rink to support a hockey team, too. (though I never lived there, just visiting)
    One funny aside as well is that I lived about 30 miles from LA, but my Cable co. didn’t carry Prime Ticket and I always had to find a place that got coverage – like Lampost Pizza.
    I guess maybe that’s why I don’t mind the Rinkside-view as much as others. I’m just glad to be able to see the games.

  • Big Rob in Dallas

    I left because there just aren’t enough jobs in that area. Arcata was a town of 8k which swelled to 16k during school months. We used to joke Arcata is where old hippies came to die. I did move to Portland, OR and lived in Portland for 12-13 years. Work moved me to Texas and with the cost of housing so cheap it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I do miss the mountains and the coast. I do not miss the rain! It’s hard to watch the Kings at 9:30 especially since I like to Tivo and wait an hour to zap the commercials out but that’s mostly due to the fact that I got young kids who get up early no matter what time I go to sleep.

  • Alen

    Congrats Nick!!! Kings are lucky to have you.

  • Duracell

    Congratulations to Nick, he deserves it!

  • deadcatbounce

    Congratulations to Nick! I think he’s an awesome announcer! First heard him do play-by-play when he called the Kings game against Dynamo Riga in the late 1980’s and was thrilled to hear that he’d be doing the radio side when they split the announcing duties. Anyone remember when the Kings flagship used to be a little hole-in-the-wall Spanish-language station at the end of the FM dial in San Clemente?

  • Quisp

    Two things about Nick Nickson:

    (1) I have loved him ever since he blurted out, in response to some action taken by Theo Fleury, “THAT LITTLE GNAT!” I think of that often. “THAT LITTLE GNAT!”

    (2) On the NHL GameCenter thing, on line, one of the options you can select is to pick your audio to go with the video. So you could, in theory, watch the Calgary/Kings game on the CBC feed (when it wasn’t on FSN) and listen to Nick simultaneously. I did this for a while and sadly it went in and out of sync after a few minutes (but that may be due to Time Warner nuttiness), but it was great while it lasted. Being able to listen to Nick and see the game (you know, when Bob and Jim are not available) is a great thing.


  • Anonymous


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