Final: Kings 6, Blue 2

Finally, the Kings and Blues decided they’d finish the game and stop fighting. Kings win big. Dustin Brown scores three goals, and Jarret Stoll has three assists. Looks like the Brown-Stoll-Calder line will be back in action Saturday after an outing like that.

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  • dmh012

    Great game tonight. The star players played that way the whole game. Iceberg was sound. Powerplay finally got going. Penalty Kill was real good. Lines tonight looked really solid. GO KINGS.

  • TA

    What a great game. Way to go Brownie on your first career hatty! Kopitar is a beast.

  • The Little Lebowski

    Great effort by the whole team tonight, by far the best game I’ve seen in a long time. Seemed like we had jump in the legs on all four lines tonight.

    Doughty is a golden god. He and Quincey could be magic.

  • anthony

    For once I can compliment TM for good coaching.
    Kopitar played like the Kopitar I know and love.
    Its very obvious he needs to ply with Sully. He needs Sully on the wing. Sully assisted on both his goals.
    If Purcell can be little stronger on the puck, that line will be dangerous.

    Great game. Hopefully we can do the same against the wild.

  • Hockey Jesus

    Damn! I like that line of Sully-Kopi-Purcell!!! They had some chemistry going. Actually all lines were pretty good. Keep it that way Murray.

  • JDM

    Kings rule! Party time! Excellent! Woo woo woo!!!

    Who was complaining about those “crazy” line combos again?

    The real test of TM’s competency is if he can KEEP this same lineup next game. Don’t see why he wouldn’t.

    Great game and just the pick me up my Kings soul needed. Keep em coming boys!

  • gmo

    all i have to say is KINGS RULE!!! but for all those TM bashers out there, what do you have to say now?many of you bashed his line changes for tonight’s game…wow so much negativity out there…i think TM is doing an AMAZING job with this club and eventually they will become a contender SOONER THAN LATER and that on it self speaks volumes on his coaching abilities. give the guy some slack…dont bash him for not making changes but then you still do when he does. im just glad he is the coach of this team and glad to see him make THIS TEAM INTO WINNERS……

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  • Mark

    I’m pretty sure the same people that were bashing TM yesterday are going to be saying “Well I was behind TM the whole time” and then as soon as the Kings lose again they’ll want to tear his head off.

    Anyway, I missed the game unfortunately but I hope they keep up the great play because I’ve got premier seats for Saturday’s matinee game against the Wild.


  • 4thlinechecker

    Finally! I agree with Anthony completely! Great coaching by Murray after losing so bad the other night…….. more so then coaching I think it says alot about our captains, Greene droppin em (even tho he caught the ass end of that one), Kopi and Brown more then stepping up. Sully and Kopi look great together. Quincy is a stud, definitely a steal! Go Kings, I love this team there is no quit in them at all.

  • Bring Back the Shield Jersey

    Who didn’t (in italics) have a great game tonight? Everyone looked great. Well, sorry Ivanans, you sit down. Get used to O’Kopicell. They could be scarry good.

    I’d like to know why Moller is with Ivanans & Zeiler. Maybe it’s to have someone who can skate with the puck, someone who can shoot; there’s your balance. I don’t know. TM liked him enough to keep him here, but doesn’t seem to like him tooo much. But I do like that Moller stays on the 2nd PP unit. Most of his points are from there. He’s a threat.

    Fro, Zeus, & Simmonds: not the beefiest of lines, but TALL. Add Boyle & Green and bring on the Lakers. OK, maybe just the Clippers.

    Can we play the Blues every game?

  • Anonymous

    It’s amazing how some of you quickly praise TM for a great coaching job. How the lines were absolutely what the lineup should be to win. Now what happens if the Kings go back on a losing slump Qustion: How many of you will be saying the samething then?

  • nykingfan

    Terific game by everyone who played last night. There wasn’t a guy who didn’t play great. Even the 4th line was effective. Moller is going to be a stud in this league. He shows you that without the offensive support on his line, he can still make things happen out there. I hope Boyle was watching! It’s not who you play with, but how you play.

    Kopi/Sully/Brownie/Stoll/Calder/Doughty/Quincey…I know I’m leaving guys out, but they played their best game of the year by far.
    They killed the early penalties and dominated the rest of the way. Great puck movement on the PP.

    This is another example of the inconsistency that we’ll see this day terrible, the next great.
    This is twice that they’ve come off of their worst performance and played their best game the next game.
    What that shows in my opinion is that this team knows it has the potential to be a great team and if they give a complete effort offensively and defensively…get solid goaltending, they can compete with any team in the league.

    Hats off to TM I love the new line combos as well as the new D pairings. I’m sure we’ll see them again on Saturday.

  • Marty

    Aw c’mon put Calder back on the 1st line.

  • mrbrett7

    I must say, I was pretty impressed with Purcell in his limited ice time (too much specialty teams for him to get proper ice time).

    Anyway, he has bulked up, and it’s helping him. Last season, he weighed around 180/185, and it’s obvious the extra 20lbs. or so are REALLY helping him. He directly caused two of the Kings goals by digging the puck out of the corner and behind the net (although I believe he only got one assist).

    I won’t say anything yet, but I believe he may have got the message.

  • Dan H.

    Great game by everyone last night. Adequate goaltending and the PP looked good. Lots of puck movement and shots from the point.

    I was a little worried that Quincy/Doughty might be too much offense on one line but they were great in their own end too. Doughty took one in the chest for Ersberg that would have been an empty netter..that’ll leave a mark.

    Anyone notice Doughty’s power move around the D and just miss tucking it in? That would have been a great goal.

    I still feel bad for Moller but with a win like this you can’t justify changing things up a bit. Everyone seemed to click. Even Calder seemed to have a fire under his ass last night.