O’Sullivan discusses changes

Here’s what Patrick O’Sullivan said today about the Kings’ changes. O’Sullivan moves up to the first line tonight, alongside Anze Kopitar and Teddy Purcell…


Question: Looks like some fairly big changes for the lines today…

O’SULLIVAN: “Obviously after you lose a game like we did, there are going to be some changes made. It has changed a lot. There really hasn’t been too much consistent, other than Kopi and Brownie staying together up until this point. I think we’re trying to find something that’s going to produce some more offense for our team. It’s not like it hasn’t happened before here. He likes to change the lines up, and that’s how it is. Some coaches are like that and some aren’t. I’d say that quite a few are. And usually if something works, it’s going to stay together for the next game.”

Question: When you come off a bad game, how do you know whether it was just one bad game or whether changes need to be made, so that it doesn’t turn into three or four bad games?

O’SULLIVAN: “Well first of all, we haven’t had too many games like that this year. We’re pretty good at coming back and responding with a good effort after a loss like that. I don’t think anybody is worried about that happening three or four times in a row, but we have to be more prepared and come ready to play. At the same time, if you take a look at some of the goals (Colorado) got, there were some pretty good bounces that went their way. I’d imagine that we’ll come out with a pretty good effort tonight. We have to respond to how we played the other night. We’ve been able to do that all year, so I don’t see why it would change tonight.”

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