• jack

    Hopefully everything — Army must have his value in the locker room, but I’d like to see what Purcell can do after spending time in the minors

  • Anonymous

    I think we need Ivanans in tonight especially with Jansen running around on the ice for the blues. I say put him in and put Purcell in and scratch Army tonight.

  • Big Rob in Dallas

    I travel a lot for my job and you know that’s got to be a hell of a flight to get to LA last minute. There can’t be a direct flight from Manchester so I assume you go thru Boston or NY. I am not familiar with that territory. I hope he travels First so at least he can get some rest, plus the time difference. Let’s hope he plays for what he went thru!

  • anthony


    I’m so happy to see these two future hall of famers help this team with their presence.

  • 24diving

    Big Rob- There are direct flights between Manchester and LAX. Although it’s a 5 hour flight coming west he gains 3 hours so it should allow for some time to rest after he arrives.

    I hope that Ivanans is off tonight. He really just doesn’t cut it for me. I just don’t get him playing in the roles he has been played in this year. As far as needing an enforcer out there, we know that Andy Murray doesn’t play that style game. It was surprising to watch the fights last night but that was necessitated by the number of goons the Ducks put on the ice.