FINAL: Sharks 3, Kings 2 (SO)

It went to the shootout, where Dan Boyle and Ryan Clowe scored on Jason LaBarbera. Patrick O’Sullivan beat Brian Boucher, but Boucher stopped Wayne Simmonds and Teddy Purcell to give the Sharks the extra point.

What to make of this one? The Kings earned a point against the Sharks, something that’s been nearly impossible to do in the last month, but they also held a 2-0 lead in this game and could have had two huge points.

The Kings outshot the Sharks 28-25 and took only one minor penalty, but special teams still hurt. The Kings allowed a goal on that penalty kill, and also allowed a shorthanded goal and went 0 for 5 on the power play.

More quotes and notes to follow…

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  • Ziggy

    Game really turned when EE left

  • Old School

    Great game by the Kings tonight.

    Too bad the Bouncin’ Beachball doesn’t know the first thing about stopping a shot in a shootout. He looked foolish again after his teammates played their hearts out in front of him.


  • Anonymous

    its tough to not be pleased with a point off the sharks, but we should have won this game. As noted the special teams wasn’t great, but i thought we had a lot of good opportunities, played hard,fast, and strong.

    good effort tonight

  • jet

    Best third period a Kings team has played in a long, long time.

  • Anonymous

    Pull the goalie with a minute left in OT. Ive never seen a goalie as overmatched in the shootout as LaBarbera

  • steve

    Good effort by the Kings

    Man is Lababs bad in the shootout. I would love to know what his precentage is in the shootout

    they should take him out in the shootout and put in a pylon

  • anthony

    Can Barbi make one big save.
    Can he steal a game on his own, instead of hope that the team wins for him

    That Marlau breakaway, he seemed beat even before Marlau crossed the blue-line.
    Those two shootout goals – again it wasn’t even close.
    Both shooters made it look easy.
    As a matter fact, a couple of days ago against Edmonton, those shootout players made the same move to beat him.
    Four shootout players, 2 SJ & 2 ED., all made the same moves and this goalie fails to learn and adapt..
    Screw this guy.


  • mr.anonymously

    Labs just isnt very good in the shootout. Theres no doubt about it. This team obviously elevated their game tonight against the best team in the league. If they continue with this kind of effort, they can make some noise and battle for a playoff spot. Isn’t that what every team strives for?

    If Ersberg is out for a few game I’m hoping Jon Quick gets the call.

  • Scott

    Get Tomas Vokoun, Dean. Florida has Anderson and probably wouldn’t mind giving up Vokoun’s salary. Barbs is a great guy, but his height hurts his agility. He’s out of position too much and gets beat when the shooters rush the net.

  • Anonymous

    I understand the process the Kings are going thru, but seriously, if ownership down to management down to coaching truly believes that we have a chance at the playoffs this year, LaBadGoalAgain needs to be released. He literally has cost this team a handful of points in the standings. C’mon guys, wake up!!!! Ship him out now, along with Gauthier. They are not NHL material. Period. Bring up both Bernier and Quick, now that EE is out. Couldn’t be any worse.

  • Luuc

    Great game by the kings. I will say that it seemed as though their legs started to go near the end of the third, although they got them back in OT.

    Agreed about Labs, obviously, I’d almost be willing to say he’d be more effective in the SO if he were to just drop to a butterfly as opposed to trying to read the shooter. He is way too slow latterly to keep up with these top shooters, so might as well make them try and pick the corner rather than a simple deke and chipping it in.

  • MasterAL99

    I know Labs is a absolutely horrible goalie, but what is up with Terry Murray’s selection of our shootout lineup???? I think Simmonds has played great, but he does not belong in the shootout. Sully? That’s fine. PURCELL?????? Are you bleepin kidding me? What about Frolov?? Kopi? Brown?? I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. It’s like putting Shaquille O’Neal at the free throw line on a technical foul. Idiotic. That being said, the Kings played excellent.


  • ian

    LaBarbara made some good saves during the game but was just useless in the shootout, he might as well just stack the pads and slide out!!

    The bigger picture is how well the team played, Brown was awesome as were many others. They played with energy, speed and maturity, another great step in their development against a quality opponent.

  • pr0cess

    Man ive never been so heart broken when i saw EE hurt, And when it went too shootout i was praying as hard as i could Labs could do something, But ya im sorry he just doesnt have it, i think he is a good goalie but im not so sure he is for this team.

  • Scott

    Tomas Vokoun. Tomas Vokoun. Tomas Vokoun.

  • Ciccarelli

    heh heh, I hate to admit it, but I agree with Anthony. but if we’re bringing up a gaolie, it looks like it’s to replace the wrong guy…

  • Mark

    I really think that a hurt Ersberg is better than a healthy LaBarbera.

    I was going to bring up that the Sharks’ players used the same exact moves that the Oilers did to score on LaBarbara a week or two ago, but Anthony beat me to it.

    I hope Bernier or Quick gets a call up. I really don’t think we need Vokoun, and his contract (almost $6million per year) is on the books until 2010-11. I doubt they would do that. I’d take Craig Anderson though! $550k for one year 😀

  • Vasquez

    Please tell me why simmonds is on this team? He is a joke. And labarbera wow. Simple backhand moves beat him. Same thing against EdM. A pee wee goalie stops that stuff. Bernier! He can steam a shootiut. But give doughty a chance in the SO

  • dmh012

    Hey good to see all the naysayers back.
    I said it the other day on a loss there are 30 posts within a half hour, but on a win they don’t show up till the next day.
    As for the game I thought the Kings were a second behind all passes getting out of the zone and it really hurt them. San Jose is an elite team and we played them tough. Hope for the same effort against the Rangers on Wednesday.
    If Ersberg is hurt I hope a goalie comes up to play, not sit on the bench. These kids need to get as many games under there belts so they can get adjusted to the NHL faster.

  • Mark

    Vasquez, are you serious? Do you even watch the games? Simmonds gives 110% every game. It seems like after every game I (and others) say, “Well Simmonds played well tonight.” He is hard on the forecheck and outworks a lot of the opposition. I’m ecstatic to have him on our team.

  • Anonymous

    UGH…The moment Babs stepped out on the ice I knew we wouldn’t get the win tonight….Babs needs to go….I hope management sees this and does something soon!

  • Scott

    We don’t need Vokoun. Riiiight. What’s with all of the sensitivity shown toward LaBarbera or Quick or which ever faceless, hapless netminder in the minors? WE NEED A FRICKIN GOALIE! Yes Vokoun is expensive, but he would get us victories that would otherwise be close losses with Ersberg and Barbs. Victories lead to butts in seats. They also lead to playoff appearances. It’s good hockey and business sense. Keep Ersberg. Send down LaBarbera. Get Vokoun, and let’s finally resolve the net situation. Sheesh!!

  • Alen

    Jason Labarbera is to busy playing with his Barbie dolls to make a save when it matters. He doesn’t just get beat he looks absolutely ridicilous while doing it.

    Simmonds plays hard and I like having him on the team as well but he has no business in a shootout when you got guys like Kopitar, Brown, Frolov, and even Moller. I just don’t understand Terry Murrays mindset. Still a good game, kings played hard played well and we should be pleased with a point against the sharks but it hurts knowing how easily we coulda got two.

  • pr0cess

    Um why remove my responce? i think it was honest on how is see dmh012?

  • Rich Hammond

    Cursing…I’m sure it was an accident, but that’s why.

  • pr0cess

    Lol naysayers eh? You sound just like out of town anouncers, are team was this or that, Couldnt just be the Kings played a good game and beat you eh? You sure make it sound like we lucky too even have the honor of playing Sj? screw that, the team worked hard and ya i think they where all bumed that EE was hurt after the game he was putting up. Labs in my eyes is just not there on the same page. And ya im not for using the kings as a training ground for goalies too get a taste of the NHL. So pack you bags and piss off, go cheer the other team some place else.

    I see it lol, wow ok ill make sure i don’t say any curse words..

  • Duckhunter

    That was a great game. I am more than impressed with the effort and competitive nature of most of our team. After the 2nd period I thought we were in trouble, but the kings came out strong. They skating the Sharks and controlled the tempo. The Kings also completely outplayed the Sharks in OT. What a gutsy performance.

    I saw something tonight you don’t get to see very often and I’m glad the player that impressed me is a King. Athletes play at a certain level all year and people talk about players like Kopitar and O’Sull and Fro because they have skill and usually lead in goals or assist or points. But a special athlete can go to another level, which usually consists of the playoffs or tough games like this where physical play is the norm(both giving and taking) and maximum effort is needed throughout the game. To go to this extra level is all mental. It’s something they say you can’t teach, either you have it or you don’t. That player who I saw tonight that went to the next level in an outstanding effort was Simmonds. This kid has “IT”. Whatever that is or however you want to define “IT”, he’s got it. Great job son. If Simmonds’ skills match his mental toughness he’s going to be one hell of a player.

    Well, Quisp, looks like you’re going to get your wish. What goalie do you wish for Christmas?

  • Quisp

    The reason Purcell and Simmonds were in the shootout is they’re good in shootouts.

    Vokoun? Very funny. What are you willing to give up? And for what purpose?

    Ersberg is going to be out a couple of weeks, I’m guessing. The team is playing well. Perfect time to bring up Bernier. And start him.

  • Quisp

    Duckhunter –

    funny, I almost added something about my Christmas list. Put a bow on Bernier. Stuff Lewis into a stocking if you’re feeling generous this holiday season.

  • BluLine77

    Disappointed in taking a loss after being up 2-0 but before the game if you were asked if you’d be happy if the Kings took a point you’d say “yes”. The whole team played well. . .hell, even Ivanans got into a decent scrap! I think if Ersberg doesn’t go down Kings would have won. LaBarbara didn’t play poorly at all until the shootout. This guy may be the worst shootout performer ever, he’s just looked clueless on every shot attempt this season. The game had a playoff tempo and it was great to see the Kings skate and hit at the same pace as the Sharks, maybe a tiny bit better overall. Next up, the Rangers on the end of a back-to-back so a great chance at getting a win if the Kings come with the same kind of effort. If the team gets 3 out of four points from these two games, that would be a fantastic result!

  • mrbrett7

    I can’t believe some of these comments.

    Do people realize just how far this team, this franchise can come this year?

    Some people are just amazing, they just will never understand what is really going on here. The last two games were played against far superior opponents, one they beat soundly, the other, who happens to currently be the best team in the NHL, they pushed to the limit. San Jose had to throw everything they had at the Kings, and if not for an injury to a goaltender, they lose this game. They know, I know it, some around here know it…but all people can do is complain.

    They are growing, and each shift you see leaps and bounds. I’m having so much fun watching this team, I’m just drooling for what is down the road. The power in the west is changing hands and it’s going to shift to the Kings, Pheonix and Chicago. No, it won’t be this season, but it is coming, and coming fast.

  • Vasquez

    Haha anyone that knows anything about hockey knows Simmonds is outclassed. He should be in Manchester and Boyle or even Gabe Gauthier should be here. He is always out of position and makes way too many terrible moves. He made four or five bad passes tonight. He is all over the place bad. On the forecheck all he has to do is force the puck to one side and he over commits and screws up constantly. He is a joke, no skill, watch the game

  • JDM

    Man, really is surprising. Except for two shots in the shootout, there absolutely NOTHING to gripe about how the team played. They made some mistakes, sure, but they covered their butts. I was so impressed with the second and third and fourth efforts when SJ was putting on the pressure. They hit us, we hit them back. They came at us with speed, we blew right by em out of spite. They clogged up the neutral zone and took away passes, we returned the favor. They stood up at the blue line, F them! We stood up at center ice!

    That’s as good as this team can play, and its great to see it come out against the best team in the league. All of the mistakes in this game were purely a result of SJ being an absolutely dominant force. I was disgusted by how good they are, and much better they’ve become since they whooped us the first two games of the season. We play that game against 28 other teams in the league, we win 9 times out of 10. When a team plays that well, you don’t need a Luongo, all you need is an Osgood.

    That said, Labarbera is the worst shootout goalie I have ever seen, or could ever imagine in my worst nightmares. Shame, because he came in cold and played a valiant game. The Marleau goal was a little weak, but Marleau has scored those goals on several much better goalies than Labs this season. If he gave that up to Plihal, I’d be griping a little more. He was actually quick on loose pucks tonight and controlled his rebounds FOR ONCE! But yeah, he is abysmal in the shootout.

    Simmonds was close and should have gone 5 hole, but Boucher make a sound play. After 5 or so more shootout attempts Purcell makes that deke and scores. Little rookie hesitance showing there, as there has been in some of his game overall, but its a comfort level thing, and that will definately change over the next 10 or so games. Remember, he’s not just dealing with a host of tougher opponents, he’s adjusting to playing on a what is essentially a new team that has been bonding intensely over the past several months. Bottom line, I think Murray made good choices with his shootout picks. They deserved it. Hell, Purcell hustled to looks pucks for both our goals and Simmonds was on the puck as much as Frolov, which is really saying something.

    Ersberg was so damn solid and quick again, I was heartbroken to see him get hurt, and amazed to watch him play another minute of hockey like it was going to be his last.

    I have one miiiiiinor complaint with Brown, who had a stellar game. He needs to shoot low more often. I’ve noticed he tries to pick a lot of corners, but also that most of his goals don’t come from picking corners, but from his deceptively quick release, beating the goalie 5 hole or just off to the side. He gets so many breakaways like he had 2 or 3 off tonight, and I think his shooting percentage would go way up, or at the least his assist column if he shot it low. If anything, there is less of a risk of missing and more likely a juicy rebound to follow.

    Also, hate all you want, Calder played an awesome.

    Hell, the team played an awesome game. Every single player looked a little shaken and intimidated at a point tonight, but came back all the fiercer and more competative.

    Just to give the naysayers something to rabble over, I was a little dissapointed by the 4th line. Moller played OK on the PP and showed some hustle, but I felt bad that he barely got a shift in the third just because of who his linemates were. That’s it! That’s all you negativity hungry fiends get. For shame!

    I said going into this game that I would be thrilled if we gave the Sharks a run for their money, and that’s exactly what they did. Quisp, Duckhunter, mrbrett, hell even EAT (where are ya, get on your DVR!), lets all soak up not just tonights effort, but this team, and what we have brewing in LA for the first time since… well, ever. Every single one of these players is a fighter with guts, and there is a respectable amount of skill, and the best part, they all look like they love playing on this team. I don’t see any loafers, and sulkers, and pessimists like some of these silly fans. We may have two Captains at the WJC. We have leaders signed, to stay and gel and mesh and sweat and work and fight and bleed and score and die for and with eachother.

    Come gather ’round people, where ever you roam
    and admit that the waters around you have grown,
    Accept it…




  • anonymous

    I knew everyone was going to fry LaBarbara after losing in the shootout. Yes, he isn’t very good on those backhand roofers, but c’mon people. Do you really blame him for his play in regulation?

    I don’t know what game you all were watching, particularly in the third period, but LaBarbara kept the Kings from giving up at least two goals in the final stanza. I was on the side where it seemed like the ice was tilting to one side because the Kings defense was like the old escort service.

    The Kings couldn’t clear their zone, neutral ice giveaways, and they couldn’t mount much of an attack in the offensive zone and it looked like a 15 minute power play for the Sharks. The Kings powerplay looked better, but no results yet again. Whoever said the Kings played their best third period must have missed barrage the Sharks put on in the Kings zone. They DOMINATED the Kings in the third.

    And has anyone mentioned that it was Doughty’s flub that led to that goal by Patrick Marleau? I love this kid to death, but it was a rookie mistake and he got burned. Simple enough. Unfortunately it led to the tying goal by the Sharks. I don’t know if Erseberg would have fared much better.

    The Kings played a good game and got a point. If they play like that most nights, they win more than they lose. But the best defense is a good offense, and the power play has to start cashing in more. That has cost the Kings some points.

    Overall, it was one of the better games of the year. Both sides deserved the point, and I think that maybe if the Kings didn’t respect the Sharks as much as they did, they might have been able to get the extra point.

    LaBarbara was not good in the shootout, but it is my opinion that he preserved the game and gave the Kings a chance in regulation. And yes, I too question the Kings choice of shooters in the shootout.

    So blame LaBarbara for the loss (and btw, I’m not even a big fan of his), but I think the official whipping boy deserves better than what a lot of you naysayers think.


    JDM – You said it all very well.
    The Kings look like a solid team and I have to hand it to Lombardi. I thought this group would struggle a lot this season, and for but a few bad outings have looked game throughout.
    You know how I feel about the 4th line. Break it up and give us the grind line so we’re fresh throughout the game.
    I still hate shootouts and think it’s a shame that San Jose gets an extra point out of this game and kings fans are left cursing Labs.
    I don’t blame Murray if he doesn’t take the shoot-out seriously, but he may want to use Fro, Patty, and Doughty all the time so when we need a point we have a better chance of taking it just by percentages.
    Great game and feeling some pride being a Kings fan.
    I hope the bergermeister is ok.
    I guess someone’s gotta come up. Zatkoff?
    I don’t know what’s up with someone saying anything negative about Simmonds. Just shows what they know, I guess.
    Moller is being marginalized. That worries me. I’d like to see him out there clicking with Brown.
    I’m so glad that we’ve got Brown and Doughty. These guys are hall of fame material. I think Kopitar is capable too and has been looking good these last 2 games.
    Sorry I’m not more negative.

  • nykingfan

    Terrific effort by the Kings for 65 minutes against the best team in the league. They showed last night that they can compete with anyone.

    My 3 stars for the game were:

    I thought Zeus’s line was outstanding against Thornton all night. They played the game in the Sharks end. Calder was flying last night and was extrememly effective on the cycle. Greene did everything you could have asked him to do. He was blocking shots with every part of his body.

    I think most of the above comments are right on. Barbs has to be the worst shootout goalie in the league.
    Rich, is there anyway to pull up his stats in SO? They can’t be good. I agree…we should just put a cone in front of the net during the SO. it can’t be any worse.
    Also, on the tying goal. Its not a gimmee save by any means, but those are the times when your goalie needs to come up with the big save to win the game for your team. He certainly didn’t do that.
    Forget the talk of Vokoun….If he was that great, wouldn’t he be playing in Florida? I know Anderson is good, but better than Vokuon? Yes, according to Florida. Why do we want that? Lets give one of the kids a chance while Ersberg is out and see what happens.

    You don’t watch much hockey, do you? Of all people, you’re going after Simmonds? The guy works his a$$ off every single shift and can be trusted at the end of the games to get the puck in deep and forecheck effectively.
    Do you really think TM would trust him in those situations if he was as you say?
    The more I watch him, the more I love his game.

    last thing…. MasterAl99 you’re complaining about the guys chosen for the SO? Who has been great this season for the Kings during the SO? Nobody that I can think of. Why not give guys like Purcell and Simmonds a chance. They can’t do much worse than Brown or Kopi have done this year, so far.

  • Kevco

    Another post ask about Babs stats in shootouts, he is 0-3 this year. He has lost every game he had a chance to win! Both Shark goals were the same exact move. He is just way to slow.

  • Bob Bobson

    Sure let’s just get Thomas Vokoun. It will just cost us Jonathon Bernier. Why the heck not ? While we’re at, let’s toss our hat into the Mats Sundin ring. Dean, get Sundin now !!!! Stanley Cup, here we come !!!!

    Good game by the Kings and it was evenly played except for the PP and PK. Good back and forth flow even though the shot and goal total was low.

  • Dan H.

    Great game by the Kings. Shootouts are a joke and a terrible way for 42 guys breaking their ass all night to have it decided by 3 shooters and 2 goalies. I hate them anyway.

    Labs played GREAT, yes GREAT in relief of Ersberg. I agree that shootouts aren’t his thing and he’s not good at all in shootouts but how many games get to those and why? Doughty gave up a breakaway from the other teams blueline to debateably the other teams best sniper…the sniper wins that 75% of the time.

    Everyone was buzzing and working their ass off for both teams. Like someone above said, if the Kings play this well every game they’d be a 4 seed or better. They’re just inconsistent.

    Keep it up boys and Kick the Rangers ass.

    Oh for the stat keepers that are the ones that like to bash Labs over and over again whether he has a good or bad game:

    J. LaBarbera 14 1 13 .929 38:06 0
    E. Ersberg 11 1 10 .909 26:39 0

    Looks like Labs was the better goalie tonight 😉

  • mrbrett7

    NYKings fan…great post. Greene was OUTSTANDING last night. As his confidence grows, so does his game.

    Vasquez…WTF are you talking about. Last night was FAR and AWAY Simmonds best game as a professional. Please, inform us all of his mistakes, as a 20 year old playing in his 30th or so game of his career. He, along with Handzus and Frolov absolutely shutdown the #1 offensive line in the NHL…guess what, THAT IS THEIR JOB ON THIS TEAM.

  • The Man from UNCLE

    Last night the Kings proved that even at this tender stage of development they are in contention for a playoff spot & can play against the big teams. It’s not a matter of opinion, really. The Kings showed real character. Most teams are not really able to go toe-to-toe with the Sharks.

    Simmonds was the most effective I’ve seen him all season. He reminds me something of Handzus & it stands to reason that they’re linemates. I think Murray has him in a role *perfectly* suited to his abilities. The best bit is that he’ll only improve.

    As (unfortunately) usual, Barbs was a glaring disappointment. The shortie he let in was um, bad. He was totally out of the play. As for the shootout – yech. He should have stayed in his net patiently waiting for the player to move. Did he do that? No. He came out to challenge and was all but ignored by both Sharks. He got beat twice in a row by the same play!!

    In my opinion, the Kings would have had the game but for the shoddy play of LaBarbera. They were in it for the whole game & overtime. The ONLY King who didn’t rise to the challenge was Barbs.

  • Anonymous

    In response to the comment “Naysayers”, I truly believe we are all here because of passion for the Kings. I have been a die hard fan since 73 and have suffered through soooooo many frustrating seasons. We tend to get used to losing, thus the numerous posts when we lose. WE as Kings fans for this many years don’t know what it’s like to be a champion. This is a way of venting.

    However, for the first time in franchise history, there seems to be more of a following at one of the teams lowest points, especially the past 5 – 6 years. I am so excited about the currenty team, players in the system and, believe it or not, the coaching staff & GM. Something is happening here, and even thought the last two seasons under MC were a waste, this team is much further along than anyone expected. As soon as JMFJ comes back, a little bit more development and a few certain players are traded, sent down, released, whatever…. this team is going to take big strides. So enjoy this, all you Naysayers!

    I, like many, can not afford to attend every game. I just can’t stomach watching from the clouds in section 300. But, as this team progresses, come and join the ride. The only bad thing that will come of it when we finally do win the Cup will be all the bandwagoners that jump on like they did in Anaheim. Heck, they have 13,000 season seat holders and still cant sellout the building. Some passion.

    So, keep those posts coming and try to make them all positive ones. I’m sure Rich and Jill will agree. Thank you for making this happen, and lets enjoy the evolution of this Kings team.

    Go Kings Go

  • Isaac

    Please tell Kopitar to ask Santa for a clear mouth guard. He looks absolutely retarded with that giant black mouth guard.

  • Anonymous

    Isaac I agree. Lose the tinted visor as well.


    OMG!!! Labs makes me so frustrated. Same move from a couple nights ago. Forehand, Backhand, Goal. Its that easy. like i said before my girlfriend could score on him. He bites wayyyyyy to early. No patience. Its time for labs to go.