Murray postgame quotes


(Re: game recap): We’re a little disappointed to lose the two-goal lead. The play that ties the game up is just an unfortunate bad bounce. The puck was bouncing four or five times to the blue line and you know you want to knock it down and it just jumps over the stick and they score on the play to tie it up. That was (a) bad break. We wanted two points. We felt we played pretty good against them. We know they have a few injuries in that lineup and they’re not as healthy as they should be as the season moves forward. It was a good opportunity for us.

(Re: on playing San Jose): We played the premier team in the league right now and played pretty well against them. We had opportunities, we had the lead, we had power-play opportunities we wish we would have generated a little more on it. I think it’s a good learning situation anytime you can play against the premier teams in the league like this.

(Re: on Ersberg): Ersberg pulled his groin on that play. I didn’t see the play happening and didn’t see the replay. We’ll get him to the doctor and see what’s going on.

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  • anthony

    That tying goal that TM was referring to would not have happened if Doughty would have taken the body.
    Its a rookie mistake. Patrick Marlau does it all the time against experienced D-Men.

    But the coaching today was not as good as the last two games.
    Oscar Moller only played like 3 minutes.
    His shootout selections blows.
    And the goaltending lost the game. Obviously you can’t blame TM for the goaltending since he had no choice.

    But I do have to say one thing. Labarbi has a lot of excuses for an unaccomplished goalie. Just read quotes he mad in the prior post.
    He should just simply admit that he’s clueless on how to stop these SO attempts.

    If they do call up Zatkoff or Quick, I hope they start’em against the Rangers on Wednesday. Anything is better than Barbi.

  • Noble Savage

    Terry Murray is a sub-par coach.
    This team needed someone to bring in a defensive system. It certainly does not need a coach to play mind games, juggle lines for no good reason, fail to use a timeout when needed and seemingly randomly pick shooters for the SO.

  • Dorian

    Doughty taking the body?? Watch hockey much? That would result in an interference call. Marleau didn’t touch the puck and if Doughty impedes his progress, then he gets called. End of story. You’re not as smart as you think Antoine.

  • Eric K

    O’Sullivan said the exact same thing as Labs, but Labs is the one making excuses?

    and Ersberg, unfortunately, hasn’t been much better than Labs in shootouts. Labs was terrible in the SO, but who’s to say Ersberg would’ve stopped those.

    anyway, that was a good point. Simmonds looked great, the top line played very well again. wish we could’ve held that lead, but i’m encouraged.

  • Garrett

    First of all, anthony is an idiot. “The coaching was not as good as the last couple games”? What a stupid criticism. The Kings just held their own against the #1 team in the NHL. Clearly, there was nothing wrong with the coaching.

    Now, more important than criticizing an idiot: the Sharks’ wins and points records are meaningless, especially when compared to the 1929-30 Bruins. The Sharks have won 3 games in shootouts and lost 2 in overtime, so there are 3 wins and 2 OT loss points they earned that the Bruins of the late 20’s could not get. It may be impressive, but let’s not kid ourselves, NHL records in the post-lockout era mean nothing in comparison to those pre-lockout. At the very least, since the 1999-2000 season, when OT losses were added to the standings, should be the earliest season against which modern team records are judged.

  • Ersberg

    The Kings should be happy they have the talent level to compete against the Sharks. I know I am.

    I’m glad to see Terry give the nod to some young guys in the SO, but I think he should have chosen someone else for one of their spots. Maybe Fro rather than Simmonds. I know that’s a bit critical, but this one was totally within the Kings’ grasp.

    Bring on the Rangers. Hopefilly we’ll have some good news regarding Ersberg.

  • Luuc

    Just want to clear something up for all the TM bashers. He explained quite clearly before (dont remember the article) his process for picking shooters in the SO. He goes by who has been having the greatest success in practice. Not some random selection, but simply when they practice SO’s, who is having the greatest success. Simmonds scored on his other shootout attempt, 1/1, now 1/2. 50% shootout rate is not too bad. As for Purcell, I’ve never seen him in a shootout, and this one can be chalked up to inexperience, but he must have shown something in practice that TM liked. IMO, based on his skill set, someone who is not a great skater, but has great hands and a great shot, seems like a good choice on a SO (think Forsberg). Also, dont forget, Kopi has not been spectacular on the SO since, well, his rookie year. Frolov’s hit and miss, and Brownie hasnt been nearly as good since goalies figured out his favorite move. So, I think TM’s choices were perfectly reasonable, beyond anything else, you know goalies dont have a book on those guys yet, giving them a better chance to surprise the goalie. Ok, I’m off my box, carry on gents.

  • Ersberg

    I hear ya, but I’m not sure I buy that. In a situation like last night, go with experience first. Example: Look at San Jose’s choices.

  • anthony

    I’d rather take a penalty than have a skilled player like Maleau go one on one against this goalie.
    And it would have been 4 on 4.

    Garrett needs some some Christmas stuffing.
    In his dirty mouth.

  • Dan H.

    Anthony you’re right. If Ersberg would have stopped that goal where it was him and 5 friends against 5 San Jose guys we would have one.

    Labs was 1-1 against a premiere sniper in the league. I’d take Marleau’s odds against about every goalie in the league on that one.

    sheesh. Give it a rest. The team played a GREAT game last night.

  • Anonymous

    JLB is just terrible in the shootout I turned off the game once OT ended as I knew he would lose it. Iceberg has a groin pull so expect a call up soon hopefully Quick or Bernier can step in and get more minutes then JLB.

  • Milton Waddams

    I feel the shootout selections were great, I echo the idea that the Sharks would have less of “a book” on the young guys (with great hands and moves). But if we can’t get halfway decent goaltending, then we can’t win the shootout. LaBarbera is plain worthless in the shootout. He got beat, badly, by the exact same move 2 times in a row. If Ersberg is in net, we at lease have a chance. There might still be an OTL, but at least there’s a chance to win.

  • Anonymous

    I like TM’s picks for the shootout and I agree with Luuc. Simmons was 1/1 in the shootout…someone tell me why that was a bad choice again?…Purcell may have not been in an NHL shootout before, but I’ll bet he has been in his fair share in the AHL, and it wasn’t like he missed the net or shot it into Boucher’s chest, he clearly had him beat with a wide open net and Boucher got lucky and got his stick on the puck before he could shoot it….jeez you guys stop frigging whining after every loss…you sound like Duck fans….

  • Shakes

    the shootout is a bit of a crapshoot, i’m not gonna worry to much about that. all i know is that besides a couple of minutes at the end of the 2nd where i thought the Kings were trying to keep up, they played super well. if we’re going to make the playoffs we may very well be seeing a lot of the #1 seeded team and san jose and it may not be a cakewalk for them

  • Ersberg

    How can you be happy about the choices when they missed? You have to score to win. At any rate, my point was more for percentages, not necessarily the outcome. Book or not, I doubt Brian Boucher knows up front all of our guys’ moves.

    Milt is right about Babs, though. You have to stop at least one of those, namely Clowe’s goal. Boyle’s was the same, but his move at the end was very quick. Another goalie probably could have come across in time to stop Clowe’s.

  • Quisp

    Oh a first round playoff Kings v. Sharks would be ideal.

    p.s. the Sharks are playing great to the nth degree right now, no question. But they don’t give out awards for best first 3/8 of a season. And then there’s the old joke about the Cubs going 162-0 and then losing the pennant in four straight. In a season that is essentially ten months long, it’s not necessarily the greatest thing to play your best hockey first. Ask Detroit.

  • Quisp

    Doughty v. Marleau: I think the reason Doughty didn’t take the body on Marleau is that Doughty is fast and assumed he could catch him. His mistake was underestimating Marleau’s speed, which he’s not the first to do. Clearly, if he thought he couldn’t catch him, he would have taken him down.

  • -J

    “This team needed someone to bring in a defensive system” LOL- Murray’s defensive system has this team leading the league in fewest shots against. Some of you are so clueless you should be embarrassed.


    I think the KINGS played one of their best games all year. In my opinion the SHARKS looked a little flat footed during most of the game and the KINGS were handing it to them. They just got a lucky break. Give Doughty a break. Any player getting as much ice time as he is will make mistakes, nobodys perfect. For all you TM bashers, I would like to so see you out there doing a better job.


    Wow Labs is horrible. My girlfriend could score on him in a shootout. From the forehand to the backhand. You will beat him every time. He bites way to early. Did you watch Boucher? He waited for our shooters to make a move first. Labs has no chance in a shootout.

  • ian

    Ragging on the coach is just ridiculous, the Kings outplayed the Sharks and deserved the win. What TM has done to get them to this point is far more important than second guessing some shootout selections…

    Did anyone notice the deke Doughty put on 2 Shark forwards?! An amazing skill play! What he contributed to the game far outweighs that he didn’t pull down Marleau before he broke away…


    In terms of picking shootout performers, I think there should be some consistency in the choices.
    NYKINGFAN points out there is a poor record for Brown and Kopi in the shootout, but if you always go with those guys they’re going to discover preferred moves and get more comfortable in the situation. I think Frolov is usually pretty good, but again, if you always go with him there’s the thinking that says he’ll average out to get you some points.
    I’m not tearing off Murray’s head for it but I think he’d do well to rethink the way he approaches it. And he probablly will. Has he even had experience with the shootout before this season? Give him some time. It looks like he’s a student of the game and just needs some time (LIKE BOYLE) to adjust and master.
    That is all.