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(Re: game recap): “They’re a good team, obviously. Just look at their record; it’s pretty impressive. We showed that we are capable of playing with them throughout the entire 60 minutes. It’s going to give us some confidence and we thought we probably could have won the game, maybe should have won the game.”

(Re: game recap) “It shows we can play with the top team in the league and we had a lot of chances and we outshot them. It was a good game.”


(Re: game recap): “For sure we could have won. We had our chances. They’re the best team in the league right now for a reason and they found a way to win the game. That’s what makes the teams that are at the top of the league great, is they find ways to win.”


The Kings have earned points in five of their last six games (3-1-2).

Matt Greene scored for the first time since Dec. 14, 2006 (123 games).

Teddy Purcell (1-1=2 tonight) scored his second career NHL goal.

Patrick O’Sullivan now has a five-game assist streak (6a). His longest assist steak is seven games (March 11 to March 23, 2007)

The Kings are 10-6-4 in their last 20 games.

The Kings are 4-0-3 in their last seven one-goal decisions.

Quotes from Terry Murray to follow…

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  • Mark

    Total Time On Ice:
    Raitis Ivanans – 2:40
    John Zeiler – 2:51
    Oscar Moller – 6:35


  • anthony

    A few weeks ago against Edmonton, Ales Hemsky and Pouliot made the same moves against Labarbi that Dan Boyle and Ryan Clowe made today.
    All four SO players almost reached the goal line and made their moves.
    Barbi never attempted the poke check.
    A smart goalie like Boucher knew what he was doing when he poke-checked Purcell.

    I was also dissapointed with TM selection for the SO.
    Sully is an obvious good choice.
    But Simmonds and Purcell (just called up) I don’t know about. Especially if you consider Brownie, Kopi, and Frolov.
    TM’s coaching suffered a set back today.

    I hate to say this but Drew Doughty is starting to screw up.
    On the Patrick Marlau goal, he made a critical mistake by playing the puck and ignoring the player.
    He’s been mishandling the puck on the power plays. And he’s having difficulty controlling the puck on the blue line, forcing the forwards to clear the offensive zone.
    Doughty’s play is beginning to irk me.
    But I’m sure he’ll be OK.

    But the biggest problem is Barbi. He’s just not skilled enough to be on a NHL roster.

  • Anonymous

    What is wrong with having Simmonds on the shootout? Did you even see his move and shot the last time he was in SO? Check it out, it was a pretty nice backhand roof over the goalie. He’s only one of the 3 or 4 kings that have scored in SO.

  • Bring Back the Shield Jersey

    The Good: A lot of good things tonight. Kings were very competitive. The Kings don’t usually play such high-speed,constant pressure, games, and they did well enough, though they were rattled at times. Kopitar played like a skilled Canadian; three Strong games in a row. Doughty generally looked very composed. Calder has done much better after the line change.

    The Bad: Handzus looked slow and not used to the pressure. The ice looked choppy. Drew’s rookie mistake (and if you’re going to take a penalty after getting beat, at least prevent the break-away). 2:34 of even-strength ice-time for Moller? Wow. But I can see why in this game. SJ is a big, tough, physical team, and Little Oscar is none of those things. The shoot-out line-up. “If Purcell doesn’t score, the Kings lose.” Geez, thanks for the pressure, Coach. What the hell are you paying Kopi 7$ million/ for?

    The Ugly: Santa LaBarbara, blah blah blah. It’s not even worth going into. Frolov and his annoying tendency to skate the puck to the face-off circle, spin around and throw it back to the D. He even threw it out of the zone once tonight. What a waste. How about toward the net once in a while? How about taking it to the net? Lower your shoulder, use your great balance, and GO TO THE NET! And btw, for all the times you try a wrap-around, I’ve never seen you score one yet. If this game was a chance to see where the team and individuals compare to a really good team, then of all our “core” players (including Purcell), Frolov fared the worst.

  • Marty

    If they would of played Zeiler or Ivan anymore they would of came away with no point.I would highly reccommend that Billy Ranford teach Hanah Barbera to recognize the deke and use the pokecheck.We will need that point come April.Please use common sense instead of the feeling, in regards to your shooters in the SO
    Sully Kopi Brownie Fro Stoll Moller in that order.

  • JDM

    Ok, I have to bust Jasons balls a bit here.

    “…they found a way to win the game.”

    While true Jason, the way to win should be a little more complex and tougher to execute than ‘deke to the backhand’.


    Lighten up on Hannah-Barbera. Those were some pretty sweet moves by some talented VETERAN players. Don’t mock the goalie, mock the shootout. Get rid of it.

    Frolov wasn’t great tonight, but geez, isn’t he entitled to have a mediocre game against San Jose after the way he’s been playing lately? He also was better than a lot of other players on the ice from both teams.

    I see no reason this team can’t make the playoffs. That’s what I’m hoping for. Well, maybe 2 reasons they may not, but that’s still to be decided.

  • Nick

    Handzus looked good to me…I remember one mistake and lots of good plays. He did look slow. I think that’s because he IS slow though. He has times when he’s looked faster, sure, but he’s not going to look like a speedster against one of the fastest teams in the league.

    Kinda miffed at the Purcell choice, Simmonds and Sully were fine though.

  • TB

    Anthony, I never thought I’d agree with you…but I do. I completely empathize with the decision to reward the new guys who performed well with the SO opportunities. But at some point, you gotta just deliver the heat and put the money guys out there. I’m more ok with Simmonds getting a shot since he was successful in his last opportunity, but why didn’t Fro or Kopi get the nod?? I think Kopitar has been turning it on and its time to start using his skill more as a weapon. Anyways…I am more than pleased with the rest of the game. And I’m still 100% behind TM.

  • nykingfan

    The ice time for the 4th line made total sense last night. SJ is highly skilled with speed. Guys like Ivanans and Zeiler would have been steps behind them.
    SJ is one of the few teams that you can’t play your 4th line against. They are head and shoulders above every other team in the league. I haven’t seen Boston yet, so I should preface that.
    That’s the best team I’ve seen in a long time. The way they pressure you in the neutral zone. they have 2 guys on the puck at all times, yet don’t get caught short defensively.

    Now..onto TM’s selection for the shootout….granted it’s a small sampling..but
    Kopitar 0-2
    Brown 0-2
    Sully 2-4
    Simmonds 1-2

    There was nothing wrong with using Simmonds and trying out Purcell. That’s beyond knit-picking.
    I found the stats on Barbs play during the shootout:
    0-3 7 shots 6 goals .143% He ranks 50th out of 54 goalies. The ones behind him have faced 3 shots or less.
    Does anyone remember which one he stopped?

    On Handzus…I saw things completely different. I thought he played one of his best games of the year. That line completely shut down Thornton. They are a terrific checking line.

    Anthony…completely disagree with you about Doughty. There was nothing he could do on that play. He’s tryng to keep the puck in the offensive zone on the PP. The puck hopped over his stick. he tried to interfere with the SJ player, but didn’t get him. Monday morning QB’ing…maybe he should have backed up and let SJ skate down the ice and try to break up the play, but it was a split decision. If the puck doesn’t jump up on him, we’re not discussing this.
    I thought he played terrific like usual. He made some great plays in the offensive zone and is becoming a physical presence on the blue line. He’s quickly becoming a complete player.

  • Neva

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe they run shootout drills during practice. So it would make sense to use the guys that have done better…………BUT if Labarbera is in goal during this drill, everybody’s gonna look good……..tough call on who to put on the ice for the shootout, I guess I’d put Simmonds and Purcell in there too if they looked good during practice.

  • JGSmall

    The Purcell choice is actually very interesting. Jim Fox has said that teams are compiling film on moves by layers during SO so the goalies can study. Purcell is a skill player that the league has not seen. Unfortunately, they still have not seen his moves.

    JLB is being beat because he is too deep in his net. He was beat on the breakaway with his heels on the goal line. When he is that deep the lack of lateral movement shows. Ranford needs to work with him on pacing his retreat.



    Is this what the NHL wants? We play a great game against the top team and we’re left bickering about shootout choices and nailing our Lababy to a cross?

    Get rid of this embarrassment NOW.

    Wake up Bettman. The NHL doesn’t need gimmicks like the shootout, or 3 points handed out in a game. Football has shootouts/penalties because scoring is much more difficult and any game that goes to a shootout/penalties has already played 2 hours without deciding an outcome. It’s a horrible way to end any competition, but in some sports it’s necessary. Hockey isn’t one of them. IF THEY EVER HAVE A SHOOTOUT IN THE PLAYOFFS I’M DONE WITH HOCKEY.

    nykingsfan – on the other thread you mentioned Greene’s strong game. Totally concur with that. He was outstanding and blocking shots like crazy, literallly.


    The ice time for the 4th line made total sense last night. SJ is highly skilled with speed. Guys like Ivanans and Zeiler would have been steps behind them.
    SJ is one of the few teams that you can’t play your 4th line against.

    I disagree with this comment a bit. We’ve got enough players around to build 4 solid lines that are committed to the system. A 4th line that gets under 3 minutes of ice time is a waste of the space on your bench – you may as well dress 3 goalies. I like how Murray has come around with some of the lines, but he’s still failing when it comes to the 4th. It’s ok for 5-8 minutes against Columbus, but we need to be selecting players better and getting some young players more experience.
    Especially because we had a 2-0 lead and could have used some relief in the form of a dependable line to GRIND out the victory.

    I vaguely remeber Zeiler getting hammered in those 2+ minutes in a scary hit along the mid-boards. I hope he’s ok.

  • nykingfan

    1 out of 2 ain’t bad!

    I just thought in that game..other than Moller…I didn’t see a fit for those guys against SJ. Ivanans did his part with the fight, but it seemed like every other shift SJ was putting out Thornton’s line….Zeus’ line was getting a ton of ice team, or so it appeared.

  • mrbrett7

    ETR…in a game where Jody Shelley is in the lineup, sorry bud, Ivaness MUST be in the lineup, PERIOD.

    Give young guys a chance? Soooo…Moller, Ivaness and Zeiler are all established NHL veterens now? Okay…sure (scarcasm on). Your 4th line, on any team, is your line you barely play.

    We aren’t Detroit…get used to it.


    Good night for Dean Lombardi, 4 regulation goals by his guys from the present and the past.
    Nice segment on Clowe and his fishing/crabbing background.
    Solid player and a beautiful move for a big man in that shootout.