Lombardi quotes on Quick

The Kings chose to recall Jonathan Quick, instead of Jonathan Bernier, to come up from the AHL after Erik Ersberg’s groin injury. Both goalies have a 6-5-2 record in Manchester. Quick has a 2.68 goals-against average and a .919 save percentage, while Bernier has a 2.89 goals-against average and a .898 save percentage. Here’s what Dean Lombardi said this morning about the choice of Quick…

LOMBARDI: “We had a lot of conversation. Both of them have played well, and so it basically came down to a matter of seniority. Both of them have played well, and they continue to be on the right path. We were hoping we wouldn’t have to do this this early. Jonathan (Quick) is a little older and he has paid more dues in the minors. It’s certainly not an indictment of Jon (Bernier). He’s been pretty good down there too. But there is a concept of seniority. Kids that come out of college these days, for instance, they don’t seem to understand that.

“At least (Quick) knows what it’s like. He’s seen NHL shooters, and that can help him. But so did Jon (Bernier). They have similar experience at the NHL level. It certainly helps though. When you go to the next level, at least it gives him a little leg up. He’s a better goalie than he was before. His athleticism is really top notch, but he just has to learn to calm down. With Jon (Bernier), he makes a lot of difficult saves look easy because he’s in good position and he’s technically sound. Jon (Quick) has been so good athletically that he didn’t always have to be technically sound. He just went on reflexes and instinct, but you can’t do that up here (in the NHL). You use that athleticism when you have to. He’s improved on it, and made a conscious effort to improve.”

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