FINAL: Wings 6, Kings 4

For those not following live who need a quick — no pun intended — recap, the Kings led 4-3 late in the third period, but Jiri Hudler tied it with 3:43 to play, Daniel Cleary gave the Wings the lead with 1:34 left and Kris Draper put one in an empty net.

Trevor Lewis, Alexander Frolov, Kyle Calder and Dustin Brown had goals for the Kings, with Lewis netting his first NHL goal. Jonathan Quick started in goal for the Kings and stopped 30 of 35 shots.

For those looking for a little good news, Oscar Moller scored a highlight-caliber goal for Sweden today in a 4-2 exhibition loss to Canada.

I’ll check the AP story and see if there are any good Kings notes/quotes…

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  • son of a b..

    i’m not gonna be second guessing anything from anyone…but in retrospect with my 20/20 hindsight perhaps a timeout at the 10min mark or so of the 3rd to have everyone regroup would’ve been good.

    either way columbus is a big game. that’s a game we need to win. as if you needed my expert commentary

  • Quattro

    how much more heartache can Kings fans take?

  • Anonymous

    On the tying goal, Doughty chased the puck carrier half way out to the blue line leaving Brown to try and cover up. This kid is trying hard and he’s going to make some mistakes, so let’s call it growing pains. As far as Quick, he’s playing one of the top teams in the league and did pretty well in my book considering his time in the show. Labs should be worried. This team is not going to win the Cup this year or even make the playoffs unless there is some type of miracle, but they have been working hard this year compared to the last two and as far as I’m concerned, ther making the progress needed to become a real contender in the next year or two.

  • Cynic

    It deserves to be said again…SOAB!!!!!

    I’d blame Doughty for his turnover up the middle, but that’s just gonna happen sometimes. He looked more tenative after that to me.

    I really need to blame Quincey for being out of position in front of the net and not taking the man (Hudler) instead of the point. Detroit is all about the crosspass and ALL NIGHT we had been defending against it as much as possible. Hudler is Quincey’s man that play and he just blew his coverage. Goal. Tie game. After that, it was just “OH MAN! OH MAN! OH MAN!” freakin’ out running around and boom! Goal. Game Winner.

    I thought Quick did pretty well and stopped a bunch of shots that LaBlahBlah would not have stopped. He probably wants the one Lilja scored back, but overall, I’d start him again in Columbus. I think he earned it.

    Maybe it’s because I hate Detroit so much, but this one HURT!

  • booerns

    on a whole pretty good goal tending average at best but anything is better than labumba a few mistakes but improving but without a better fourth line and a solid goaltender I don’t see much playoff hope but we are improving and I’ll take it.

  • Deano Lombardo

    I HATE BILLY RANFORD! What is he teaching these guys anyways? Quick should have had the post on that short side go ahead goal! What the hell!? Im sick of this ****.

  • -J
  • Kings4K3

    While I was happy to see Quick get a shot, I’m a little confused about the timing of his debut. I thought TM said that he wasn’t sure Quick had what it takes to be at the NHL level yet, which was why he supposedly went with JLB the other night. Yet, he decides to give the rookie his first start this season, in only his 5th NHL game ever against probably the best team in the league, on the road in the hostile environ of the Joe??? Hmmm…
    I thought TM passed up a great opportunity for Quick to get his feet wet by not playing him in the NYR game, at home, against a non-conference team who was playing the 2nd of a back to back game.

    Anyway, I thought he played ok, although you’d like to see him make saves on a couple of the Wings’ goals, namely the game winner. I also thought the Kings tried to sit on the lead after they made it 4-3, rather than continue to attack. That seemed to give the Wings room to skate up the ice and get opportunity after opportunity. There was way too much time left in the game for that kind of strategy IMO. Maybe the team was running out of gas after playing just last night with less than a 24hr turnaround, I don’t know. It’s too bad because once again, we were so close, not just in pulling out a point, but even downright beating them.

    I’d have to agree with a previous post that Doughty looked a bit apprehensive after his miscue. In fact, I thought he really did not look that sharp at all tonight…Maybe his first not so good game of the year.

  • Anonymous

    Someone wake me up when the Kings find a goalie who can stop the puck. Seriously…

  • nykingfan

    guys stop looking to blame people for 1 game.
    Tonight was simple.
    We were beaten by a better team. Plain and simple. When Detroit put the foot on the accelerator, we were done.
    It’s ok…There are a lot of good lessons to be learned from that game. We played Detroit tough, but when it counted, they showed us there’s another level we need to get to…as a team. We’re a young team…It will take time, but we’ll get there.

  • Vicarious

    4-3 lead and in control?

    Become a little bit tentative in their play?

    Lose. How a young team learns and grows. Hopefully.
    They have to learn how to win those games. Cannot be done without playing them at the NHL level and winning the games.

    Goaltending it seemed to me is easy to pick on but was not the biggest factor in the loss. When a team gets enough good chances some will go in no matter who is in net. RWings are great and had many good chances for players who all can finish. And they did.

  • Moondoggie

    Unfortunately Quincey was out of position on the tying goal; he should have picked up Hudler. After that, it was pretty much all over. It’s too bad, the Kings obviously had no spring or pop in their skating after having been blown out the night before in Buffalo. Still tho, that’s twice we’ve played Detroit close this season and play the Wings well enough to win. The thing that makes this loss so difficult was that LA need to hold the lead for less than 4 minutes left to get a road win in Hockeytown and couldn’t do it.

    I believe they’ll get better as time goes on. Still tho, some of these losses they should be winning are very tough to swallow.

  • mrk

    What’s so heartbreaking is that they were actually leading and outskating them up close to the end. It was 15 minutes in when our skaters kinda thought that we had the game. I should have known better and not have let my guard down. It feels like a dangling carrot stick on your face and not get it at the end of the trip. Fair warning, do not expect too much from this team until 2011/2012 season, you’ll just set yourself up for a heartbreak. Oh well, lesson learned.


    I have to question whether we’re 8 losses and 5 less wins worse than Chicago?
    I don’t think we are but the standings say we are.
    We need 4 balanced lines and we have the personnel to do it.
    Come on, Murray, you’ve been in almost every game this season.
    There is a way over the hump.
    Throw the names up on a chalk-board and create 4 lines capable of skating at any time in the game and stick with it.
    We’ll start finishing off these games.


    As I walk through
    This wicked world
    Searchin for light in the darkness of insanity.

    I ask myself
    Is all hope lost?
    Is there only pain and hatred, and misery?

    And as I walked on
    Through troubled times
    My spirit gets so downhearted sometimes
    So where are the strong
    And who are the trusted?
    And where is the harmony?
    Sweet harmony.

    cause each time I feel it slippin away, just makes me wanna cry.
    Whats so funny bout peace love & understanding? ohhhh
    Whats so funny bout peace love & understanding? ohhhh
    Whats so funny bout peace love & understanding?

    C’mon You Kings!