• Anonymous

    Kings score! O’Sullivan from Lewis! Thank you Pavol Demitra!

    Meanwhile, Jason LaBarbara could have been winnning 1-0 at this point. But it’s early.. Lots of time for Quick to give up a softie.


    Hey Rich,

    Thanks a lot for the “Game Thread.”
    It makes it much easier to “file” our comments and sort through all the stuff.
    Just my opinion, but sometimes all the “score update threads” are almost like overkill and it’s harder to feel like you’re taking the game in with a group.
    I guess what I’m saying is that a “Game Thread” will allow people to comment throughout the game, as well as allowing those who weren’t commenting during the game to look back and kinda chart the comments throughout the game.
    And, a “Post Game” thread would allow for all the discussion after.
    Just a suggestion because sometimes I feel like I’m hijacking one thread, and it ticks some people off.
    Anyway, Thanks, enjoy the game.


    I hope this goes well for Quick.
    Tough opponent for the first start of the season, but I expect the team to play pretty well, again.
    Let’s hope they can create some better scoring opportunities and finish some off.
    If Conklin is playing for Detroit, we may get a peek a one of Lamb’s shaky peers.
    Detroit is ripe for the picking and has a hard time protecting their own end.
    I see no reason Ivan should be playing tonight, other than improving his game and checking.
    I hope Lewis gets some good ice-time outside of centering the 4th.
    He was dangerous last night and may have had 2 of our best scoring opportunities.

  • Anonymous

    Two stoppable goals let in by Quick. So this is what everyone was begging for last night? Gimme a break!

  • Duckhunter

    I don’t care about about the 2nd goal Quick let by. If this was the other guy, we would be down 4 or 5 to 2. Quick is doing a good job. Our D needs to tighten up a little. We are giving Detroit way to much respect

  • jack handy

    hmmm… well the kid made a save lasuckra never would have stopped.

    if we get a point in this game, that save may be the difference.

    at the same time. we cannot be giving up 15 shots per period especially against the wings.

  • cfbuckster

    Quick is the difference so far. I agree, if this was Labs it will be 7-2 Wings at this point. Hopefully the D will tighten up, it appeared that was the case at the end of the period.

  • Paul from Oxnard

    I’m just gonna say……I want me some Kopitar ducky slippers. And yes, I’m comfortable in my manhood. If he can wear them, so can I. 😀

    Good first period. Hopefully the Kings can keep the pressure on.

  • Anonymous

    That second goal was a little soft, but Quick has looked ok.

    Good to see Lewis get his first goal. He has looked pretty good so far.

    Impressed with Frolov’s patience on the goal.

  • Anonymous

    Watching the game I’ve been saying, if Labs was playing, that one would have gone in, that one too, another one goes in. Oh, Labs would have never saved that one.

    Glad Quick is playing good. How nice is it to hear “save by Quick”.

  • Ollie

    hell of a save by quick!

  • cfbuckster

    According to my unofficial “IfLabswuzingoal Tracker”.. I have it 9-2 Wings so far with 11 minutes left in the second period.

  • Anonymous

    theres nothing quick could do, doughty made a huge mistake

  • Anonymous

    unbelievable, what a rebuttal

  • jack handy

    cfbuckster –


  • Anonymous

    Calder scored an easy doorstep goal so hes free from scoring for another 20 or so games.

  • Duckhunter

    I don’t care what happens in this game, I do not want to see LB again. If this kid can play like that, he should play every game until Iceberg comes back.

  • Brent

    After these last 4 games, I’m really ready to hurt someone.

  • Derek

    WTF. the clock hits 5:00 and we decided to take all pressure off and sit back and let the red wings score. great finish, kings.


  • cfbuckster

    In all seriousness, if this was Labs, then the Kings get blown out. Quick kept them in it until the end, that last goal was definitely questionable, but all in all he looked way better than Labs. If there is no trade in the works, then they might as well keep Quick up when Iceberg gets back, and put Labs on waivers. Just a few thoughts, disappointed in the ending, but an entertaining game nonetheless.

  • Dan H.

    Ouch 5 goals. Bring up Bernier.

  • jack handy


    we got beat by a better team today.

    i can take that a lot better than losing because of our goaltender or lack thereof.

    was Quick outstanding? no.

    he was however, better than Labs in my humble opinion.

  • NMKingsFan

    🙁 The rich get richer….
    Even the Detroit broadcasters felt sorry for the Kings at the end. They said the Wings should “count their lucky stars”
    The silver lining is you can see a great nucleus building even underneath the losses. With every loss, hopefully a lesson is learned. In this case, keep playing the way you got the lead, don’t sit back and try to defend that single goal lead.

  • -J

    Quick’s gave up a couple very stoppable goals tonight and you actually think he’s an improvement. Are you nuts?

    I get a good chuckle everytime i come on here and see talk off playoffs and point projections, without a mention of their road record. There now 3-8 on the road. 24 of the last 36 games are on the road. If you actually factor their road and home records into a projection, they project of finish around 70-75 points, far outside of the playoffs.

    This team has shown great improvement and given a nice glimpse of the future, which is certainly bright, but some of you have VERY UNREALISTIC ideas for this year’s team, from how this team will finish to what to expect from basically a first year team. Some of you (not necessarily those that posted in this thread, but in general) actually seem to think they should be as good as SJ or DET, teams that have been together for years, when in fact most of these guys and the coaching staff have only been working/playing with each other for a couple of months.

    I’d be curious to see how one of those GM/coaches/team approval polls Rich has put up previously would turn out now.

  • steve

    very sad that Kings have no goaltending. The game winner was brutal. I have never been that impressed with this guy. I understand he is a young goaltender, but his technique seems weak and he let in some very soft goals tonight. Maybe he developes in the future but I dont believe he is now ready.

    I am of the opinion that young players develope quicker when they are winning therefore if Lombardi can get a Bulin wall or someone like that with out giving up alot (which I believe is realistic) he should do it. The reason being that it is possible that none of the young goaltenders will be ready next season either. Losses like tonight are very bad for a teams confidence. Obviously this team has no confidence in their goaltending

  • Duckhunter

    Are we really going to blame the goaltender on this one? 2 of the 6 were stoppable. What about the fact Detroit had the puck for the entire 3rd period. What about the fact our defense was out of place or made mistakes on numerous occasions. What about the fact in the 3rd every time we did get the puck, instead of controlling it we would just dump it in and give it back to them. What about the fact Kopi, O’Sull and Doughty were scoreless. What about the fact, Detroit is just better than we are. I really don’t believe our goalie lost this game. I thought he played very well. Maybe I’m just comparing him JL, but I thought he played well.

  • old man

    Take the body,to much reaching.We do not play well on our heals.I thought quick did well.

  • RJB

    If La-Suckstra returns from this road trip a King I will ask Santa for LIE-WIKKI’s head..Just saying

  • RJB

    You Are correct Old Man Go Kings Go Sec 112

  • Ersberg

    I’m just happy the Kings showed they can at least keep up with Wings for a couple periods. And some people are ready to hang Quick out to dry already?? What the hell is that all about? This was his FIRST start this season, on the road, and in DETROIT!! I guess some people forgot they won the cup last year, and may very well do so again this one as well.

    I do believe the Kings need to solidify the goalie spot, though. I think starting Quick was a step in the right direction. If they start Iceman regularly, and have Quick/Bernier as backup, then this season will turn out be a very successful one indeed.

    I just don’t see Labarbs in the Kings’ future. He could possibly be a backup for a team like Vancouver or Minnesota, but not in LA.

  • RJB

    I believe we needed to trim so Red Wings tonight but it did not happen, if you need your Tree’s trimmed call Osti Tree Service..Go Kings

  • Al

    If I can toss my two cents in It would be appreciated. First of all TM really put the screws to Quick, if Lafloppa is the #1 then Quick should have started against the lesser team (Buffalo) so Lafloppa could show his #1 stuff against the top team in the NHL. They just came off of wiping out the mighty Sharks 6-0 and TM puts the kid in. What is the fascination that TM has for Lafloppa??? Quick in his first game and against a power house and guaranteed he doesn’t see shots like what he saw tonight down in the AHL. I felt he stood up pretty damn good and made saves that #1 wouldn’t and couldn’t and you certainly could see that he was as nervous as all get out, almost flubbed a pass behind or to the side of the net and Doughty wasn’t all that collected tonight either. Simmonds, Lewis, O’Sully, Fro would be the top guys tonight and then Quick, Calder, O’Donnell, it even looked like Quincy was also somewhat astray tonight. BUT, they are really getting there and they were exciting again and busted their butts, at the end of this season I don’t care where they wind up, they work hard and give their all and next season we’ll have one helluva team. We’ll get that goaltender DL won’t let us down.

  • dirt-mover

    We were right there up until the end- couple of defensive lapses and there goes the game- I love what were building towards – Offensively we play with anybody in this league no question – Heres to one of the guys taking advantage of the goalie opportunity to be the guy-Who do we think JJ plays with when he comes back?

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