Lewis up, Purcell down

Upon being recalled from Manchester this month, Teddy Purcell was given a cushy spot on the first line next to Anze Kopitar and Patrick O’Sullivan. It didn’t last long though. After three games, Oscar Moller moved up to take that spot, and after Moller left to join Sweden for the World Junior Championships, recent call-up Trevor Lewis moved into the first-line right-wing spot. Purcell slipped to a fourth-line role and didn’t play in the third period of Saturday’s loss to Detroit. In his first three games, Purcell had one goal, two assists and a plus-3 rating. In his last three, he hasn’t recorded a point and he’s minus-2. Here’s what Terry Murray said about Purcell’s development…

MURRAY: “With Teddy Purcell coming up, in his first two games I liked what he was doing. Clearly he has a lot of talent, he sees the ice very well to make plays and he can score goals. He showed that in his first couple game. I thought that in the game against the Rangers, he had a tough time and he didn’t look comfortable, so I made a change and put Moller up there with Kopitar. Now it just seems to have carried over with Lewis here. It’s kind of the same scenario. I had this conversation with Purcell just yesterday. It’s a great opportunity for him to be here, but he has to play a total and complete game in all areas. You have to play the game the right way, in all siutations. He clearly understands that, but for now he will continue to play as a center iceman in that fourth-line role.”

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  • Quisp

    Rich, you scared the **** out of me. I thought you meant down to Manchester (which I know is not possible because of the freeze and all, but still).

  • anthony

    I’ve been pretty good lately.
    But sometimes I just have to say it the way it is.
    This coach is a punisher. He also loves to demote.
    Im not sure I like that. Doesn’t that make a player complacent and indecisive. Doesn’t that force the player to hold his stick a bit tighter too..
    He plays favortism as well.

    He’s done it often.
    To Moulson, Sully, Richardson, Boyle, Frolov, and now Purcell.
    If you don’t play the style of hockey he wants, you’re doomed.
    He tried Moulsin on the top line for a few games. He’s gone. Not producing enough
    He dumped Sully for no reason on the 4th line with Peter Harrold for almost a month. Remember that stretch, in 13 games on the 4th line, Sully only mustered 1 assist. Not playing enough defense.
    HE started Brian Boyle on the 4th line with a bunch of scrubs. Never putting him in any offensive situations or the power play. Now he’s gone. Not playing tough enough.
    Richardson just doesn’t play period. He’s always been a healthy scratch. Don’t know why he gets punished.
    Now Purcell. In his first 3 games, he averaged a point a game. Then his pea brain sees something he doesn’t like so Purcell gets 4th line duties with a couple scrubs. And averages 4 minutes a game. Not playing tough enough Seems lost out there.
    He’s even punished Frolov.

    So there it goes. However, he dare not demote or punish his 3 favorite ex-flyer players. Gauthier, Handzus, and Calder. He’ll give Calder top line minutes for doing nothing. He’ll continue to play Gauthier instead of Preissing for being the worst D-Man in the NHL.

    Anything a player does that this coach doesn’t like, you’re doomed.
    Excuse me, not playing enough D. You’re dead.
    Oops, not playing tough enough. Yo’re demoted.
    Hep, not producing enough points. You’re punished.
    HO, appearing lost on the ice. 4th Line.
    Yo, being late to practice. You’re screwed.
    Hep, pissing on the toilet seat. God forgive you.
    Hmm, Screwing your wife or girlfriend doggy style instead of missionary (like us old folks like it). You’re punished.

    Screw this 90 year old.
    He’s no coach.
    He’s nothing but a bully and a punk.


    Quisp – On the transactions list there are teams making moves as of yesterday. I don’t know if it’s still active today but I haven’t seen anything saying teams can’t send down, or bring up players from their affiliates.

    I’m almost to the point of finding something else to do for the remainder of the season.
    I’ve watched every minute I can so far this year (after putting the team at ams-length for the past 2) but I’m getting sick of Murray’s foolish games.
    The team is playing well, but it’s almost worse to see that this team is capable of competing but is being hamstrung by the coach.
    I don’t doubt Murray could eventually get to the playoffs in a few years, but he’s had 2 shots at winning a Stanley Cup and failed. I see no reason to believe this guy has what it takes to win.
    It’s bloody pathetic that we have to watch Ivan and Zeiler suit up every game 2 years after the Lockout. I don’t care if you go cheap, but play your young guys. What are all the losses for if not to season the youth?

    What’s the trophy called for the team with the least shots on goal in a season?

  • Will Hutchison


    I’m not one of the Anthony haters out there. But I would like to point out to Anthony that the Kings are supposed to play how the coach tells them to play, its part of their job of as professional hockey players.

    “…not playing enough D. You’re dead.”

    That is how sports work, chappie. If you can’t defend you are done, son!

    If you can’t play tough defense you won’t play because your team can’t win with players that: can’t play defense, won’t play defense, are not capable of playing defense, or are not capable of putting in the effort it takes to play defense.

    Purcell is a good hockey player when he does not have to go to any of the tough areas of the ice. The corners, the half boards, and back-checking are not his strengths, and are areas where he appears to be frustratingly inadequate. I don’t think he is an NHLer.


    I appreciate your continued commenting in the face of insults, antagonism, and spite.
    What I most appreciate is that you say things I want to say out of anger or frustration, but won’t if I take a few seconds to chill.
    I think you’re kinds like the “Simers” of this blog, though I like you and hate Simers.
    While you may be guilty of lacking “class” in your comments at times, the people and players you go after are well-paid to deal with this stuff.
    Plus, the real “tools” and “idiots” (i’ve often seen you called this) are the one’s who have zero objectivity about what is going on and merely perpetuate the mantra that we’re guaranteed a cup because we have the greatest prospects and we’re smarter than everybody else.
    The losses frustrate the hell out of me and I feel we’re underachieving.
    Maybe if others recognized that we are underachieving they’d be ticked, too.
    Many of the same people who jump on you about your comments turn right around and say the same things about Lambs or opposing players.
    We’re all hypocrites at times, but some people can’t bear to consider themselves to be hypocritical.

    Have a Merry and Happy Holidays Anthony, and everyone else, too.
    It takes a village….hee hee.


    he has to play a total and complete game in all areas. You have to play the game the right way, in all siutations. He clearly understands that, but for now he will continue to play as a center iceman in that fourth-line role.

    I’d like for someone to apply this statement to Raitis Ivanans and John Zeiler and explain how they are fulfilling the requirements for getting any ice time.
    When you say ALL areas of the game you can’t seriously include them in the team.
    If the guy can’t cut it on the 1st line (Murray’s assessment, not mine) how is he going to be effective centering the 4th?
    This is an insult to the intelligence of Kings fans.
    He’s basically saying we don’t know anything about hockey.
    The terms “Double Standards” and “Favorites” aren’t exactly in the “Do” column when it comes to leading or parenting.
    Why am I wasting my time on this team?
    To think I actually thought about purchasing a ticket to a game.
    F that.

  • Goon Squad


    The one area where I agree with you is that certain guys have been exempt, but I don’t think it has to do with the Philly connection at all. Gauthier, Handzus, and Calder are established, veteran players. Their mistakes come from a lack of ability, not a lack of understanding or motivation. In other words, you don’t put them on the 4th line to learn how to backcheck. Those guys are here until they don’t need to be (except for Handzus).

    Guys like Boyle, Purcell, etc. are kids who have all the talent in the world but need to learn how to play the game the right way while they are still young. Every player that has been demoted to the 4th line, healthy scratched, or sent to Manchester has deserved it. Not only that, they are all better off for it. Boyle and Purcell flat out need to battle for loose pucks and force turnovers, Purcell especially. Gone are the days when a Brett Hull or Luc Robitaille could go to the open spot and wait for a pass. You have to go take it from somebody.

    Purcell should play his ass off while that roster freeze is in effect, otherwise he’ll be headed back.

  • Abe

    If you don’t play the style of hockey he wants, you’re doomed.

    Anything a player does that this coach doesn’t like, you’re doomed.
    Excuse me, not playing enough D. You’re dead.
    Oops, not playing tough enough. Yo’re demoted.
    Hep, not producing enough points. You’re punished.
    HO, appearing lost on the ice. 4th Line.
    Yo, being late to practice. You’re screwed.

    Its called the real world. If you dont perform to your boss expectations, you pay the consequences. It seems to me that Terry Murray is looking for a style of play fight in the corners, back check, fore check, play solid 2 way hockey and if players dont put in the effort to play that style, then yes Anthony, theyre doomed.

    As you said, he seems to punish OSullivan, Purcell, Frolov, Boyle and not some others. Do you know why? Because they have talent and hes trying to get the most out it. Hes trying to teach them how to be quality NHL players. Ivan & Zeilernot so much.

    Not sure why youre so obsessed with TMs age and the fact that he came from the Flyers (maybe you hate the Flyers, I dont know). All coaches, GMs, execs in every sport always bring in people with whom theyre familiar. TMs last stint was with the Flyers, hence the Flyers connection. Not sure if youre aware, but the Flyers are a perennial top-tier NHL team. You could do worse.


    Gone are the days when a Brett Hull or Luc Robitaille could go to the open spot and wait for a pass. You have to go take it from somebody.

    Just like our 4th line wingers do. They go in the corners, get the puck, push their way to the net on their own, and score tons of goals the way an NHL player should.
    Isn’t that an easy lesson?

  • Al

    Dawg EAT, I’m not picking on you honest, it’s just your statement about the “open spot on the ice”, I thought for sure you watched the Detroit game the other night, how do you think they kept control of the puck for so long??? Try passing to the open spot by keeping your head up and looking for your guy. And you don’t get doomed in Detroit for that, maybe L.A. but not Detroit.

  • BluLine77

    To say that TM doesn’t “punish” Zeiler and Ivanans wouldn’t be exactly correct. Those two haven’t sniffed the ice in the third period the last 3 or 4 games. The fact that they are even dressed in the first place is another matter. I’d like to think that Army and Richardson will get those spots when they are healthy.


    AL – That was copied from someone else’s comment. That wasn’t my opinion. Sorry for the confusion. Often people will use italics or bold to quote someone else and respond to that part of the comment.
    My response was facetious because I believe that if we had a 4th line consisting of Purcell/Boyle/Lewis we’d have a line that could do much more than our current 4th line, which plays every game despite lacking the requisite talent.
    I’ve been literally banging my head against the wall countering the arguments that our 4th line with Ivan and Zeiler on the wing is an acceptable direction for the Kings to continue with.

  • Goon Squad


    I don’t even consider Zeiler and Ivanans worth talking about anymore.

    My point is simply that Purcell cannot play the old Hull/Robitaille style and be successful in 2008. A line of Purcell/Boyle/Lewis won’t work until Boyle and Purcell learn to battle. Regardless if you call it the 1st line or the 4th line. They don’t have to hit like Brown, just learn how to battle at least as well as Frolov or O’Sullivan or Kopitar.

    The hacks aren’t going anywhere until these kids get it together.


    My face is blue Goon.
    We don’t have a dependable goalie and the season is going down the drain.
    What do we lose by playing Boyle and Purcell with the Kings all season with some real minutes and letting them learn how to do the NHL?
    We’re losing games in the 3rd anyway.
    Plus, why would Boyle want to sign another contract with this team at the end of the season? He’s going to get offers from outside and I think he’ll take them; and I see no reason the Kings would match at this point. We’re going to lose a good hockey player and still have Zeiler on the roster for 2 more years.
    Raitis and Zeiler are stand-up guys and I like having them in the organization, but they’re now being mishandled to the detriment of the team.
    At least break them up and spread out their lack of ability across lines with other talented players.

    I’m putting the team at arms length again.
    There’s too much going on in the world of sports to waste my time being “passionate” about this team.

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