Murray postgame quotes

My apologies for the delay, but for those still up (or reading in the morning, for that matter), here’s some postgame quotes from Terry Murray from the AP and the Kings’ website.


(on leading 2-0 after the first period…)
“The first period was probably our best first period of the year. We came out and responded to a disappointing game, the way we finished in Detroit and back the game before that in Buffalo. The players felt a responsibility to come out with lots of energy and they did.”

(on Jonathan Quick…)
“He is (playing) better each day out. He was better this game than he was in practice yesterday and the day before that. I thought the team played well in front of him. I thought we had good sticks. We deflected a lot of pucks and when he was called on to make a save, he was there.”

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  • paul

    its simple. with labs in goal the kings bust there butt’s then in goes the easy goal and they get deflated. with ersberg and so far quick the team has not had to deal with that soft goal. send labs to the 9 as the back up to ontario’s goalie and lets be done with this part of kings goalie history. we will call this Cloutier part 2.

  • src

    when Iceberg comes back after jan 1, put Barbie Doll on waivers. Let him back up Bernier and Quick in Man. Rotate Quick and Bernier as the nr. 2 for Iceberg the rest of the season. Iceberg is for real, not a superstar, but stabil and does not give up horrible rebounds. Make one of the kids beat him out.

    Now we need to find our version of Phil Kessel in the next draft.


    Where’s Big Al?
    He said Quick would shine and, at least for this night, he’s got the spotlight.
    It wasn’t easy to wrestle it from Harrold who was a Monster.
    Someone else said it, and I second it. If we can get his family to every game we’re Cup contenders.
    Great game by the two Stars of the night in my mind.
    Prince Harry and Quicklee.

  • Will Hutchison

    No apologies needed, as always, great reporting. Thanks, Rich

  • deadcatbounce


    Merry Christmas and a very happy new year. I’m sure I speak for all posters when I say that I appreciate all you do for us. Going to be away for a couple of weeks, so I hope that the Kings are still battling by the time I get back in mid-January. Again, merry Christmas and happy new year to you and everybody!

  • mrbrett7

    No kidding ETR…I forgot Harrold’s family was at the game.

    I was trying to figure out why he was playing with Kopitar and Sully in those last few minutes, and I was just thinking Murray wanted more of a defensive pressense over Lewis (who is playing quite well…glad to see his marked improvement).

    But the fact he scored, and a sweet goal at that, in front of his family? That’s just awesome!

  • Al

    Merry Christmas EAT – my opinion on Quick last night is, I thought he may have been a little behind the curve on a couple of plays but that is where the reflexes take over and the (no pun intended) quickness of an NHL goaltender and we have seen it in all three of the youngsters. I’m not kidding when I say this but DL and the staff are going to have a real tuff time in the very near future because for the first time in this clubs history they have four goaltenders who are/will be capable to play for them and make it hard on the coach, whoever he may be. What a great position to be in. I would suggest keeping an eye on the progression of Zatoff, he is no fluke. Quick’s next big test will be if he gets to play against Phoenix. Again Merry Christmas Rich Hammond and to all the gals and guys who come to the best blog in the NHL.

  • mrbrett7

    I agree Al.

    Bernier is relying too much on his talent right now, and that is getting him into trouble (according to reports). He just needs to adjust more to the speed.

    Quick, is well, quick. Kid has some serious reflexes.

    Zatkoff, to me, was always impressive in the prospect camps, but, couldn’t control a rebound. It seems he has been learning a little.

    Ersberg may end up being the odd man out, but in the meantime, he’s a solid option.

  • Roger

    Merry Christmas Rich, Thank you for making this blog possible for us King fans. It has been a fun and exciting year. And lets hope this can continue next year. A great game.


  • Hockey Jesus

    Think about it this way. Next year at camp it could look something like this in no particular order.


    What a great problem to have. It’s like when Buffalo had their goalie log jam with Miller, Biron, and Noronen.



    Before the season THN had Zatkoff and Teubert as player to watch for in the coming years.
    It would be like a fairy tale come true for LA to have a logjam in net.
    I’m going to go with Al on his evaluation of the boys cuz he sounds like he knows what he’s talking about.
    It’s just hard to believe as a Kings fan that we may bring up some decent goaltenders.
    I have to credit Lombardi for sticking with it if it all works out, and maybe even Taylor found a decent guy or two in the draft: Huet and Quick.
    I no longer feel like I’m betraying Taylor when I credit Lombardi.
    What a turnaround.

    Happy Holidays, everyone.