Postgame player quotes


(on his defensive support…)
“Our penalty kill and our defense played excellent all game long. They limited their chances. They cleared rebounds, they picked up sticks in front. They took care of most of the work for me so it made it a bit easier.”

(on playing with a lead…)
“It always helps to be playing with the lead, whether you’re at home or on the road. We got out there early and put one in. We played well behind it and we were able to carry it out for the whole 60 minutes.”


(on Jonathan Quick…)
“(Quick) played great. He’s really athletic and probably the most impressive thing about him is he’s really calm. He doesn’t overreact.”

(on the game plan…)
“We know they’ve got a big team and some guys who can cycle the puck, so we wanted to play in their end as much as we could. That first period we really established our play in their end and got some shots and a couple of goals. Anytime you do that, it doesn’t matter what team you’re playing it’s going to help you throughout the rest of the game.”


(on the victory…)
“We played a bad game against Buffalo and we fought hard and lost in Detroit. We came out hard tonight and overall, we took it to them.”

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  • Scott

    Great game. Great resolve by the guys, tonight.

    Congrats to Quick for the shutout, but excuse me for remaining skeptical. Dean should still look around for a goalie. If tonight was a harbinger of good things to come from Quick and Ersberg, bringing someone else in who’s played well this year is a good problem to have.

    Craig Anderson (if not Vokoun), Dany Sabourin, Brian Boucher, and Jonas Hiller come to mind. Scott Clemmensen and Joey MacDonald would be ideal as well, but are currently being relied upon.

  • ollie

    well done, we’ve shown our skaters can hang with the best of ’em, we’ve bounced back from tough loss and shown we can put that behind us, with a little netminding this team really could find itself in the playoffs..

    my christmas wish is that we build off this victory tonight and between ersberg and quick we can get a little winning streak going over the next week or so

    i don’t see why we can’t steal a couple form phoenix then take on columbus at home again

    go kings

  • jediknight329

    this was an important win for us tonight. we needed it coming back home for x-mas. yes it was c-bus, but a win is a win. this win put us right back in the playoff fold. it also settled the team down. they had played some good hockey and lost and played some brutal hockey and got trounced. if we can keep up this kind of play, we should take care of phx (twice) and c-bus again. a four-game winning streak would be quite nice going into 09.

  • anthony

    I have to give credit to TM for coming back with Quick after that tough loss to Detroit.
    I know it must have been tempting to go back to Barbie, but he’s beginning to figure out that the team plays more boldly with a goalie that doesn’t allow so many soft goals.

    I love watching Kopitar and Sully play together.
    They seem so comfortable out there in any situation. Even strength, power play, penalty kill, it doesn’t matter.

    This organization is very lucky to have Kopitar on its team. I see something very special in this player.
    Thank you Dave Taylor.

  • nykingfan

    Merry Christmas to ALL my fellow Kings fans.
    As usual…thanks Rich for your outstanding work keeping us informed and allowing us to vent about OUR team.

    Outstanding game last night. They played a full 60 minutes of hockey and derserved the points and the shutout.
    Congrats to Quick and to Harrold. It was nice to see Harrold score in front of his family.
    It was also great to se the 4th line chip in with a big goal early. I have to say I was extrememly impressed with Purcell’s play last night. I was down on him a little, but he skated hard all night. It was beautiful to see. Hopefully he does that every night. It doesn’t matter that he’s playing with Ivanans…it’s the effort that he gave that was great to see.

    Jediknight…I was thinking along the same lines that it was against Columbus, but that’s a team that is right there with us battling for the playoffs. They had to be thinking it was an easy 2 points for them, especially at home…not anymore…this isn’t your fathers Kings team. LOL
    I can’t say enough about the whole team and the effort that they brought to this game. It makes no sense mentioning the guys who had good games because every single one of them played great.
    I do have one question: Did anyone notice that towards the end of the 3rd period, Harrold was moved up to the Kopitar line? Was this because his family was there, or did something happen to Lewis? I thought Lewis played well, so I wouldn’t think it was for poor play.

    Let’s hope that they continue to play this way. Big games coming up against the Coyotes.

  • Aloysius

    Any idea of they might send LaBarbera down to the AHL an keep Ersberg and Quick up in the NHL?

  • JS

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Great game last night. Nice to see the guys bounce back.

    Nykingfan: Did anyone notice that towards the end of the 3rd period, Harrold was moved up to the Kopitar line? Was this because his family was there, or did something happen to Lewis? I thought Lewis played well, so I wouldn’t think it was for poor play.

    I think we’ll be seeing more of this if Harrold stays on the fourth line. I also thought Lewis played well and it’s nice to see him find a niche on this team. But with our struggles holding leads towards the end of games, why not put an extra d-man out there to help hold it down in the 3rd period. It might be an experiment at this point, but I don’t particularly see this as hurting us, expecially in our own zone.

  • Milton Waddams

    I have to say that I really liked seeing Harrold in there instead of Zeiler. That made for a much better & useable 4th line and a much more balanced lineup. Hell even Ivanans scored last night. It was pretty encouraging. Now if we can just get Dean Lombardi to send down LaBarbera and Zeiler, keep Quick up, I think we’d be in a serious position to nail down a playoff spot.

  • mrbrett7

    Actually Anthony, yes, thank you Dave Taylor, but we should also thank the other 11 idiots who passed on him solely because he was Slovenian (I think it was 12).


    Great game. Thats what i like to see.
    The speech O’Sullivan gave at the first intermission was awesome. O’Sullivan is great.
    Thats what we need to hear.

  • number 6

    Hi you guys. Merry Christmas to you all. You know I live in ny (as NYKingfan knows) but I just arrived in LA for the holidays. The only two games I’ve seen them play (on TV) were against the Rangers (ny feed) and last night. I really agree with all of you. I’ve been skeptical of this team for so long, but they really showed me something. They clearly outplayed the Rangers and I thought they looked exceptional last night. Even if it was against C-bus, the Jackets had won 5 in a row at home. So, nice to see. Now I see where, even in games that the results haven’t been there, you guys on the blog have said that they’ve played well. What I’m seeing is a much crisper breakout and better overall decision making. Nice. If anyone wants to add anything to that I’m always open to learn more about what has been going on these last few months.
    Oh, and Doughty clearly is a special player. So poised out there. Like probably everyone else I was disappointed to not get a chance to get Stamkos, but not anymore.

    BTW re: prior post and Kopitar, no it was 10 teams that passed on him. He was the eleventh player picked that year…. and I too love watching Kopi and POS play together.

  • nykingfan

    That makes sense JS…I’m just happy it wasn’t injury related. I like what I’ve seen so far from him.


    What about Sully? Shouldn’t we be thanking someone else for him?
    cmon man, its Christmas Eve…throw DL some love.

    Another quick thought about Kyle Calder…He’s been bashed a lot here, but he’s been playing real good hockey as of late. I like that line with him, Stoll, and Brown. It’s a real grinders line. They cycle down low as well as anyone. Calder has been a force out there.
    It’s only right that if we bash the guy for lousy play, we praise him for good play.

  • Dan H.

    The whole team played well last night. Once Ersberg gets back and Quick is in Manchester, Ersberg and Labs can split the games and get some good work in.

    Hopefully the team can give them both the support they gave Quick tonight.

    It would be nice to get the offense going a little better. Expecting any goalie to let in 2 or less goals nightly to win a game is a sure fire way to lose. The defense is MARKEDLY improved this year. Great job to TM on that one but he needs to balance some scoring too. Putting Sully and Kopi together is a great start although it should have been done months ago.

    I like the growth of this team. They weren’t realistically going to make the playoffs this year and they’re fighting nightly…well almost all nights. Next year is the year they push for the playoffs and stride towards becoming a top team. Whatever happens this year is gravy.

    They better not trade any prospects or picks for a damned goalie. We have 5 in the system that are servicable and 3 of those have potential to be a bonafide #1 in time. Ride the program boys.

  • mrbrett7

    Thanks Number6…I was one off.

    NYKings fan…you are absolutely spot on regarding Calder. I wish he had more finish, but his work along the boards both in the offensive zone and making sure the puck gets out of the defensive zone has been great. His work on the cycle down low behind the opposing net in the offensive zone has been stellar, and he a long with Stoll and Brown seem to play well together (meanwhile, Brown takes ALL the shots…only kidding).

  • Cynic

    With TM making the right choice playing Quick yesterday, the front office should follow by sending JLB to Manchester and NOT Quick. With Ersberg as the #1 and Quick as the backup, you get a (IMHO) close to proven and CALM #1 in net that gives you a chance every night and a Young ‘Athletic’ Goalie who is learning to be more positionally sound, watching a #1 who is just that.

    I believe JLB needs to be out of the picture for the full effect of this. I’d MUCH rather go with a positionally sound, confident #1 and a young backup that can learn from him than a #1 with weak confidence and positioning for Quick to learn from.

  • Al

    Dan H. I can’t believe you don’t believe what your eyes are seeing in Labarbra…. One more time…. He is not a NHL goaltender, I don’t care if he was playing for Detroit, if any one gets sent down it should be him and keep Iceberg and Quick… man how many games does a team have to lose because of slop before you understand that it takes more then being a nice guy, big and wide to be a goaltender. His lateral movement is no where near that of the other 3 kids, he has no, nada, zero for a glove, rebounds galore, sorry he is a AHLer at the very best.

  • mrbrett7

    Completely agree Al. Love his attitude, it’s too bad that can’t translate onto the ice. On another board, I’ve been saying LaBarbara isn’t an NHL goaltender, or a backup at best for 3 years.

  • Al

    Also, trust me on this…. a goaltender KNOWS when he is playing bad and he knows his days are numbered unless Quick disappears against Phoenix, but I doubt that very much. As TM said each outing, practice and games he has gotten more and more comfortable. You could really see it last night, he was no where as nervous as he was the night against Detroit. We have four top prospects that will become NHL starters, Ersberg (already) Quick, Bernier and Zatoff (this is the kid to watch).

  • anthony

    I’m with you Al,
    Ever since that stick to the ribs by Ryan Smyth incident, Barbie has not been the same.
    I’ve never see him steal a game yet. NOT ONCE.

    To be a competing team, you need a goalie who can win games on his own.

    I like our prospects. And I agree that Zatkoff is the one to watch. From what I hear, he’s the closest thing to a human wall. He’s huge, athletic, strong glove, and moves well laterally. If he works on his rebound control, he’ll be a star in the league.

  • Ryan

    Let me be the first person to congratulate Teddy Purcell on an unbelievable game albeit on the 4th line last evening. He played hard every shift and was responsible on the back side of the puck while causing turnovers in the other end.
    If he is supposed to be learning, I think he showed that he is.
    He deserves more time and responsibility on this team. A shame the teams offense is hurting, not from a lack of ability on LA’s players though.

  • Just got back to NY from flying out to Columbus yesterday, quick thoughts:

    – I think there were only 3 people wearing purple & black (kudos to the dude rocking the yellow and gold unis)
    – Nationwide Arena has great sight lines and is a real nice arena, right up there with Atlanta
    – The funniest moment of the night and loudest the crowd got was after the disallowed BJ goal in the 3rd…after the replay officials confirmed it was no-goal, the crowd chanted “Toronto sucks”…a reference of course to where the NHL’s replay headquarter are. I love smart taunting. The BJ’s had apparently gotten robbed two nights before by the replay guys and had an OT goal taken away
    – I’m glad I don’t live in Columbus

  • jet

    Rich – compare the last 3 threads to any from the past two months and you will easily see the difference with the tone of the posts. Unfortunately, this is really the only playground for the believers to gather and many of us no longer feel welcome. Please maintain the last outpost for the longer term fans.

    Also, please post my apology to Christobal/Eat the Rich, even if you do not agree with the purpose of the original message. Thank you


    nykingfan –

    I don’t know if I’m correct, but I thought Lewis looked a bit gassed in the 3rd, so Harrold on the 1st may just have been to get someone with legs up there to finish the game.
    Harrold was fantastic, though, so maybe Murray just wanted to get him on as much as possible, with his family there and all.
    We have to remember that the kids coming up from Manch. are going to have to get used to the pace and demands of the NHL over the AHL.
    It’s much more demanding and it takes a while to get up to speed.
    Calder has been getting a lot of credit lately and does look to be perfectly suited to grind. I’m in no hurry to see Calder traded at the deadline.
    If we make the playoffs I hope he gets resigned and rewarded for playing with fire.
    I’d like to give some props to Gauthier.
    He takes a lot of heat for some of his mistakes, but I love how he enjoys punishing forwards and I think his “glove hand” is under-rated. He’s always using that thing to clear the zone or the front of the net.
    My only worry from last night’s game is that Doughty has been making some bad decisions lately.
    Is he pressing and trying to do too much.
    He took a couple penalties and the 2nd wasn’t good timing.
    I fully expect him to settle again, and boy is he a great player.
    I think Lombardi had his name in mind the entire time before the draft.

    Joyeux Noelle.

  • anthony


    If Calder isn’t traded, he’ll walk away and the team won’t get anything for him.
    Granted I don’t think he’ll fetch much in return, but he’s worth at least a late round draft pick.

    I don’t think DL will offer Calder a contract next season. With players like Lewis, Meckler, Holloway, Bolye, Purcell, Parce, just itching for a regular roster spot, Calder and Armstrong are the odd men out.

    Either trade them or lose them, right.


    I hope you don’t mind me posting this.

    Jet – No need to apologize to me. I don’t think you and I were the only one Rich was addressing. We who are guilty need to apologize to Rich for wasting his time. He doesn’t want that stuff on his site, and I will do my best to respect that and the site will be better for it.
    Sometimes the wrong comments are going to make it through and we need to be responsible for ourselves and not respond.
    If you have any interest in talking about the Kings or personalities with me outside of this site, there’s –

    Happy Holidays to you, Jet, and everyone.
    Thanks for putting up with me and for being here to talk Kings.



    I’m hoping we get a Calder grind line before the end of the season and if we do, I’d love to have Calder back to play that role for a few years if he maintains this level.
    Of course he’s way overpaid, but if he’s willing to come back for $1 million a year, kind of like Drake and Maltby did for Detroit, I see no reason why we wouldn’t retain him.
    There should be some interest at the deadline from some contenders because he’s proving he can contribute, even if he’s not scoring in bucketloads.
    On the other hand, Lombardi seems to be effective at finding well rounded guys and Simmonds is only 19 and just as effective as Calder.
    So I could see him being expendable, I just like his effort and think a good grind-line is a great asset and can help win championships.

    BTW Anthony.
    You seriously crack me the hell up sometimes and I felt your frustration at not being able to watch the game as we were all commenting on it.
    Have a great and safe Holidays.


    Nhl Network currently showing Kings vs. Rangers from ’91 w/ Hrudey and a Helmet Cam.
    Just Awesome.
    Hrudey was So friggin Awesome.

  • mrbrett7

    ETR…I too think Gauthier gets a bad rap.

    He is a 6th/7th d-man, and that is what he was brought here to do. He wasn’t overpaid by the Kings, he was overpaid by the last team to sign him (Calgary?). Anyway…for his role, he is fine. Once Jack Johnson returns, they have a decision to make, and one I don’t mind them having to make. It’s one all should hope they have to make…who plays.

    The player most likely traded has to be Preissing, but with that albatross of a contract, who knows.



    You’re right about that albatross.
    Maybe it’ll turn out to be good for us because Pricey is fully capable of serviceable play in cases of injury.
    Come on, brett, start thinking playoffs. It’s ok to believe…
    If Pricey stays, and we make the playoffs with no movement of players, we might surprise some people and Pricey may at some point be needed.
    He’s not a bad little player, but he’s never developed anything that makes him so valuable.
    We’re not pressed for money, though…
    Well, at least the Kings aren’t.

    Cheers and Happy Holidays.