FINAL: Phoenix 2, Kings 1

Tonight’s game stared at 7:30 p.m. Pacific time. For the Coyotes, at least. The Kings showed up at the start of the third period, at which point they already trailed 2-0. They made a good show of it in the third period, and Jonathan Quick helped keep them alive with 24 saves, but it wasn’t enough. Peter Harrold’s power-play goal, his second goal in as many games, made it 2-1 with just over 11 minutes to play, but the Kings couldn’t tie it.

Harrold’s goal came with him on the ice as a defenseman. His shot from the point beat Ilya Bryzgalov, with Anze Kopitar and Patrick O’Sullivan getting assists, and Dustin Brown getting an unofficial assist for providing a screen in front. The Kings had an outstanding chance to tie the game in the final 30 seconds, with Bryzgalov out of position, but Kopitar couldn’t make solid contact with the puck in front of the net.

Phoenix outshot the Kings 26-25. The Kings totaled 11 shots in the third period and a combined 14 in the first two periods. The Kings went 1 for 3 on the power play while the Coyotes went 1 for 4. Peter Mueller scored a first-period goal and Shane Doan scored a second-period goal.

Tom Preissing didn’t have a shift in the third period, presumably by coach’s choice and not because of an injury…

Quotes and notes to follow soon…

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  • anthony

    This hurts.
    I mean it really hurts.
    I hate losing to a team thats not better than us.
    Too bad we only showed up for one period.

    By looking at all the coyotes players, they’re the closest thing to a girl team. Bunch of pretty players.
    I think I’m gonna puke here.

  • neil

    Where was Kopitar tonight????

  • Duckhunter

    Some of you were upset after the SJ or Detroit game. I didn’t have a problem with those games because we played better teams, and we just came up short after good solid games. This game gets under my skin a little. How do we let the Coyotes make us look foolish for 2/3rds of the game. There is no excuse for this effort. We played terrible. Quick on the other hand was outstanding. Very proud or his performance. These are the games you look back on and think what the hell? Hope there’s a better effort tomorrow.

  • Old School

    Rich Hammond, I’d like your take on this:

    Everybody seems to want the Kings to add a goalie.

    My theory is – maybe they need to add a top-flight goal scorer instead? That might take some of the pressure off Kopitar and Brown and O’Sullivan and Frolov. Wouldn’t a bona-fide goal-scorer be a better acquisition for this group? Especially if you are required to give up a top prospect and a high draft pick (as rumored in the Khabibulin proposed swap).

    Part 2 – Are any scorers going to be available before the trading deadline?

    What is your view, Rich?

  • Rich Hammond

    I’m not certain where this “top prospect and high draft pick” stuff came from on Khabibulin, because frankly it’s not accurate. The talks, at least the serious ones, involved a third team. I tend to agree with you, that adding a top-flight forward would be the next step in the development process, but there aren’t a lot of those hanging around. Gaborik is out there, but comes with certain risks. I’ll be curious to see if Atlanta holds firm on not trading Kovalchuk. When the trade deadline gets closer, GMs will start showing their hands more.

  • Hockey Jesus

    What about Havlat? He’s a free agent at seasons end. Hawks don’t need him for scoring so much since they have Kane, Towes, Sharp.

  • Moondoggie

    This sucked…pure, plain & simple.

  • Nick

    I enjoy the departure from horribly injury prone forwards like Havlat. No more Demitras or Allisons (or Gaboriks or Havlats) please.

  • Summing up, disagreeing with this thought to any degree might be censorship, and is usual for you and your misdefined 19th-century agenda.