World Juniors update

Sweden beat Finland, 3-1. Oscar Moller had a penalty-shot attempt but didn’t score and didn’t record a point in the game. He had five shots on goal and a minus-1 rating.

Canada beat the Czech Republic 8-1, after a first period that was scoreless until Canada scored in the final minute. Neither Thomas Hickey nor Colten Teubert recorded a point. John Tavares (oops, typo) scored Canada’s first two goals.

All of the Kings’ prospects next play again on Sunday.

I’ll get the game thread for tonight’s game going in a few minutes here…

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  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe you wrote “Taveras”, Rich ;D

  • Big Rob in Dallas

    I posted this in a previous section and then I saw this so perhaps this is better place so I’ll repost my comments here: Sorry Rich for the Dup.

    Hey, I just now finished watching Canada vs Czech and lets keep losing and get this John Tavares guy. That guy has some scoring touch. This was my 1st time to see him. Texas is not big on showing the Canadian junior leagues on TV for some reason? We are fine on D once our prospects season a little longer, we just need some more offense and of course goaltending.

    PS. I was down to 5% of disk space and the Kings game looming so I had to power thru the USA/Germany game on my Tivo. Were we that much better or did Germany just suck?

  • This is truly epic šŸ˜€ Thanks for putting this out there!