Meet Jonathan Quick

For those who might not know a lot about Jonathan Quick, he’s a 22-year-old Connecticut native who was drafted by the Kings in the third round (72nd overall) in 2005 and played two seasons at UMass-Amherst before he turned pro. Quick spent the 2007-08 season at three levels, as he played 38 games for Reading in the ECHL, 19 games for Manchester in the AHL and three games for the Kings. As you might have read in the Dean Lombardi interview, it was something of a challenging first pro season for Quick, who had to deal with a couple off-ice issues in Reading.

This season, Quick had a 6-5-2 record, a 2.68 goals-against average and a .919 save percentage with Manchester before the Kings recalled him. With the Kings, he has two shutouts in five starts and has allowed eight goals in five games (13 periods) overall.

Here’s a fairly lengthy interview with Quick, done after today’s practice…


Question: You chose to go to college (UMass) over junior hockey. Why was that?

QUICK: “Where I grew up, there were a bunch of colleges in the area, being from New England. I always kind of wanted to go the college route. I had a good opportunity at UMass-Amherst, so I just tried to take advantage of that.”

Question: Dean Lombardi talked about your dad, and how he supports you but tells you to appreciate what you have…

QUICK: “Yeah, absolutely. You have to appreciate what you’re given. I’m in a situation that not a lot of people get to enjoy, so I’ve got to enjoy every day and try to take advantage of it.”

Question: Watching last night’s game, it seemed that you had to work a bit for that shutout. Is that how it was?

QUICK: “Well, the team did a great job in front of me. I think we had four or five PKs there in the third, and that PK unit was great. They allowed me to see the shots, and the ones I couldn’t see, they were blocking. We had some good backchecks. Kopitar had one of the backchecks of the night, when he went down and blocked a 2-on-1 through the slot. So I got a lot of help and it was just good to get a win there.”

Question: Coming out of college, did you have a plan in mind for yourself, as for how you wanted things to go?

QUICK: “I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to play hockey, so that’s why I ended up leaving school early and trying to pursue that.”

Question: The detour to the East Coast league, was that a little unexpected? What did you get out of that?

QUICK: “I learned a lot. I played a lot of games down there. I saw a lot of pucks and kind of got an understanding for the professional level, being my first time in the professional ranks. Maybe I wasn’t too happy to go down there at first, but looking back on it, I learned a lot down there and I think it helped my game.”

Question: Ron Hextall went down there and talked to you a bit about practice habits, is that right?

QUICK: “Yeah, that’s something that the organization instills with the whole team, from L.A. down to Manchester and Ontario. You’ve got to give them what they’re asking for. It’s not too much, what they’re asking for.”

Question: You mentioned not being happy about going to the ECHL. Other than the obvious of not being in the NHL, did you just not expect to be at that level then?

QUICK: “Well, you come in hoping for the best. You try to work at that. They had a good crop of goalies at the time, and they still do in this organization. It was kind of a lesson learned, that you have to fight for everything, every inch.”

Question: Was there anything in particular that helped get you through that? Just working through it?

QUICK: “Yeah, you just kind of have to work through it, put your time in. You prove yourself at that level and then you try to work yourself up.”

Question: Has playing in the NHL been what you expected so far? Has anything particularly surprised you?

QUICK: “You get a taste of it at camp, so you have a little bit of an understanding of what’s going on. I wouldn’t say there’s too many surprises. It’s just a lot of hard work.”

Question: Getting a taste of it last year, did that help calm the nerves a little bit?

QUICK: “Yeah, it made it a little bit easier. You’ve already been through it a little bit, so it makes it a bit easier coming in, when you get called up. You’ve just got to try to take what they give you.”

Question: The fact that they’re looking for a goalie here, for a long-term answer, how much motivation is that for you, to know that you’re in that mix?

QUICK: “No matter what the situation is, to be part of something like this, that should be enough motivation. Not even looking at any of the other factors. They’ve got a couple of great goalies here, in Jason and Erik, so that makes it a little more competitive and I think it brings the best out in some people.”

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  • JDM

    Haven’t read the Quick interview yet, so sorry to hijack the thread so early, but can we please draft Jordan Schroeder (sp?)?

    This kid is incredible and looks like a game breaker. Anyone else watching this USA game?

    Also I saw that Canada won 15-0 but haven’t watched the game yet. Anyone know if Tuebert or Hickey got any points?

  • dmh012

    Tuebert 0 pts and -1 through 2 games
    Hickey 2 pts and -1 through 2 games

    Not good to see these two as the only team Canada players with a minus rating. I mean really they won a game 15 – 0 and are still -1 hard to believe.

    Moller has an assist so far in the Sweden game.

  • JDM

    I could have sworn Hickey was on the ice for an even strength goal against CZE. And wasn’t that game 8-1? So Hickey and Tuebert were on the ice for the only goal against in the tournament, but either haven’t been on the ice for any goals, or were only on the ice for power play goals, which I have to imagine many of those were. I know in the CZE game many goals were on the PP.

    Got a link to the IIHF stats?

    Also, the Pred are really lucky to have both Colin Wilson and Jon Blum, these two are studs.

  • Brent

    TEUBERT is how it is spelled. Stats are totally misleading in this case. The minus one was received when Dustin Tokarski gave the puck away on the play from behind the net and the subsequent long rebound was put home.

    There were 8 PPG for Canada in that 15-0 victory. Some of the D was +6 and +5, but it wasn’t our boys.

    USA didn’t look too impressive versus Czech Republic. We’ll see what happens when they play Canada… They’d better muster a better effort then.

  • dtownmbrown

    I agree we need to try and get Schroeder if at all possible.

  • Arron


    Where did you get those stats?

    Hickey and Teubert are being used as the top shut down defensive tandem, meaning they will go up against each teams top line. Thats a big responsiblity so I don’t think that +/- will be an indicator of their play what so ever. Pierre Maguire has been giving these two kids HUGE praise thus far!

    In todays game the Canadians spent a lot of time on the powerplay and since Teubert does not play the powerplay he did not get a lot of ice time and Hickey was amazing, he only got two points but was directly responsible for two other goals.

  • Saevel

    Good interview, but I think saying the Kings have a “great goalie” in LaBarbera makes him come off as a little stupid..

  • Quisp

    Saevel –

    What’s he gonna say? “Whew! That guy sure sucks, don’t he?”



    Whoever said Team USA didn’t play well must be canadian. I was highly impressed with all 4 lines. Hoeffell is going to be a hell of a player, and Schroeder already is. Very impressed by many of their players, especially the big guys with soft hands. The NHL has a ton of talent coming, which may spell the doom of the Calders of this world. There’s a number of these guys I wish were Kings.
    Why aren’t they Dean?
    I think we’ve got as good a shot as anyone at gold.

  • JDM


    I’ve been very confused.

    I really want one of our guys to win a gold, but there is something inherently wrong not rooting for USA. I feel like a traitor.

    The King in me is battling the American in me… I’m not sure which I am first and foremost…

    Canada does look absolutely dominant though. I can’t wait to see them play Russia/Sweden/USA. I definately think the USA team has a decent chance at gold and a really good shot at a medal, though I haven’t seen Russia or Sweden play yet. Canada doesn’t seem to have any weaknesses. That Ellis kid is also really incredible. With Doughty, Hickey and Johnson I don’t think we have a use for him though. Evander Kane looks OK and probably has a better shot of falling outside the top 10 picks.

    I must say its really fun to watch all these kids. Their level of play is much higher than I imagined it could be. Lots of speed in the game. They look like pros out there. Its great to get a glimpse of all the talent from the last draft as well the guys upcoming in this draft. It’s gonna make the next draft day all the more exciting, regardless of where the Kings end up.

    BTW, anyone know if that kid Magnus Svensson-Paajarvi playing in this tournament? I’d love to see him.

  • Brent

    JDM: I’m the one who said that USA didn’t play well and I’m 100% American. Thomas McCollum didn’t play that well and handled the puck poorly – giving it away time after time. The passing and team play and team defense were noticeably worse than what I saw from Canada earlier in the tournament.

    I want to say that the USA has a chance, but they’ll have to play better than they did today. Not saying they don’t have a chance, but they aren’t the TEAM that Canada is putting on the ice at the moment.

    I’ve watched both Canadian and USA games thus far. The Canadians are the ones to beat thus far. Maybe USA will get their act together soon. USA is a one line team at the moment… that will have to change.


    I made my comment before watching the rest of the 3rd period, but I stand by what I said (except that brent must be canadian) about the overall performance. There were a few times when the US was scrambling, but over all they were controlled and controlling the game.
    I think the Czech team played a lot better against us than they did Canada. I haven’t seen any of the buildup games before the weekend, but the Czechs looked mentally beaten and, I thought, gave up. In the Czech/USA game, they were digging deep rather than giving up the ghost. For the Czechs, it was either start playing, or go home. I don’t know if they’re mathematically alive for the next round, but at least they have something to build on by coming back and threatening in that game.
    I liked that Czech d-man Gulas (or something close – #3).
    USA, its true, were guilty of thinking the game was over, and that’s definitely something that needs to be addressed.
    The game was especially great to watch as I just saw Miracle for the first time last night. I’d love to see that pride and belief Brooks gave us as the foundation for our National program. I think we belong on the same ice with all these great hockey nations.


    JDM – I hope you don’t mind, I quoted you on my blog.

    I also wrote more about the game and the tournament if anyone wants to read it, or comment.
    I also have to say, it’s a shame these tournaments haven’t been covered this well in the past. Maybe we wouldn’t be struggling as much in the non-hockey NHL markets if Hockey got a little more respect.
    We’re truly the Rodney Dangerfield of the sports world.
    Good Greif.

  • JDM

    Quote me anytime EAT.

    The USA may not be the best team at the tournament. Canada is no doubt the most complete team, but I still want Schroeder.

    I’m falling in man love with this kid. What is he, 17? I love that how he finds open ice in the slot. That’s the kind of player we need, someone who really has a nose for taking the puck to the middle from the perimeter.

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