Practice update

— Jonathan Quick will be back in goal tomorrow. I’ll have much more on the later, but the short answer is that Quick’s “emergency” status can easily be changed via paperwork. In talking to Lombardi and Murray today, they seem very inclined to let Quick keep going.

— Erik Ersberg completed a full practice without incident and said he feels 100 percent, so the Kings will have to do something with the roster between Monday and Saturday.

— Jack Johnson is becoming more involved in practice but still isn’t cleared for contact. That could happen on Jan. 10.

— Sean O’Donnell missed practice to tend to some nagging injuries but is expected to play tomorrow.

— No lineup changes expected tomorrow.

I have a ton of quotes, and quite a bit of stuff on Quick, so I’ll be posting stuff throughout the late afternoon and evening.

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  • Anonymous

    I have a feeling if they are gonna keep quick up then the kings may carry 3 goaltenders because bab is on a 1 way deal right?

  • Kevin

    See ya later LaBarbera

  • Quisp

    “between Monday and Saturday”. I have marked my calendar.

  • anthony

    Quick starting again and Ersberg returning at 100%, I believe we’ve seen the last of Barbie.
    I mean whats the use of keeping him.

  • Aloysius

    I can feel LaBarbera’s job slipping though his fingers, I wonder if he feels the same way.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t be surprised to see both Labs & Priessing waived next week.

  • Deano Lombardo

    Metallica and Manchester go hand in hand.

  • Mike

    Remind us, Rich, what exactly are the Kings options on LaB? Manchester? Waivers? Trade? Bomb in the car?

  • anthony

    If we can package up Barbie, Gauthier, and Calder in exchange for a 7th round pick – I’d be stoked.
    Hell, I’d settle for future considerations and never call the other team back.

  • Moondoggie

    I believe Anonymous is right, we’ve probably seen the last of Lababs & Priessing. My guess is that DL will “risk” loosing both in waivers this week, then send them both down. I don’t see either being released, I think the Kings would then be responsible for their contracts. My guess is that Zatkoff would then be returned to Ontario (too bad).

    Unfortunate situation for both but having Ersberg & Quick as the No. 1 +2’s puts a smile on my face. I think Ersberg is in the final year of his contract. It might be a good idea to start considering locking him up long term, at least 3 years anyway. I wouldn’t let him slip away…..


    Another great tidbit Quisp. Thanks.

    Rich, do you have any sense of when our RFA pending guys are going to be resigned soon, or if DL is working on any of those contracts?

  • KingFan4ever

    Easy equation: Lababs out. Quickie in.

  • Quisp

    re 3 goalies:

    well, they could keep three goalies on the active roster, scratching one, but DL would have to send someone down in order to do that, either someone who is waiver-exempt (e.g. Lewis, Purcell) or someone who isn’t (e.g. Zeiler, Preissing).

  • anthony

    whats the limit on a roster.
    And why can’t we keep both Purcell and Lewic.

    I completely agree.
    Its time to consider signing Ersberg to a long term contract.
    Otherwise you lose him and get nothing in return.
    He’s proven himself thus far. If not as #1, but definitely backup. But I think #1.



    I think it’s time to start sending down some of our one way guys (i.e. Zeils, Pricey, and Lambs). If they’re claimed, so be it. It’ll free up more money and allow us to resign guys like JJ, Boyle, Bergie, and whoever else we’re going forward with. I think it’d be a good time to try and extend Calder at a much lower price, as well.
    I may be in the minority, but I wouldn’t mind Goaty being around next season for more depth. I’m sure he’d stay for a lower price.
    Sooner or later I’d imagine some of our good prospects will be dealt in an attempt to increase pure quality. Along with having a good farm system comes the dilemma of deciding which will stay, and which will bring more quality through trades. Most elite teams become feeder teams for the league, often trading promising young players for veteran elites and playoff performers – Edmonton, Detroit, St. Louis, and other teams have played this game, though sometimes it backfires.
    Unfortunately, when the system is so deep, there’s not enough room to go around. Not that we’re at that stage yet, but at times we’ll need to perhaps move our prospects in order to improve. It could be argued that Cammo and Lubo were a couple of the first victims of this. I’d say the Bernie Nichols trade almost 20 years ago worked much this way. We gave up a great player but got 2 great ones in return – Granato and Sandstrom.

  • Nick

    23 is the max amount of players you can have on the roster. I don’t think they ever put Richardson or Armstrong on IR, so there are two spots taken. Preissing being a scratch is the third.

    Hard to say what the move will be, although I think Labs is gone. He would never see a game as long as Ersberg and Quick stay healthy. Even then, personally, I would just call up Bernier or Zatkoff if one of them goes down. It’s hard to justify his presence on the roster beyond the time that Ersberg goes back. He’ll probably be dealt for a late pick or just waived if no one gives anything up for him (latter being more likely).

    Or Preissing could be that guy, if DL doesn’t feel like losing an asset for nothing. Preissing should fetch a late pick, even with his horrid play so far this year. His contract could stymie that though. We’ll see.

  • markisonfire

    Preissing could be dealt to someone. There were rumors about a month ago of Preissing returning to the Canadiens. He could return a pick or a prospect, even with his subpar play this season.

    As far as the goaltending “problem”, we would be fools to not ride Quick at least for now. Even when Erserg comes back, two shutouts in his first four starts is quite an accomplishment, one that should earn more starts. And in all honesty, I don’t think anyone would mind giving Ersberg extra time to make sure he won’t re-injure his groin.

    Anyway, we’re in a pretty good spot right now.

  • Quisp

    23 is the active roster limit until the trade deadline, after which point there is no limit. However, you can only dress 20, 18 skaters and 2 goalies.

    Certainly DL is trying to trade Preissing as we speak. But since the whole world knows he’s about to be waived, I don’t know what incentive anyone has.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see DL squeeze some picks out of one or both of those two, but the deck is stacked against it.

  • markisonfire

    Maybe the Ducks will take LaBarbara off of us like they did with Aubin last year.


  • Anonymous

    I think that the Sens would take Preissing if we took a one way contract coming back the other way. Tampa Bay would probably swap Chris Gratton for him…

  • Kings4K3

    A lot of great stuff here guys…Quisp, I might be one of the few who would agree with you on Calder and Goat. I know everyone still simmers from time to time about Goat’s miscue against the Wings, but for the most part he can at the very least provide depth at the blueline as Quisp mentioned just in case someone falters or gets hurt.
    I might also be one of the few who think they should try to keep Calder for one more year. His play along the boards has been nothing short of fantastic, and he seems to have found his niche playing with Stoll and Brownie. He also has playoff experience, something that is sorely lacking on the team and will be needed, hopefully this year, but if not definitely next year.


    Kings4K3 – I first have to say I agree with you on most of your comment. But I don’t know if we can say that the Calder/Stoll/Brown line is the right combination. It seems that Stoll and Brown have gotten points only on PPs and that this line should be expected to score MUCH MORE than they are. I think Murray has yet to figure out how to use Brown most effectively at even strength. While Brown plays every game like a god, he should be scoring and assisting MUCH MORE.
    I’ve tabbed Calder as a player we should retain at a lower price, but I distinctly see him as 3rd or 4th line grinder. Once Murray discovers that I think he’s going to be worth every penny of the 1 million dollar contract he should be under. If he doesn’t like that, we’ve got plenty of guys willing to take his ice time.

  • I can see clearly now, LaBarbs is gone
    I can see all the pucks being shot my way
    Gone are the dark days with rebounds abound
    It’s gonna be a bright, and tight…J.Quick & Ersberg save

  • Moondoggie

    Lots of interesting contributions by all…..

    I don’t want to see Calder go…

    Kings4K3 & ETR, I think we’re in agreement. Calder is a grinder; his board, corner and net play has been very good.

    Kings4K3, you had to bring up Gauthier’s play against the Wings…Ouch! I’m guilty as charged, I’m one of those who hasn’t forgotten that play. However, you are right, he’s been fairly consistant.

    We do need another year, possibly two for our defensemen to come around. I think both Hickey & Teubert have been steady in the IIHF tournament but haven’t done anything spectacular. Of course they haven’t exactly been challenged and their primary job is defense. Hickey cycles the puck well and sets up the offensive play at the blue line. I think their real tests will come with Sweden & the US. After having watched Doughty this season, maybe my expectations were greater….

    Regardless, this should be an interesting week. My guess is that Lababs & Preissing will be waived. I don’t see many takers because of Preissing’s contract. Lababs has a shot since he’s UFA (so is Ersberg) and can be a decent?? back-up to a goalie starved team.

    I must be hallucinating, sounds like I’m talking about LA….


    It’s going to be interesting to see how Teubert/Hickey does against VanReimer, Schroeder, and Wilson. The US has a lot of size up front as well in Hoeller(sp?), and Tangredi(sp?).

    By the way, if anyone knows of a good site for rosters and news from the IIHF tournament, could you post it? Had a hard time finding the right place and wiki is a bit short of info.


  • jediknight329


    check out “the hockey news” website. they have a whole page link dedicated to the juniors.

  • mrbrett7

    I may be wrong, and someone correct me if I am.

    As much as I’d like to waive Preissing, as I believe Harrold brings just as much, as MUCH less, we can’t. We need his salary to stay above the cap floor.

  • Quisp

    mrbrett7 –

    I don’t think there will be salary floor considerations re Preissing. We are (last I looked) at least 5 million above the floor.

  • Kings4K3

    EAT, Your point is well taken about that line, although I’d have to admit that both Stoll and in particular Brown have had some glorious chances to score but have just missed the net on many occassions. I just think that line seems to generate a lot of grinding, cycling play down low and maybe when JMFJ returns, and if TM has him playing the blue line with them, that may help that line become more productive.