Postgame player quotes

(Re: game recap): “I don’t think we played hard enough and consistently across the game. We’ve been so close in some of these last couple of games. We really have to start to approach things like it’s make or break. You can go one direction or another this time of year. I guess the good news is that we’re going to try to take advantage of the next couple practices and try to improve there.”

(Re: winless in last two home games): “It’s something that can’t happen. Every team that makes the playoffs has a good home record and it’s got to be a lot harder for teams to come in here and play against us. I just think we have to come in with a different mindset and carry that out through the whole game.”

(Re: game recap): “It’s a pretty disappointing loss. We didn’t play very solid defensively and Quick was very solid tonight and there was one lucky bounce in that power-play goal. We didn’t come out strong defensively, but we have these next four days off and some time to think about it and come out with more of a playoff attitude and win a bunch of games.”

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  • Winsomemore

    [b]KINGS DEFENSEMAN DREW DOUGHTY: It’s a pretty disappointing loss. We didn’t play very solid defensively…[/b]

    I thought the Kings D was fine. It was the Kings O that wasn’t able to do anything.

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