Postgame Terry Murray quotes


(Re: game recap): “The effort was pretty good. You always want it to be better when you lose the game, but you have a tight checking game, you have two teams that are battling for position and are very close to each other, in a conference situation, and a big majority of the game is 0-0. You have a lot of good checking going on, a lot of blocking of shots, both goaltenders played well and made big stops, and both teams had good scoring chances that they are not able to finish.”

(Re: Jonathan Quick’s play): “He’s giving us a chance to win the game every game that he’s played and that’s all you can ask from any goaltender. We have to score some goals for him. He’s played with a lot of energy and a lot of composure and he’s giving us a good look and it’s nice to see that we have good young guys like this in the organization.”

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  • anthony

    This loss was not the coaches fault.
    Terry Murray coached a great game.
    He used his lines effectively. Even benching the 4th line in the 3rd period in order to generate more offense from the other three line.
    My compliments to the coach.

    This was a team f_uck up. Most of the players were out to lunch.
    Other than Quick, Simmonds, POS, Doughty, and Greene, no one else showed up to play.

    Too bad. What a waste of great goaltending. If Barbie played, it would have been 5-0.

  • TeamHasHoles

    Kings just didn’t do the little things tonite. They need to win more face-offs in a game like this, they need to win more board battles than they did, especially in the offensive end and they need to be willing to score ugly goals. Also the PK has to be able to stop the worst PP in the league on all it’s chances. Some might say the goal was lucky, but they gave up a PP goal to the worst PP in the league and that has to be a source of disappointment for them. they still have only 1 win all season when the opponent scores first.

    Fox said that if the Kings were to pull this game out it would be a “building block” game, but the result shows you where they’re lacking. They don’t do the little things on a consistent basis.

    And by the way, Drew Doughty might be the most talented young defenseman in Kings’ history. Rob Blake wasn’t this good at 19 and Jay Wells was never this good.

  • neil

    3 games in the last 4 days AND a practice today….The team seemed a little flat to me any one else??

  • Marc Nathan

    re: Doughty… overall, absolutely… but… in 1980, Larry Murphy was over the top UNBELIEVABLE offensively, and believe it or not, MILES better than Doughty on the offensive side of the ice. Defensively, another story, but when we’re talking “the most talented young defenseman in Kings history,” you had to be there to know that L. Murphy was something very special.

  • Quisp

    Marc, re Larry Murphy:

    True, that. Also, I think he’s available. He’s only a couple months older than Chelios.

  • Quisp

    Quick: 1.72 GAA, .937 SV%

  • Alen

    Well now that we have the goalie situation becoming a big positive lately, we can’t score goals. I’m pretty much set on the fact that this team as of now is not a playoff team but I’m also pretty sure that they might be 1 sniper away from being a playoff team. I guess the question at the end of the day is do we want to make the playoffs and have a very little shot at doing anything in the playoffs and sacrifice some players in our farm system and possibly draft picks or do we wanna go with what we have, hope for the best and probably end up with another top 10 pick. As much as it hurts not to win games like these, I’m just glad we aren’t losing them because of our goalies. Now we are truly getting a nice idea of where we are without the soft goalies, news isn’t as good as we expected I guess.

  • jon

    Until the top six forwards start scoring in these one goal games the Kings are not going anywhere. Kopi, POS, Brown, Frolov, etc have OK stats, but when the game is on the line, where are they? The team needed a big goal tonight and they were not there. How many one goal games is this team gonna lose with those guys not producing when it counts? Quick is a great change of pace, now score some goals. In the end, this team needs a pure goal scorer.


    Who played poorly?
    I don’t think anyone did.
    I think if a team fails to score 6 times in a season it’s either the player’s fault or the coach’s, and I think this problem lies with the coach.
    You know why already.
    Also (not counting empty netters) this is the 4th 0-1 shutout loss. San Jose, Ducks twice, and tonight.
    I’m going to feel real stupid if this is the 7th shutout of the season.
    Am I forgetting one?
    I guess you could look at it as we’ve played about 10 weeks of hockey and been shutout in, on average, 6 out of the 10. That’s almost a passing grade of “C” in futility class.
    So is it the players or the coach?
    What do you think?
    Maybe we don’t have the defensemen to support our forwards in scoring.
    Maybe it’s not Murray’s “bad.”
    I don’t know but I’m really not thinking playoffs much after the past 3 games.
    It sounds like O’Sullivan is, though, so who knows? The Jekyll and Hyde routine continues…
    Credit to Columbus, though, who beat us at our own game.
    Hitchcock is effective in spurts, no pun intended. But I don’t think he’s got the talent up front that we do. But he really doesn’t need his to do much if we can’t bulge the onion bag ourselves.
    I’m sure the week will be a nasty one.
    It always is after losses like this.
    Hopefully, the WJCs will keep us occupied.

  • Nick

    No one played poorly…i don’t know what anthony is going on about in regards to Kopitar. Kopitar was flying tonight. They need a better winger to go with Kopi and Sully, and as much as I like Brown and think he’s an excellent player, he doesn’t appear to be a fit on that line this year.

    Columbus was excellent defensively though. In prior games, it seemed like our offense sputtered…tonight it just seemed like Columbus played a near-perfect game in their own end.

  • nykingfan

    It was more Colombus tonight playing outstanding D, than the Kings not playing hard. I can’t blame the coach…What more could he have done? The players are the one’s who are out on the ice and holding the sticks…not the coach. The Kings played a solid defensive game and got beat by a flukey PP goal. Sh** happens! I’ll take a 1-0 loss (empty net doesn’t count) any day over a 6-5 loss.

    It seems we struggled to get our cycle going down low. I didn’t think Calder had one of his better games. In order for him to be effective, he needs to cycle down low. That was missing last night.
    I thought Kopitar had a lot of jump in his game…especially early.
    Quick was solid again. As Fox mentioned, the only thing was not corraling that shot on the PP before the goal. He needs to hold his rebounds a little better. Like Fox said…its knit-picking.

    These are the types of games that we’ll need to win in order to get into the playoffs. They have 4 days of practice. I expect them to come out flying against Philly on Saturday. One thing is for sure..nothing is going to be easy for the Kings to make the playoffs, but at least this year, we have as good a shot as anyone else. We’re right there with a bunch of teams battling for a couple of spots. It should make for an exciting 2nd half of the season. I can’t wait! How can anyone be disappointed with the Kings from what they’ve shown over the 1st half? If someone came to us with this scenario back in September, who wouldn’t have signed up for this?

  • TeamHasHoles

    re: Larry Murphy:

    I WAS there to see it, and yes, he was outstanding especially on the PP, but not on both sides of the puck (until well into his time with Washington, another one of our more “genius” trades) and Murphy wasn’t as fluid of a skater as DD. I believe Doughty has an innate hockey sense that none of the this year’s crop of rookies has (or most veterans have for that matter). DL was right, his hockey sense is “OFF THE CHARTS.”

  • old man

    My vote goes to Drew.This young man is special.I also believe that Quick has all the tools to be great.Happy New Year Rich, and to all you King fans.


    If we’re 1 game under .500 in last season’s portion of ’08, and 1 game under .500 for this season’s portion of ’08, are we really better?
    Or, is this a case of ‘six of one, half a dozen of the other?”

    I guess that it could be argued that we just need to find ways to score, and we’ll be fine.
    But it could also be argued that the results are the same as when we had poor defending and goaltending, plus we don’t have players capable of scoring.
    We’re finding out why certain players make a lot of money because they can score or assist, and why teams that can’t score eventually lure away your scorers looking to solve their own problems.

    I hope DL doesn’t even think about Gaborik or Kovalchuk, though.
    I’d rather lose 0-1 than have one of these bastards blow up in our face.
    And if Murray ever starts to use his weapons, we should be able to increase scoring by at least a goal a game.

    BTW – Zeiler defenders. As far as I can tell, the first outnumbered attack by columbus was a gift from Zeils, even though they didn’t score.
    All courtesy of going hard to make a hit, but allowing #93 to get away and join the rush 10 feet in front of Zeils.
    He followed that up with some good hits, but also a stupid penalty.
    I’m also going to continue to ask for anyone’s opinion about who they think Brown should be playing with.
    He’s on track for less than 30 goals on the season.
    In fact, only Frolov is on a pace to eclipse 30, of all Kings players.
    We don’t have any defensemen on pace for 10 goals.

  • nykingfan


    I don’t think the record really shows the improvement of the team. It’s much harder to convince skilled offensive players to learn to play a different way and become more defensively responsible. They have taken to it…now it becomes just a matter of time before the defensive responsibilities become second nature and they can concentrate on the offensive side of the game and let their creativity shine again.
    I remember when Sully came back after his stint in Manchester. He was playing a strict defensive game and his offense suffered. Eventually, he became the offensive force he was in the minors and also plays outstanding defense. I’m thinking this will happen with the forwards. Defense is what wins in sports. You can’t win the cup anymore winning games 6-5 like Edmonton.
    I’ve notice the difference in Kopitar’s play from earlier in the season. The goals will come.
    The biggest difference and most glaring is the 21 less goals given up this year. We are in almost every game. Give them time to gain the necessary experience and they will win most of those close games. In 1 tyear we’ve pretty much found stability in goal and on defense. That’s 95% of the battle, in my opinion.

    The Zeiler penalty was a bad one, but i think he showed some energy and spunk. He wasn’t the reason we lost. He was taking the body and trying to fire up his team. That’s his job.
    It really doesn’t matter whether TM uses Zeiler in that role or not. If he decides to sit him, it won’t have much effect on the overall team performance. You hope when he’s in there, he does his job.

    Regarding Brown…I was just thinking the same thing last night watching the game. He makes such a huge difference on whatever line he plays on.
    My feeling is he should stay on the Stoll line. I think that line can be extrememly effective when cycling down low. Its really the only line the Calder fits on…and he’s been pretty effective there.
    I also can’t argue with people who feel he should be with Kopitar and Sully. Whenever they’re together, something good usually happens. I just think it’s a little easier finding someone to play with Kopitar, than finding someone to play with Stoll and Calder.
    We could really use 2 Dustin’s…or 21 for that matter.


    nykingfan – Zeiler has about 5 points in over 70 games and we were shutout.
    What part of that equation doesn’t work?
    Do you think that our other players need to be motivated by a “spunky” player with Brown laying hits every shift?
    Maybe, but we also need to be able to score.
    If you’d told me we’d have been shutout 6 times before January I would have been upset. I’m not right now, but I think its a sign of partial failure.
    Murray wanted, from day one, to win the 5on5 battles. We’re not – we’re sub-.500.
    I have to also point out that while I’m freaking thrilled that Quick appears to be a VERY promising goalie, he’s only started half a dozen games, so I think it’s a bit premature to say we’re stable in net.
    Quick is going to have to adjust to the load if he’s going to carry it.
    It would be freakish if he didn’t go through some tough games because of fatigue.
    That’s why it’s a shame we can’t score.
    We’ve already got Lambs blood on our hands, and we’re still losing and getting shut down offensively, despite the outstanding goaltending.
    That sucks.

    Re: Brown.
    I’m looking for reason why he would fit with certain players. Is he better letting someone set him up, or is he a one man wrecking crew that others need to get out of the way from?
    Saying the Calder/Stoll/Brown line has been effective is, IMO, a HUGE overstatement. Most of each of these players points have come on the PP, and even that has been spotty at best.
    Calder, who’s been on the 1st and this line, has 4 goals and 7 assists on the season.
    We’re just about half way through so thats just over 20 points projecting.
    That’s the type of hockey you’re never going to win Cups by playing.
    Detroit would appear to be testing your “you can’t score your way to the cup” theory this season.
    We’ll see how they do.
    I’m left with less hope of a Kings miracle every day since we shutout Columbus last week.
    I also think you just repeated what Murray is already doing. Which clearly has it’s issues.

  • nykingfan

    we’re just going to have to disagree on all points.
    You can’t expect scoring from your 4th line when they’re playing 6-9 minutes a night. When they’re on the road, TM has to match up lines as best he can. If the other team is rolling 3 lines or double shifting their top line, our 4th line is not going to get much ice time. When they are out on the ice, I want as much energy as they can possibly give. Contrary to your belief…energy is contagious throughout a lineup. I’ve seen momentum change in a game when a line goes out with energyu and throws the body. It usually fires up the crowd and the team feeds off that.
    So far Quick has looked terrific and I think the tandem of he and Ersberg would be a major upgrade in goal. I’m well aware that Quick just arrived, but you have to like what you see. The Kings had no choice but to go with LaBarbara early in the season. It didn’t work out. We’re in the thick of things, so it wasn’t that he killed our season.

    I think you look too much at goals and assists and not enough towards what the players are doing on the ice outside of scoring. Playing solid defense to me is more important…we’ll just disagree about that.
    Eventually when the goals start coming…and they will…and they’re playing great D along with solid goaltending…you’ll see the Kings becoming an elite team. It takes patience.

  • Vahe

    This team is so close to being a contender..Terry Murray finally has this team playing solid “D”, but Dean Lombardi NEEDS to get a offensive threat in the off-season. As much as we have depth in Defensive prospects, the Kings do not have a potential 40-45 goal per season guy…They need to go after Kovalchuk


    I was thinking about that Zeiler suspension and wanted to ask if you saw all the legal hits in the back (on the numbers) last night? There were one or two, that weren’t called, that I thought WERE illegal, but I think the fact remains that it’s not ILLEGAL to hit from behind when the checked player is aware of what’s going on – as Foote was.

    Nykingfan – I don’t think we disagree on all points.
    I DO believe the goalie situation is better with what’s been worked out, but we aren’t solid and steady yet. That only comes with time and by continuing to prove it’s real.
    Also, I don’t want to get into the entire thing again, but against Columbus, I don’t think we lacked energy at all. I think it’s pretty clear what we lacked.
    Part of what I don’t get about playing Zeiler for energy is that our club has tons of energy and fight in every game, arguably more the last time we played Columbus without Zeils. That’s why I want Zeiler to stay in the organization. I want him to teach his commitment to our kids in Manchester.
    I’m willing to admit that Murray may be working certain players (Boyle) into a frenzy in order to get them to understand what you need to bring in the NHL every night.
    Zeiler always brings fight. I can’t argue with that.
    The other side of the argument is that Murray is asking these kids to think and play smart. You can’t always expect young guys to do both at the same time. Boyle needs to learn over time what he needs to do to be successful in the league.
    Often, players are at their worst when they’re playing angry.
    That’s why there are agitators like Avery (who is also very skilled) or Theo Fleury.
    They piss off the opposition and throw them off their game. Anger leads to mental mistakes.
    I’d also point out that I pointed out that Zeiler was very defensively irresponsible and it resulted in a 2on1 against.
    I’d also point out that on that play, it was another shift with the weakest forward line, and the weakest defensive line.
    I’ve pointed this out and haven’t a clue why Murray keeps doing it over and over.
    Finally, I’d point out that a pest needs to throw the other teams top lines off their game, not the opposing 4th line.
    If Murray played Zeiler with Caler/Stoll maybe he could justify Zeils presence in the lineup better.
    I think with all the line combos we saw last night (especially in the 2nd period) and the erratic shifts players were getting, it shows Murray can’t see beyond the same old-same old.
    I really think he should take a look at the lines myself and Quisp have proposed.
    And, people said I was nuts when I said to play Ivan with FroZoos, but if he can get a couple goals on the 4th line, why not on the 2nd?
    Maybe it should be Ivan Zoos and Simmonds on the 4th line.
    As long as we’re playing well defensively across the board, I think we should give some different lines some time to see what happens. Like, leave Brown with O’Sullitar for a few games and work on the chemistry of the other lines.
    BTW – I don’t view the 4th line (if Zoos or Simmonds were there) as punishment in that case. I view it as trying to balance 4 complete lines.

    I am positive on the team’s progress even though it doesn’t often sound that way. I just see no reason why we can’t be in a playoff spot with our boys. Maybe I’m guilty of wanting too much too soon. I still DON’T want Gaborik or Kovalchuk. Maybe that’s foolish. I don’t know.

  • nykingfan

    Valid points ETR

    I definitely wouldn’t move Simmonds off the Handzus line. I’m more impressed with those 3 every game.

    I agree that anger can work against you…case in point was Brown earlier this year when he went crazy hitting people and took a really bad penalty.

    I think the player who brings the most energy right now is Simmonds. the guy gives 100% every shift. He’s becoming one of my favorite players.

    I really like the lines he is using…I’m sure over time, he’ll have to switch things around…that’s normal, but for now, I’d leave things as is. If Boyle’s coming up at some point..I think he would work well with Purcell and Ivanans. It all depends on whether Boyle gets it and comes ready to play every shift, every night. So far it looks as if Purcell has figured it out. HOPEFULLY!

  • Quisp

    nykingsfan –

    Yes, and Ivanans crushed a couple of people last night. I’m starting to wonder if he can’t be what TM obviously thinks he can be, which is a big angry body who plays solid defense and scores a goal every eight games or so. I mean, really, if he’s going to do that every game, there would be a reason not to fast-forward through those shifts.