Jon Quick feature

From the shameless-promotion department, here’s the feature I wrote for this morning’s paper on Jonathan Quick. I have a bunch of extra quotes about Quick, from goalie coach Bill Ranford and former Reading coach Karl Taylor (who now coaches in Ontario), so assuming everyone isn’t suffering from Jon Quick fatigue, I’ll post some more stuff…

It’s been a fast start for Kings’ goalie Quick

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  • Kool Aid Drinker

    “so assuming everyone isn’t suffering from Jon Quick fatigue”

    How when he descended to save us.

  • Bob Bobson

    I like Dean’s quote at the end “Stop the puck, and swagger.”


    I’m suffering from 4th line fatigue and shutout fatigue.

  • Irish Pat

    I think Ranford’s point about how goalies respond when they struggle or the team struggles is spot on. I’m glad he’s succeeding, but let’s see where he’s at in 2 months. Thanks Rich for the good article. It’s always nice to learn more about the players on this team.

  • T

    Wait, so they may or may not send him back down to the minors. Why does it seem like the Kings are having a hard time parting ways with Labarbara. Just let him go. Quick has given up 3 goals in his last 4 games. That is something Labarbara can never do. Larbarbara gives up 3 goals a game if not more. The Kings need Ersberg and Quick for the Kings and not Ersberg and Labarbara. I cannot see how they could possibly send Quick back down for more work at the moment. They should send Labarbara back to the Pee-Wee league to play against some 13 year olds. They better not let Labarbara play another game in a Kings uniform if they know what is best for the team. I also hope Zeiler leaves too. There are definitely more productive players than Zeiler. I don’t get some of these moves and their motivation to put these players in their line up.

  • Sybil227

    So – if TJ Fast (from the same draft as Quick) had stayed in our system (we traded him), would your article be titled “It’s been a quick start for Kings’ defenseman Fast”? šŸ˜›


    Will you be doing a DL interview soon?
    Will you be taking questions for Lombardi on this one, or not?

  • anthony

    Rich, Can you inquire as to whether we’re gonna be geeting some scoring help.

    Our offense is weak.

  • dave fouser

    rich, you’re an outstanding reporter. thanks.