More moves expected

Here’s what i know at this point…

1) Jonathan Quick is staying, and almost certainly will start in goal Saturday.
2) Erik Ersberg is healthy and ready to go.
3) Brian Boyle will be back in Los Angeles at the end of the week if…
4) …the Kings are able to make another move to clear a roster spot. It’s not 100-percent certain that they will, but they’re trying, and it’s expected to sort itself out very soon. All of my information is off the record at this point but…do a little critical thinking on this one, ladies and gents…
6) Teddy Purcell practiced with the first line today and likely will play there Saturday.

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  • JDM

    oh pretty pretty please lets give the New Year a totally FRESH start for both the team and He Who Must Not Be Played (coined by someone on hfboards).

    Thanks Rich!

    It all does seem to add up…

  • Steve Jensen


    Its a business, after all. Nice guys aren’t exactly assured a roster spot.

    Labs is a goner.

    He will clear waivers and end up in Manchester, unless he is outright released.

    Sorry to say this but its the right move. Labs had he chances and couldn’t convert.

    Its a business.

  • Anonymous

    An LGK poster reported that Labs wasn’t on the ice for the practice today. That adds fuel to that fire…

  • anthony

    you’re the bomb.
    I can only hope that Lewis wasn’t sent down to make room for the great Derek Armstrong.
    The team will not benefit with that move.

    My instincts tell me that DL is gonna do some house cleaning. Instead of calling up players only to send them down a couple of games later, just dump some of the players the team has no plans for. Notibly Zeiler, Armstong, Preissing, and Calder.

    I’m glad to see Purcell back on the top line. I just don’t think Brown fits with Kopi and POS anymore. Last game against the Jackets, he was terrible.

    If Boyle is recalled, I hope TM doesn’t F_uck it up by placing him on the 4th line with some of these junk players we have. He tried it earlier this season and it screwed with Boyles confidence. Now Boyle is putting up big numbers again in Manchester, so give him some quality playing time with descent players, OR ELSE.

  • CBGB

    “Critical Thinking”

    Preissing hasn’t been “criticized”, more over he’s just been a healthy scratch

    LaBarbera should be as good as done.

    The coaching staff hasn’t said too many “critical” things about the other roster players.

    Rich usually states the obvious, but since he MAY or may not have known about Lubo beforehand leads me to believe the Kings are trying to peddle LaBarbera to anyone willing to take him.

  • FWIW, I sat down with Dean Lombardi last night before the game for an interview and although he did not mention LaBarbera, waivers, or anything like that, he would not specifically answer what he was going to do about his goaltending situation, other than mentioning Ersberg and Quick. The impression I got was…LaBarbera will be waived and is as good as gone.

  • anthony

    Thanks Gan.
    That simply puts an end to the speculation.

    Sayanara Jason. And Good Luck.
    Either in Manchester or elsewhere

  • Quisp

    Ok, so (per the last thread), I’m not totally insane then.

    If I might take a stab at the critical thinking…“if […]the Kings are able to make another move to clear a roster spot” means, obviously a trade, since there are roster-spot clearing moves they can make whenever they want (i.e. demotions). It means a trade that brings back picks (or at least one less body than they ship out), otherwise it wouldn’t make room for Boyle.

    It also means that DL/TM are happy with Purcell’s work of late, which is good news.

    People have commented that another team would be insane to give up an asset in exchange for JLB. I think that’s probably right. Therefore — question for everyone, wanton speculators that we all are — doesn’t it seem reasonable that DL is going to have to make it more interesting, in order to get a buyer? For example, Derek Armstrong might be attractive to a lot of people. He is, per the pun, a Swiss Army knife, he’s cheap, he’s a room guy. Calder is similar to Armstrong, but less versatile and less cheap (younger, though). Might there be a team out there which has inquired about one of these two and might find that they can get them only if they take JLB off our hands? DL might reason as follows: “I can get a low-round pick for JLB and I can get a mid-round pick for Calder, but what if I could get a higher pick for Calder and JLB together?” Wouldn’t that be better than two late round picks? And wouldn’t it be more attractive to a middle-of-the-pack team to get two useable parts for one measly second-rounder?

    Remember that the Kings don’t need JLB in Manchester, due to the log-jam at goalie. Other teams might. The Kings don’t feel they need a third goalie waiting in the wings in case of injuries. Other teams might. (I haven’t looked around to check — but I know the Kings backlog of goalies is unusual, so I’m assuming there’s a potential niche there, a usefulness that JLB might have on another team that he doesn’t have for us.)

    DL also could be looking to throw in a prospect.

    My question (which I forgot to ask, right?) is: what is anyone willing to give up for a top 50 pick? A top 30 pick? A top 10 pick (which of course ain’t gonna happen without some pain on our end)?

    Me, I think DL has long ago mapped out the kind and number of picks he expects to bring in before this draft (for JLB, Calder, one of Preissing/Gauthier/Harrold — now obviously Preissing), and is now simply negotiating with himself about the possibilities of combining them creatively to get more and better of what he wants. And we know what that is. Picks, baby.

    Or is he going for goal scorer? No. That wouldn’t make room for Boyle.

    My hope is JLB and Calder for a second round pick in ’09 (uh, conditional to 1st round pick if JLB ever wins a shootout).

    Then you can bring up Lewis and Boyle by the weekend.

  • JDM

    The prospect of DL making the move(s) we have all been so desparate for him to make is very exciting. Thanks for the insight Gann!

  • Irish Pat

    If the speculation is proper, this says more about what management and coaching think of Quick than it does about LaBarbera’s playing. Especially when you consider how they apply kid gloves to everyone else who has been bounced around from Manchester to Staples Center. Nothing personal against Babs, but this would be the right thing to do. Good luck Babs, you’re a good guy.

  • Quisp

    And you don’t hold someone out of practice because you think you might send them to the AHL later in the week. So — while this might be minor in the scheme of things — that alone indicates that DL doesn’t want JLB in Manchester. Otherwise, who cares if he gets hurt in practice? (If he got hurt, you’d just put him on the IR, and then demote him when he got better; what’s the difference? It only matters if you are (1) trying to deal him, or (2) want him to get picked up on waivers.)

    So I think we can reasonably conclude that JLB is not part of LA’s plans anymore.

  • /b/

    Its going to hit the fan!

  • anthony

    So what do you think Bro.
    Trade or Waive.
    And what about Preissing

  • JDM

    DL seems to work in interesting ways.

    I remember the story about his trade to swap picks with Buffalo who got Myers and we drafted Teubert.

    I can imagine something like this going down, to go way out on the speculatory limb:

    DL talks to GM so and so who is interested in Calder or Preissing, most likely Preissing. Maybe Armstrong.

    DL works out a deal for some prospect whose organization isn’t too keen on (ie: Clune) but he sees some potential, or a mid pick. He then tries to throw labs into the mix.

    DL works out a deal where if labs clears waivers, they make the deal and has labs has to be included, along with another small asset coming our way. If labs doesn’t clear waivers then the deal is off and DL will shop Preissing for something more.

    I’m probably a little crazy tho.

    Let’s not forget though, if DL can get a 7th for Aubin, he can get something for labs.

    He may want to hold onto Preissing until the deadline when a bubble team with a struggling PP will find him much more valuable.

  • BravoLima

    What is the possibility of trading Labs to a team shedding salary and/or a goalie (Chicago)?? I think Labs has some value as a good back up and cheap..There are a ton of teams wanting to shed salary and setting themselves up for the playoffs via trades…I hope DL isn’t trying to stock pile draft picks when we need someone one the ice that can score NOW!!!! not friggen 4-5 years from now…Spend some of that cash on a goal scorer and iron out the goalie situation and we could see the Kings squeezing into a playoff spot!!! We as fans deserve it, and the hardworking kids on the ice certainly deserve it!! Lets go DL, crack out that check book and start writing (Just no Gaborik please) !!!

  • Quisp

    Anthony –

    I think trade. I would like to turn Preissing, JLB and Calder into something resembling a 2nd and a 4th round pick. If he’s trading to Atlanta or NYI, maybe he swaps some picks to move up in a round. Maybe he throws in a prospect. He’s going to have to start trading goalie prospects at some point in the next three years (he’s got seven of them: Bernier, Quick, Ersberg, Zatkoff, Jones, Taylor, Rowat), so maybe he starts now. He’s not going to move the first four (unless it’s a really big return), but Taylor and Rowat he might be able to use to sweeten the pot. I don’t think we’re as deep anywhere else, so any other prospect included in a trade is likely to hurt, and so would have to garner a real asset in return. I think, for DL right now, with the players he’s got, there are only three things that might get him to part with a blue-chip prospect: (1) another blue chip prospect, (2) a top five pick, (3) an elite “game changing” forward (but see the other thread — or maybe it’s this thread,I’m losing track — about the wisdom of bringing in someone to do Kopitar’s job).

    Sounds like we’ll see soon enough. My money is on a package of JLB and someone (Calder?) in exchange for a top 50 pick.

  • Dave

    dont forget that Jack is on the way back to the lineup. We will need to make room for him on the back end. Barbs, Preissing or Gauthier should be packing up soon

  • T

    Maybe we can trade labarbara, preissing, and zeiler for a first round pick in ’09. That could possibly be worth a first round pick, right?

  • was #5 the trade?

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