• anthony

    I hope he gets a real chance to play with some real players. Not those scrubs he was coasting with prior to his demotion.

    I hope he plays Frolov. Last season they has some good chemistry together. Frolov doesn’t belong on a third line.
    It’ll jump start them both


    For all my criticsm of the lack of return,
    I am truly excited that we seem intent on playing the youth.
    Something I’ve been craving for a while.
    I hope this is permanent.

  • Ziggy

    Hey Rich,

    Moller got hurt in his WJC game against Russia. He elft in the second period and there was no disclosed injury. Sweden was winning handily at that point. Any news?


  • Anonymous

    anthony…just for once forget the idea of what YOU think a 3rd line is.

    We’ve seen what Terry Murray goes with when he shortens the bench late in games. He goes with 3 lines. He likes Zeus and Simmonds together and Frolov adds a puck protection element to that line. When you hold the puck in the offensive end you tire out their defensemen.

    Murray doesn’t just put the Handzus line up against other top lines. He trusts the Stoll line to do that as well. More than 2 lines to put out there helps keep his guys fresh. If he had no respect for Frolov’s capabilities, Fro wouldn’t get as much time on the special teams as he does.

    If you recall, Andy Murray once called Conroy, Demitra, and Frolov his “checking line.” It upset so many to hear that because everyone was saying that made them a 3rd line. They were actually successful b/c of their 2-WAY play, especially against more offensive minded lines.

  • Roger

    For Boyle to be effective he needs to use his size and have the presence of mind to be on the right side of the puck. And hope he can be an impact player this time up with the big club. The Kings need his size and skill to break down the opposing defense.