Winter Classic in L.A.?


Probably not, but wouldn’t it be fun? With a nod toward tomorrow’s Winter Classic game between Chicago and Detroit at Wrigley Field, the Kings’ website looked back at the NHL’s first-ever outdoor game, the exhibition game played between the Kings and New York Rangers at Las Vegas’ Caesar’s Palace in 1991. There are some great anecdotes from Luc Robitaille and Jim Fox.

Kings no stranger to outdoor game
(photo courtesy of Kings website)

Also in the story, Fox and Kyle Calder give their ideas for a Winter Classic in L.A.:

“Maybe we could play one downtown at the Coliseum,” Calder said. “It could be against the Ducks, with a beach theme.”

“I think the ultimate Winter Classic game would be at the pier in Manhattan Beach,” Fox said. “That’s my goal for 2016. If we can get 100,000 people there for a beach volleyball tournament, we could get 100,000 people there for a hockey game.”

Some of you must have gone to that game in 1991, right? Any memories?

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  • Irish Pat

    “Maybe we could play one downtown at the coliseum,” Calder said. Uh… “we”?… nice try Calder, but I would be shocked to see you in a King’s uni next season or even after this year’s trade deadline. Still, the idea of holding it at the Coliseum is a good idea.

  • wavesinair

    Hey, it snowed in Malibu this year, so why not? I remember in 1989 it dumped snow in the valley. It’s not like we don’t get pretty darn cold nights here in socal, especially in the valley. So it’s not so far fetched. The only problem is where to do it. I don’t think the coliseum is a good place at all. Too big. Maybe Dodger stadium though! That would be the place I think. But Foxy’s idea about doing it at the beach would be amazing. I can see it now…a tight shot of a surfer on a wave next to the pier…wider, wider…revealing the hockey rink on the beach!

  • Sticks

    I know rumors are lame but this e-mail came to me from hockey buzz.

    As for two years from now, the source also tells me that there is a possibility of a “Winter Classic Doubleheader on 1-1-11 saying, “There is talk of a Battle of Alberta Winter Classic followed by the Kings and Avalanche at “Mile High Stadium.”

  • anthonythop

    LOL, Irish Pat.

    He’ll not be so humerous when he’s kicked out of LA the same way Barbi was.
    He brings little to nothing to this team. His days here are so numbered.

    Once he’s gone, Preissing and Handzus will be last of DL’S junk signings.

  • LBLocal

    That was a FUN night in Vegas in ’91.

    Celebrating my 23rd birthday with several college friends from LBSU, we scored red-line seats about 20 rows up and just three rows directly behind Bruce McNall.

    Have a great B/W pic of opening face-off with Gretzky centering Kurri and Sandstrom.

    Some great players on that 91 Kings roster: Gretzky, Kurri, Robitaille, Granato, Sandstrom, Taylor, Blake, Robinson, Coffey.

    Oddest memory: Kelly Hrudey swatting frozen grasshoppers on the ice in between whistles. Their frozen exoskeletons exploded like firecrackers, and could be easily heard from our seats.

    The Ceasar’s Palace parking lot / converted ice rink, hosting a hockey game outside under the stars, with 10,000 screaming fans, twas a great night to be a Kings fan.

    Rich, a Winter Classic in LA? Now that would be ‘A Classic!’

    Happy 2009! And, Go Kings Go!

  • Dominic Lavoie

    Now that Boyle has been recalled….
    1. Do you think Boyle or Purcell are being showcased at this point, or are they in the lineup to earn the spots that were theirs to lose during camp?
    2. It seems like there is quite a log jam developing at forward. Who do you think is getting sent back down to Manchester.
    3. It seems like the Monarchs are awfully thin on defense right now. Any word on the possibility of acquiring a defenseman that could be sent down to help the kids on the farm?


    Kyle Mclaren is out there available to anyone who will take the contract.
    He’s in the minors now, but I don’t know if he can be acquired and kept there or if he has to clear waivers to get there.
    Who in their right mind would take on Preissing through waivers with that contract. Pricey should be sent down if he can’t be traded for another 7th rounder.
    F Kaberle is also availible, but may be hurt and is highly paid.
    K Dallman is a KHL all-star, but why would he come back here?
    Sheldon Souray, I know, wanted to come here before, so maybe Ed. would make a deal for some of our cast-offs.
    Maybe they would have wanted Labs as a backup if they move Rollie.
    There are lots of teams struggling who have good defensemen — I don’t know if they value their boys as low as we value ours, however.

  • Quisp

    Boyle recalled. FYI: Kings have 14 picks in the 2009 draft now. Probably that number will go up. Eat – why are you shopping for defensemen? We have to get rid of defensemen. Johnson in, Preissing out. Who are you looking to upgrade? Gauthier? I’m not sure McLaren is going to do it for you then. Not offensively anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Rich I was on TSN earlier and they said Moller left the game today with an undisclosed injury and didn’t return, do you have any news on this?

  • Quisp

    Oh, are you talking about for Manchester? Those are pretty high end people you’re mentioning, if that’s the case.

  • Dominic Lavoie

    It was some kind of shoulder injury. He got shoved pretty hard into the boards shoulder first. It was a cross check but not of the vicious variety. 6’4 Russian against 5’11 Swede equals not a fair exchange. Word is that he’ll be okay though initial reports were that it was a dislocation….

  • Roland

    I was there in 1991, right behind Kelly Hrudey for 2 periods. I was young enough not to understand the significance of “the first outdoor NHL game”, but remember every bit of it.

    I would be the first one in line for a “winter” classic in Manhattan Beach. šŸ˜‰

  • Roland

    Rick, If you look closely at the picture of Kelly Hrudey making a save in the photo gallery, the kid in the neon green is me (for 1991 thats fashionable), dude those seats rocked. I lied in my earlier post about rememebering everything, given that most of the game I was just watching Hrudey. I’m pretty sure Gretzky had a hat trick though, that game.

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