Boyle is back

No NHL player enjoys being sent down to the AHL, but for Brian Boyle, at least the timing was good. Boyle spent most of December with Manchester, and most of his family is in the Boston area so he got to spend the holiday season with family. Plus, he did well on the ice, with four goals, seven assists, a plus-4 rating and 35 penalty minutes in 13 games. This morning, Boyle talked about his experience in Manchester (including his inflated penalty-minute total) and gives his thoughts on returning.


Question: Did you take some positives out of that stint with Manchester?

BOYLE: “Sure. It was good to be able to play some more minutes and get some power-play and penalty-kil time. I got to play in all situations, so it was good to contribute a little bit more and kind of get the confidence back. With that, everything else comes. You’re more involved and when you feel like you’re doing well and helping out the team, it’s a better feeling. It worked out really well. It was good to be home. I got to go home for a few days during the break and see my family, which was great. It was a great time of the year to be home. My mom was really happy, that’s for sure. It worked out really well. It was beneficial.”

Question: Do you feel like you now have a good understanding of what they want from you here?

BOYLE: “Oh, I did before. I just kind of didn’t want to screw up. I wasn’t even really carrying the puck and trying to make plays. That was something that Terry talked to me about. Coach brought me in his office before I left and talked to me. (He said,) `You haven’t had the puck on your stick very much in the last few games. You’re not really trying to make anything happen.’ That’s kind of what I went down there with the intention of working on. Everything else came pretty much with that. I just tried to make plays and have the puck on my stick and bang a little bit. It was good. I think I understood before, but it was just kind of a confidence thing. Now, hopefully I can build off of what I had going on down in Manch.”

BOYLE: “Well, I got an instigator (penalty) when I got jumped, which was interesting to me. We were getting killed pretty good by Albany and I tried to get something going with one player on their team, but I guess he was hurt, so a guy came off their bench and grabbed me. I was the one who got 17 (penalty minutes) when I got jumped. So it made my stats look bigger, but it’s a little bit misleading.”

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  • JDM

    Just so everyone who isn’t watching knows, Moller is fine and playing in the tournament right now.

  • Duckhunter

    Thanks JDM, didn’t realize it was on. Also glad to hear Moller is well. I miss that young fella.

  • Rob

    Which leads to this question…. Rich, who do you see moving out to make room for Moller when he returns?

  • Quisp

    Moller in, Zeiler out. Johnson in, Preissing out.

  • KingzzFan

    Quisp – thats the way I see it, hopfully so do they.
    Again How Great is it to have both our players wearing the “C” for both teams fighting for the GOld in the World Jrs

  • Quisp

    KingzzFan, re Hickey/Moller: I agree. But first, in about fifteen minutes, it’s Hickey/Teubert vs. Nikita Filatov. Just watched an extensive preview of the RUS/CAN game where they talked about the job Teubert did totally shutting down Filatov this past spring. I would argue that it was this performance that cemented Teubert’s reputation in DL’s mind (going back to the Teubert v. Myers debate of the other day).

    As far as Zeiler, Preissing, et al:




    That’s 23.

    Two of Zeiler, Ivanans and Armstrong are healthy scratches each night, depending on the opponent. When JJ is back, I would try:


    I would be trying to deal Preissing and Calder right now, for picks. After the trade deadline, when the active roster limit is lifted, I would like to see Voynov and Lewis.

    I would also note that my long-time favorite, Scott Parse, is having an excellent season finally. Once Calder is gone, I wouldn’t mind seeing Parse in some games (since his contract is up after this year anyway — let’s see what the kid can do in Calder’s place). Parse and Lewis are better alternatives to Calder anyway. Not that I’m staunchly anti-Calder; I just think what he does is (though important) not that unusual. It’s worth seeing if any of the kids can do it better.

  • anthony

    I’m anti-Calder, and I agree with your configuration.
    Our future D-Core


    Now thats 8 D-Men. Which two get traded?

  • Quisp

    Anthony, re d future:

    Let’s look at the depth chart…

    You’ve got four guys who are proven NHLers: Doughty, Quincey, Johnson and Greene. Of those, Greene could be a second or third pairing guy. The other three are top-two pairing.

    Then you’ve got four guys who are proven minor-pro level prospects, one of whom (Harrold), is a “veteran” prospect who has shown he can play the NHL game. I lump them all together: Harrold, Voynov, Martinez and Campbell. Campbell is often discounted but shouldn’t be. In a way he’s Teubert Jr.. But on the other hand, Campbell is playing in the AHL, and Teubert is still in juniors. Another way to think of Campbell is as a replacement for Gauthier. Big nasty. Again, like Teubert. Martinez, meanwhile, is more in the Harrold or Hickey mold. Voynov is Lubo/Hickey.

    Then you’ve got the kids in juniors: Hickey and Teubert.

    And the last name I would add to the mix is Josh Kidd, who is playing his first year in Manchester this year (7th round, 2007, I think). I mention him because he’s 6’5″, 225lbs and I noticed him at both his camps and thought, who the hell is that? Call him a sleeper pick, but could easily show up next year and give Teubert and Campbell a run for their money in the audition for big bodies.

    So, assume that Hickey and Teubert are going to make it, if not next year, then certainly in 2010-11. Further assume that Doughty, Quincey, Johnson and Greene are locks.

    That’s Doughty and Hickey as small and fast and Teubert and Greene as big and mean; Johnson and Quincey as a little of both. That’s six guys.

    Who’s left? Harrold, Voynov, Martinez, Campbell and Kidd. Vying, ultimately, for one spot.

    Here’s what I think is likely to happen. Hickey and Teubert will not be ready next year. They could be. I think they will be brought along slowly. So next year, those five AHL names (Harrold, Voynov, etc.) will be duking it out for three spots. My money would be on Voynov and Campbell being two of the names. Kidd will probably spend at least another year in Manchester.

    Harrold and Martinez? Probably trade bait between now and the end of next year.

    So, 2009-10:

    with body #7 being some veteran we don’t know yet, or else SOD or Gauthier, or even Harrold, I guess.

    In the AHL, you’ll have Hickey and Teubert, Martinez and Kidd.

    Then, 2010, something’s got to give. Hickey and Teubert will be ready. I’m going to say a lot depends on the development of Voynov and Campbell (and the sleeper, Kidd). If Campbell and Teubert BOTH develop, Greene is expendable. If Voynov DOESN’T develop, then maybe Greene hangs around longer anyway. Also, we don’t know exactly what Jack Johnson’s deal is going to be. Is he going to be great? Is he going to be pretty good but a little less great than we all thought he would be? Maybe Johnson gets dealt for some hot-shot sniper, at next year’s trade deadline…

    There is a whole flow chart of possibility, depending on which of these prospects blossom and which die on the vine. I think it’s more likely that we will have an embarrassment of riches which DL has to trade off, btu it could go the other way too.

    The short (ha!) answer to your question, Anthony, is…I don’t think DL will get to the crossroads until spring/summer 2010. The reason being, I think Hickey/Teubert will not be with the big club until 2010. I could be wrong, in which case, deals will happen sooner.

  • anthony

    Your analogy makes alot of sense.
    Thanks for putting in the time for your answer
    I only hope DL sees it the same way.
    Enjoy the game tonight and lets hope we exchange a positive message tonight.

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