From the locker room

(Re: game recap): “We’ve got to just stay even-keel and take the momentum off of this win into Anaheim on Tuesday. The whole team worked hard and they deserve to win.”

(Re: saves): “They had some good chances, but our defense played well in front of me and they let me see all of the shots and cleared out all of the rebounds so it made it a bit easier.”

(Re: game recap): “The main thing is the two points for us were huge. The race in the west is so tight that these are really playoff type games for us.”

(Re: Quick’s performance) “He’s been solid since he’s been called up and tonight was no different. He made some big saves in regulation. You look at the shootout and you’ve got the leading goal-scorer in the league and a pretty good shooter in Mike Richards, so he answered the bell for us and I think it was a combination of that and that we scored some goals on the other end of the ice which in past shootouts we haven’t been doing.”

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  • Brent


    Thank you for the excellent coverage of tonight’s game. It might be one of the very best of the season as we look back, but I hope not.

  • Harry

    Your Los Angeles Kings have broke the BARBIE JINX!!

    aka…We won in shootout!

  • murphy

    Where is the offense? kings dont have a guy in the top 50 for points in the nhl. finally get goaltending and the offense shuts down. its time to wake these guys up or sit somebody down. its also strangs how POS and Brown can score on the shootout but kopi looked just terrible. Kopi needs some 4th line time to get a wake up call.

  • Harry

    No Correy Ferry for back to back…..

    Ducks’ Perry suspended for four games Saturday, 01.03.2009 / 6:20 PM / News NEW YORK — Anaheim Ducks forward Corey Perry has been suspended for four games, without pay, for elbowing Philadelphia Flyers forward Claude Giroux during the third period of NHL Game #564 Friday night, the National Hockey League announced.

    Under the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, and based on his average annual salary, Perry will forfeit $114,516.12. The money goes to the Players Emergency Assistance Fund.

    Perry will miss Anaheim’s game against Phoenix Jan. 4, the home-and-home series against Los Angeles Jan. 6 and 8, and versus Tampa Bay Jan. 9. He will be eligible to return Jan. 11 against New Jersey.

  • Roger

    Kopitar – O’Sullivan – Brown line has no more chemistry left in it. Last year they were scoring goals, but their plus/minus was horrible. They were giving up more goals than they were scoring. Now with the onus on defense they are out of sink and Kopitar kind of looks lost out there this season. So far he is shooting bricks. He has to generate more offense being the teams number one center. And so far he hasn’t done that on a consistent basis. TM should consider putting Purcell and Simmonds on his line, or have Frolov and Purcell play on his line. Change things up a bit to get him more involved offensively.
    One more observation regarding Kopitar. His line mates seem unable to read as to what he is going to do with the puck. He seems to be hesitating making plays. He is not finding the open man on the weak side. He has the ability to be much better, if Kings are to have any chance of making the playoffs.


  • Ollie

    I was at the game tonight, and besides being an exciting and nerve racking game, Quick was absolutely BRILLIANT. The defense was shaky at times, and the credit should go to Quickie for being rock solid tonight.

    Also, Hartnell immediately became one of my least favorite players in the NHL after watching skate around in warm up flicking his hair around and acting like a pompous goon as he interacted with fans, i really wanted someone to knock him out cold, oh well..


    Perry will forfeit $114,516.12. The money goes to the Players Emergency Assistance Fund.

    Take 5% of NHL players’ salaries for the Player’s Emergency Fund and give all suspension monies to local ice-hockey programs.

    Who is running the freaking NHL? Bloody lawyers…

  • markisonfire

    I would like to say that Kopitar’s shootout attempt was embarrassing. I guess what worked on LaBarbara won’t cut it out there.

    Also, if history has told us anything, we got out of December relatively well… Last season (oy..) we finished 2-11-1. This season, well, much better.

  • Anonymous

    Hard fought win tonight, no way JLB wins this. The organization finally saw what was broken in goal and fixed it. Having 2 goalies that give you a chance to win is HUGE. Now the coaching staff needs to focus on the offense the team is a -6 in goal differential overall. If they want to take that next step (above .500 team) they need to get the offense going.

  • kingsince67

    Afew things to take away from the game I saw there last night…TM, if you were a good coach Kopitar would be riding the pine with that performance last night. Anze stop carrying your wallet on the ice, all that money has slowed your game to a crawl. Brownie how about a pass, you are on the verge of becoming a puck hog. For the rest after 4 days off I would have expected more speed and some significant pressure on the Flyers after getting softened up by the Ducks. Lastly on the surface it would appear J Quick may solve some goaltending issues, nice job last night especially on the shootout. So now 2 games against the Ducks minus Corey Perry and a chance to really step up in the eyes of all the fans. This is it boys ” THE ” turning point in our year. Win 2 and we are looking real good, lose 2 and we are pretty much resigned to the fact we are still a ways away…split and we are still in the mid pack area. Good luck, let’s have a better effort than last night and with no Teemu or CP we have a real chance here to inflict some damage. GO KINGS !

  • Chris in Torrance

    I agree with ’67’ that Kopitar’s game was embarrassing last night, but I don’t agree with benching him. Who’s going to play in his place? Richardson?? Armstrong?? Kopitar’s effort last night is better than anything either of those 2 guys can put out. I do agree with taking him out of the shootout though. I thought the Kings pressured the Flyers pretty well the second half of the game. I missed the first period, but heard Bob Miller say that the fore check was nearly nonexistent in the first. The defense and goaltending were solid. We just need to figure out how to score some friggin’ goals.

  • Bring Back the Shield Jersey

    Wasn’t it only about 6 months ago that Kopi was voted the most popular kings player EVER on Wow. Fickle, fickle. But I get why. I’ve been wondering all season whether he put in enough off-season work-out time, cuz he’s just looked slower.

    Speaking of slow, I kept mistaking Boyle for Handzeus. Same loping stride.

    I loved the mid 2nd-3rd period lines. Most everyone responded really well with a lot more hustle, especially, wait for it, Frolov. To see Frolov throwing his body around, wowee wow wow. Give Murray credit. But then he went back to O’Kopitown which hasn’t produced jack this year. That, I didn’t get.

    Thanks, TM, for no rookies during the shoot-out.

  • KingFan4ever

    Quickie stopped 2 clear cut breakaways, a penalty shot, then had enough wits to stone The Goons in the SO….. That’s what I call an NHL goalie.

    He’s not going to stop every shot but he understands the value of a “big” save and that’s all the fans are asking for.

  • KingzzFan

    Agree, Kopi just looked slow and sluggish. Don’t bench him. put him on the 4th line and bring boyle up to the first. Get rid of JZ and let Army play. If TM is fair this is what he should do to get Kopi FIRED up.

  • Al

    Kopitar may have the assist numbers, but he isn’t the top goal scorer, we don’t have the go to guy as yet, that can score almost at will like Kolvachuk, Zetterberg, Hossa, OV… you guys now what I’m saying. Are you going to tell me that the effort he made in the shoot out was good??? It was non existent, hell Zeller would have made a better effort than that. He’s playing like he doesn’t want to be here, something has happened to this guy and if you’ve really been watching his play and body language you’ll agree. He’s stopping when it looks like he’s going to get hit and giving the puck up to easy. You guys act like he is untouchable and can do no wrong …… ahhhh I don’t think so. Bet an ice cream he’s traded before Sully or Brown. I don’t mind anyone disageeing with me all I ask is take a good look. I’ve always had an open mind on hockey talent, he is totally different then his first two years here.


    I really don’t think it’s all Kopi.
    He plays a puck possession game and he’s got nobody to play that game with.
    I think he might do much better centering Frolov and Moller, but what do I know.
    He’s a Euro. If Datsuyk were playing here he’d probably have worse numbers than Kopi.
    Granted, the shootout effort looked weak, but with big guys there is something known as “economy of movement.” You don’t have to move much to cover the same amount of area. Kopi was waiting for Nitty to make the first move, but Nitty held tight. It was Nittymaki who looked great on that play, and it made Kopi look inept. I’d imagine he might just shoot next opportunity.

  • Al

    Hi there ETR, granted it isn’t all Kopitar, as someone else pointed out Brownie has turned into somewhat of a puck hog and I totally agree, but maybe because Kopitar isn’t shooting enough or won’t return the pass or take the shot?? You’re suppose to practice like you play but then again he doesn’t have Labarbra to make him look great anymore. Guess I’m gonna have to go down to Toyota center and do some of my own scouting. I may be wrong on Kopitar, but Rich, can I get some profs on Quik??? 🙂 I thought the Kings reall started playing after Boyle nailed that Flyer in their zone. It was a great game last night and yes the Barbie jinx has been broken.


    Hey Al.

    Yeah, I’m wondering how we can get better out of Brown, Kopi, and Patrick.
    But I’m ecstatic you were spot-on about Quickie.
    Remember, after the Detroit game I was skeptical.
    But man if that kid doesn’t look like a popsicle back there, he’s so cool…

    Help me support USA Hockey, Al.
    Go to:

    …and give it back to some of the nucks insulting our boys.

  • JGSmall

    Kopi had a decent game. The biggest problem is that he knows he needs to score. He is gripping the stick too tight. He actually made a pretty good move on the shoot out but the goalie didn’t bite on the far side. If the read is correct and there is nowhere left to shoot, it looks like a weak attempt.

    Brown is not passing because the offense is misfiring. He is trying to do it all by himself. This is clearly a confidence thing. While they all have complete confidence in their own capabilities, they are not confident in their teammate’s capabilities.