Some initial notes

Jonathan Quick stopped 31 of 32 shots (165 of 175 in seven appearances this season = .943 save percentage).

In his last five starts Quick has allowed only four goals (0.79 goals-against average).

The Kings are 1-for-2 in penalty shots against this season and 34 of 46 all-time. For a list of all-time Kings penalty shots click here.

The Kings are 2-4 in shootouts this season.

The Kings have allowed 103 goals through 38 games this season. They allowed 128 goals through 38 games last season.

Tonight was the Kings fifth sellout of the season and third straight.

The last time the Kings beat the Flyers was Oct. 21, 2003 at home (won 4-0).

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  • anthony


    What the hell has happened to the Kopi-POS-Brown line.
    They looked aweful and completely out of place.
    And where’e our offense lately.
    Last few games, we’re only averaging 1 goal a game.
    We can’t always expect the goalie to win it for us. One of these days the offense needs to put a few pucks in the net.
    I’m happy we won, but I’m sick of these shut outs and 1 goal games.
    Our offense is boring to watch.


    They’re calling the USA Hockey program a bunch of spoiled, classless individuals that can’t play as a team.
    American boys getting it done.
    I’d rather have Dustin Browns pinky than all of Stefan Della Rovere (of course DL will probably go and draft him now cuz we don’t have an agitator) or Steve Downie.
    Winning is important but the Jon Blum story proves that games are the things we “play” at.

    I think Murray should make Brown our agitator. Fro/Boyle/Brown.
    Thunder and lightning with a splash of vodka.

    Murray sure was experimental tonight. It was really fun. Go Murray, Go Murray.

    Hells Bells! The ghost of Dave Taylor may just notch another one. Quickie is freaking un-be-lieve-able. This kid is so cool his girlfriend stick to him when they french.
    I cannot believe how calm he is. It’s like he’s taking a walk in the park.
    Could he really be the real deal?
    He hasn’t set one foot wrong since his first start of the season.
    Where the hell was he to start the season?

  • Hockey Jesus

    I was at the game last night and told my friend that Ersberg and Quick have this calm demeanor to them that it almost feels like they aren’t doing anything. You don’t freak out when the other team is pressuring because both these guys will make a save and I would rather be beaten on a broken play than a save the goalie should make 9 times out of 10. Plus how awesome is it that we don’t see belly flops on a penalty shot or shootout? I was tired of seeing Labs flopping around and having that crazy look in his eyes. It looked like he was scared all the time. Ersberg and Quick are smooth like butter.

    One last thing the only line that has seemed to work this season is Frolov-Handzus-Simmonds. Although Simmonds did look good on that 1st line last night as well. I would like to see something like this:

    Zeiler (Until we can get someone better)