Murray discusses Frolov

Below, you’ll find Terry Murray’s response to my question about Alexander Frolov, and the best way to utilize Frolov’s game. Frolov’s most consistent line this season has been with Michal Handzus and Wayne Simmonds, and Frolov had scored a team-high 16 goals. Now, Frolov swaps centers and skates with Anze Kopitar, which should give Frolov and the Kings a different look. Here are Murray’s thoughts about Frolov and his game…


Question: Having watched Frolov up close for a few months now, have you developed a sense for what type of linemates work best with him, or what his best role would be?

MURRAY: “I was asked a question at the beginning of the season about Fro and his offensive production, his goal scoring. `Are you concerned about it?’ I don’t remember exactly how the question was asked, but my answer was, `I want him to become a checker.’ When he ends up playing with Handzus and Simmonds, I like the line. I think that they complement each other, they work hard for each other, they have big bodies that match up against the top lines on the opponent’s team and, as a result, we’re also seeing good scoring chances. Frolov has put some numbers up on the goal-production side. He leads our team in that. So I like that part of his game. We need it to be there every night. It’s a very important line to play on, and match up against the top lines. To bring that effort and that compete level every night, that’s what I’m trying to push, and certainly Fro is one of the veteran guys that needs to lead the way in that area. He, I hope, understands the importance of his example as a veteran player, to show that attitude game in and game out, and every day in practice.”

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  • ziggy33

    For the first time this season I am questioning Murray’s coaching after watching that bore of a game last night. I give credit to Hayward for explaining the kings attack, or lack thereof, of offense. Sending only one forechecker in the offensive zone is mindless. Its like the Kings don’t even want to score! They are playing WAY too conservative. The offensive approach better start to change or the dream of the playoffs will end quickly. I’m not anti-Murray at all as I give him credit for turning the team around somewhat, but I cant remember a Kings team as punchless as this one. It seems like every game lately we have only one or two quality scoring chances at most and if we don’t convert on them we have no chance of winning.

  • anthony

    Amen Ziggy.
    I couldn’t have said it better myself.
    Watching trAffic on the 405 is more exciting to watch.

  • jediknight329


    i live right along the 101 in the valley. its pretty exciting here too.

    looking forward to seeing the new lines thursday night.

  • ian

    In other words, “give me more Fro..”

  • Kevin Y

    Rich, you have the quote as “FROLOV:”, instead of Murray.

  • Garrett

    I agree with the comments above about how boring the Kings are playing. The last few games I feel like it has been even more apparent. In fact, I have found myself having a hard time watching them lately. Even when they stunk the last few years at least they were usually exciting to watch. Being good defensively is one thing, but refusing to attack offensively is ridiculous.

    This quote about Frolov sort of defines why the Kings are so boring now. He is one of the two or three most offensively gifted players on the team and instead of letting him go out and try to put some points on the board, Murray is attempting to convert him into a checker. Telling him to play responsibly in his own end while playing on the top line would be one thing, but wasting his obvious skill as a checker is plain stupid.

  • kingsince67

    Wonder what Lou L. in New Jersey would think about defense first, offense second and the cups he has won. Let’s get 1 thing out right now…I HAVE BEEN HERE since GAME 1 and except for a very few seasons we have always scored goals in bunches…but have NO HARDWARE. Once again TM has done a decent job, the key players have NOT lived up to expectations and we have to GROW a bit. But the bottom line remains the same…start the Peter Puck break aways on Quick or EE and we will be right back to the same thing we have always have…Kings can score…but they need defense.

    Patience Please this will not turn around in a half season. The clamoring by the fans that are short sighted have cost us dearly in the past….anyone remember thr Rick Martin deal with Buffalo ? Draft pick after draft pick sent away to get a ” star ” here, coach after coach fired and what happens…no cup, same old problems and the same old fans trying to be something they are not…We are on the right track and if we are pateient thru these growing pains we will reap the benefits. We do not need that 1 guy just yet to put us over the top and until that day arrives we have to get the solid pieces in place. it is starting to come, I hate the way some games go but for Brown, POS, Kopitar, Doughty et all to get us there if they are truely the guys to carry us there for years to come….they too have to sacrifice EVERY NIGHT.
    Until that happens here in LA tons of offense or a boring no offense team will not win the cup. To win you have to WANT IT BAD EVERY NIGHT…Is TM the coach to get us there, Maybe, maybe not but right now he has had a hand in fixing the 1 thing that has been historically terrible for us…DEFENSE. Hopefully we see a better effort tonight, but having palyed this game for a lot of years I know that NO COACH EVER made me play hard every night….that came from within me.

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