Murray, on the line changes

Here’s what Terry Murray said today about the new lines he unveiled in practice today, and the need for improved offense…

MURRAY: “We had some different lines out there today. We’ll take a look and see how it goes. The second half of the third period against the Flyers, I had Simmonds up with Kopitar and the result was good. Change is necessary right now. We need to try to find ways to score goals. We talk about it quite a bit. Some things are looking pretty good, when it comes to the offensive part of the game, but there’s a need to put a real focus on it, so we’ll see how things go tomorrow. Not only tomorrow. We need to do things right in practice. The offensive part of the attack, we had several drills here today that pushed that part of the game. We’ll continue to build on that, not getting away from the defensive part, but adding the offensive part more consistently.”

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  • Anonymous


    Kopitar’s poppa is a coach.
    If you ever see him could you get him to answer a few of the questions about the team you’re asking the players and coaches?
    I’d love to hear what the guy who raised Kopi thinks.
    And I think it’s cool that Kopi loves his family enough to live with them and bring them to LA.

  • anthony

    Does this strike you as odd, or is it just me.
    But doesn’t this coach say the exact same thing every time he line juggles.
    I mean the exact same thing.
    Oh, we need more scoring so lets try this. Then lets try that. And this and that.

    But things never change because the forwards are scared to death not to be caught on the ice when the other team scores. This DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE thing screwing up the offense.
    Players are not robots that can be programmed.


    I think there are more than a few ironies at play.
    Anthony and his “viagra” humor when the Kings are an impotent offensive team.
    An impotent King is no good for the kingdom.
    The penultimate trophy in hockey is a “chalice.”
    And Murray’s middle name is “ROD”ney.

    Makes me want to rent the film “Excalibur” again. That one is QUALITY.