Quick ready to go

As previously posted, goalie Jonathan Quick made it through practice today and showed great improvement after yesterday’s flu symptoms. Quick is scheduled to start tomorrow night against the Ducks. Quick’s major ailment yesterday seemed to be a bad sore throat, but he said he felt much better today. I joked with him and told him he couldn’t handle our rough Southern California winters… Here’s what Murray said about Quick today…

MURRAY: “He’s going to play. I didn’t know, before practice, how he was going to be. I wanted to see how he went through it. He looks strong and he feels much better. He ate this morning and at the end of the day he feels real good, so he will play.”

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  • jediknight329

    ersberg was solid last night, but i felt he looked a little slow on certain plays. probably was simply the lay off. i felt bad for him. had the kings shown any enthusiasm last night, he prpbably gets an easy win. hopefully the kings play better in front of quick on thursday.

  • Deano Lombardo

    Unless we put in 2+ goals it will be another loss…

  • Anonymous

    How awesome is it not utter the phrase “Oh great” when we announce our goalie selection!

  • Moondoggie

    Anonymous…How sweet it is!

  • coleman420

    so really what’s the deal is quick the starter or is it going to be a time share?

  • Paul from Oxnard

    This is unrelated to Quick, but I wanted to post in in the most recent blog entry. Tonight’s “Voices” program on NHL Network is on Kings radio play by play guy Nick Nickson. For those who aren’t familiar with the program, it’s a combination interview/”day in the life” type show. They’re going around the NHL doing each team’s radio play by play broadcasters, one per week.

  • Sisto Maximo

    What a Goal Tender! Quick will be fun to watch at the Kings end of the goal! Ducks will find out about Quick tonite! It will be an exciting game!