Where Moller fits in

If, as expected, Oscar Moller plays tomorrow, Terry Murray will need to find the right spot. The Kings seem prepared to go forward with a Frolov-Kopitar-Simmonds line, while O’Sullivan-Stoll-Purcell also seems to make sense. Calder and Brown have been playing together quite a bit, but it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Moller-Handzus-Brown, given that Moller had been in a “skill” role before he left for the World Juniors. We’ll see. Here’s what Murray said about where Moller might fit in…

MURRAY: “I’m going to sit down with the other guys and talk about it. He came away from (the tournament) healthy and feeling good, feeling real positive about how everything went in the tournament. So we’ll take a look at it and talk about it, and go through the line combinations and see where he fits.”

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  • anthony

    I thought Moller left the tournament angry and upset that he didn’t win the gold.


    “Calder and Brown have been playing together quite a bit” and reports are coming in that there’s a lot of sand in the Sahara.
    Nice touch Rich. I think, if I’m correct, that was a diplomatic way of saying that something appears NOT to be working there, despite the nearly 30+ games it’s been tried.