Goalies, going forward

The Kings will go back to Jonathan Quick in goal tonight, but it’s still premature to declare him the Kings’ No. 1 goalie. Erik Ersberg remains a big piece of the puzzle, and Terry Murray said today that the goalies will split the Jan. 20-21 games at Minnesota and Colorado. Of course, there are still three more games (after tonight) before that trip, and Ersberg could very well get a start before then. Here’s what Murray said about the goaltending situation…


Question: Going back to Quick tonight?

MURRAY: “Yeah, he felt good. I talked to him yesterday and he actually feels back to normal, after that sore throat and missing that start in Anaheim. He’s back to full strength and ready to go.”

Question: Will you try to come up with a plan for playing the two goalies, or is it a game-by-game situation?

MURRAY: “It’s hard to come up with a plan and say, `This is the way it will be for the rest of year,’ with them alternating or having one guy play two-to-one, but I will look ahead, through the all-star break. We’re getting into these games on the road…Minnesota and Colorado, they will split those. I’ve already decided that and talked to the coaches about it. Both goalies will keep playing. They are two young players who are important players on our team, and as they develop their games they will continue to play as a tandem.’

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  • Quisp

    From the OC Register:

    Rinkside View gets the boot

    The last Rinkside View broadcast of Ducks games was last Sunday. The Ducks met with FSN and the decision was made to discontinue the controversial telecasts for the rest of the season. Its not something thats overwhelmingly positive, said Aaron Teats, Ducks director of broadcasting. Teats spoke with Fox Sports West and Prime Ticket executive producer Tom Feuer last Sunday and expressed the view that the Rinkside broadcasts were not worth continuing. The network will focus on more between-period content and other areas to draw in viewers. Rinkside Live used multiple cameras positioned at rink level to give viewers a different perspective of a game in an effort to boost ratings. FSN debuted it for one game last season and scheduled it for 13 Ducks games this season. There were four more Rinkside telecasts remaining. Viewers complained about not being able to watch play develop and of the numerous jump cuts made from camera to camera. FSN tweaked the broadcasts in November to use fewer jump cuts and more of the traditional overhead camera view. Said Teats, In reality, it wasnt receptive to viewers.

    Har de har har.

  • anthony

    Finally this coach faces a problem every coach would like to have – choosing between two competent goalies.
    A problem LA hasn’t had in many many years.

    Knowing TM, he’ll probably take credit for the success.

  • Deano Lombardo

    Now if we can only get some consistent offense, we might actually have something here! It looks like phoenix might be shopping Doan, how great would he look in a King uni?

  • Sisto

    Terry Murray is right on the money in using his goal-tenders in tandem. Ersberg is a great goalie but is little off his game after being out a couple of weeks! He’ll be back in short order with more playing time! But Quick is turning out to be the big prize for the Kings. He will definately give the Kings a very good run for the playoffs in the second half of the Kings season. Quick and Ersberg will make a great goalie tag team in the NHL and with great coaching by Terry Murray the NHL playoffs are in sight!

  • Moondoggie

    Shane Doan has been a King killer for years; at least their GAA would go down with him in a Kings uniform. I think he’d look good. The question is what would be the cost, our youth, draft picks??? He’s in his prime (32); my guess is that he’d come with a hefty price tag. I doubt if the Yotes would want to trade him to a Pacific Division team.

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