Moller’s shoulder

Basically, here’s the deal with Oscar Moller’s shoulder…

He got hit in the World Juniors game against Russia and left the game with a sore shoulder. They looked at it, but both Moller and team officials thought Moller had simply aggravated an existing injury involving the shoulder joint. They did NOT take x-rays on the shoulder, and Moller played in the final two games with minimal pain (according to Moller). He came back to the Kings, skated in one practice and had enough discomfort that he went for x-rays, which showed that he had fractured his clavicle. Moller will be out until at least the all-star break. I got to catch up with Moller today to ask about the tournament and the injury…


Question: Some mixed emotions from the World Juniors? You had a great tournament but then you get hurt and come up a little short in the gold-medal game…

MOLLER: “It was fun, and it’s great to be back. Obviously I thought it was a great experience for me to be there, and a great time. I got to play tons and be one of the leaders, and I think that was good for me. Obviously it sucked that we didn’t get the gold. We really wanted that bad, and then on top of that I hurt my shoulder. I didn’t know it was a fracture until I got back and they took x-rays.”

Question: At the time of the injury, how seriously did you think you had hurt it?

MOLLER: “I thought it was an old injury that I had before and just hurt again. I thought I was fine, because I thought I knew what it was. So I thought, `I can play with this,’ and they just taped me up.”

Question: So they didn’t take any x-rays or anything after that game?

MOLLER: “No. We didn’t think about it as a fracture. They just thought it was an old injury.”

Question: Were you playing in a lot of pain?

MOLLER: “No. It was not bad, actually.”

Question: Being the captain of that Sweden team is obviously a high honor. What do you take away from that experience?

MOLLER: “Just to always show the right attitude, no matter what game it is or what the score is, help out with everything around, talk in the dressing room and make sure everyone is on the same page and help the younger guys, push them in the right direction.”

Question: Reading the quotes, you seemed pretty upset after the gold-medal game…

MOLLER: “Yeah, the second year in a row too, and it was the last chance for me. I just felt terrible after the game.”

Question: Are you able to put it in some perspective now, and be pleased with the tournament in general?

MOLLER: “Yeah, I’m starting to look back at it right now and see that it was a great time. It was a good tournament for me and our team as well.”

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  • OneTimer

    Thanks Rich- nice update from OM himself.

    Just gonna say: regarding several fan’s past comments and concerns about whether it was “smart” of DM, or the Kings in general, to release Oscar to play for (ahem … I mean CAPTAIN) Sweden at the WJC’s … this may help silence them.

    For a young talent to have that kind of experience, exposure and responsibility – especially towards something that meant so much to him … can ONLY BENEFIT the Kings some playoff year down the road when we need it most. (Maybe even when Oscar himself has an “A” on his jersey?)

    Even having to settle for Silver/2nd – that kind of “big stage sensation” simply can NOT be taught on the hallowed rinks of the Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo (as lovely of a facility as it may be.) The shoulder will heal- while the lessons gained extended way beyond the recovery.


  • Moondoggie

    Old Timer,

    I like your comments and I’d also like to put this thing to rest about Big O…DL totally made the right call in sending him to the tournament. You said it best, you just can’t bottle that kind of experience at El Segundo. I was thrilled to see four Kings selected, all in leadership positions. Even tho they didn’t need the help, I’ve thought what Canada would have been like had they allowed Doughty to play…It would have been overkill and Canada ultimately didn’t need him and the Kings did….However, can you even imagine how good Canada would have been with Drew???

    I’ve said it before (so has DL) but seeing these kids play for their nations in leadership positions and part of the Kings organization makes your heart swell when you think about what they’ll bring to LA when they finally come up. Hickey, Teubert, Voinov & Moller, along with Doughty and JMFJ??? It’s going to be fun. Unfortunately as Rich has said, the Kings won’t be able to keep them all, you’ve got Greenie and Quincey already playing and I’d imagine they’re here to stay. It does create an interesting situation for DL who can use some of those assets to trade for a front line sniper.

    Bottom line, DL has assembled some great talent and its all coming together. This team is good already and is only going to get better…..

  • OneTimer

    Thanks Moondoggie. (It’s actually “OneTimer”, but I’m in my 40’s now so the other will start applying sooner than later. haha) šŸ˜‰