Morning skate (1/10) update

Those who have been wanting to see Brian Boyle in more than a fourth-line role will get their wish tonight, as the Kings are expected to skate much like they did in the third period Thursday:


In discussing the Boyle/Stoll flip, Terry Murray once again referenced Stoll’s delay of game penalty. He really, really didn’t like that one.

Jonathan Quick will be in goal.

It was an optional skate this morning, so Kopitar, Frolov and Handzus (and Murray) stayed off the ice.

I’ll have quotes on this stuff a bit later, plus an explanation from Oscar Moller about his situation.

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  • dave fouser

    slightly off-topic, sorry–

    does anyone know of any bars in los angeles or orange county that might show montreal hockey games? i seem to remember hearing about a place whose owner was a quebec ex-pat so he would always have canadiens games on. anyone have any ideas? thanks

  • markisonfire

    That has to sting for Stoll, but if Army or Richardson was on that line instead of Zeiler, I actually see a lot of potential… Well, I see some potential…

  • Anonymous

    I never thought i’d see the day no Calder on a “scoring” line. Its a little harsh for Stoll hopefully its for 1 period I wanna see Stoll and Calder flip flopped. Good luck to Boyle this is a big chance to make his mark.

  • smokiemcpot

    I just don’t see why Simmonds got pushed off the top line so fast. He played well and I thought that they looked good. I guess TMs just trying to get Brown back on track? Apart from that Fropitar looks good. Fro especially had more jump in his game. I think he missed the scoring line role and wants to keep it.

  • boylefan

    Ruch, pierre McGuire was on TV the other day talking about the LA Kings have made it no secret that they are trying to deal Jack Johnson.

    I know blogs may come up with stuff but a respected analyst making such a comment. Why are the Kings trying to dump Johnson? We finally build a solid defense for the future and you get rid of the 2nd most valuable piece?

  • Moondoggie

    Being a little rough on Stollie, aren’t we? I mean, I know it was a bad penalty at a very bad time and it almost cost the Kings the game but….4th line between Ivanans & Zeiler? That seems to be a little excessive….

    Glad to see Quick back in goal, this kid is good. Both he and Ersberg give the Kings a chance to win every night. It’s tough sitting Erik out but what can you do? This is a very intersting situation the Kings now have, who would have thought it would be possible?

    Go Kings!

  • danny

    if they have no secret about trading johnson then we would have heard about it by now.

  • Moondoggie


    I think both Rich & DL made it pretty clear in their interviews & the forums that JMFJ is an integral part of the Kings future. DL is looking to lock him up long term. Rich is very close to the team; I’m certain what with all the trade questions thrown at Rich in the forums, if JMFJ was on the trading block, it would have come up. I just don’t think it’s in the cards…..

  • KingzzFan

    boylefan –
    That’s a great bomb to throw out there to start all the rumor trades. Do you have anything to back up that statement other than a respected analyst’s name?

    No secret?? I havent herd anything and there’s nothing I can find anywhere on the net. If this were true it would be EVERYWHERE… and there’s nothing!!!



    Is it common for Fro/Kopi to skip an optional skate?
    I’d really like to hear that they participated. Even if it is optional.
    Zoos skipping is a bit more acceptable for some reason.

    Those lines are getting real close to being something, even with Mr. Z still in the picture. My calder/stoll/simmonds line is almost complete. Not to punish Zoos, but I think he’s the much better defensive center to go on that 4th line and possible set up Rita for a goal.
    But I like how we’re beginning to think and I’m exstatic that Boyle is moving up between some good linemates.
    I’d actually love to see Harrold up top instead of Brown, and Preissy put in the shop window on our D, though I don’t want to risk losing game with a weaker D.
    I really hope we don’t get Della Rovere in the draft.
    Zeiler’s lack of success as an agitator leads me to believe the Kings still want to fill that role. Who better than Della Rovere? He’s an agitator for sure. But I think he’s too foolish and takes too many bad penalties.


    I’d also experiment with:

    Fro/Kopi/O’S (offwing)
    Brown (offwing)/Boyle/Purcell

    Bottom line is we have tons of options now that we’re using our players in more creative ways. I think solidity is good, but that subtle juggling once we get there can help keep it fresh.

    I also have to figure out where I’d play Dany Heatley if that were the sniper we pursued.

  • motalare

    Apparantly he has mentioned twice in the last couple of weeks on a radio program in the Montreal area, but come on!! Mcguire is a tool. He is as bad as Eklund.

  • Anonymous

    I’m personally stoked to see that 2nd line of Sully-Boyle-Purcell. I really thought they were energy that 3rd period last game. Glad to see this. THis is uneqivocally Boyle’s shot to do damage and stay. Hope he ate his Wheaties today!

    I also think Calder is on the right line now. He and Simms will forecheck the crap outta (hopefully) the first line for NJ. Whichever line they are up against, if they establish the forecheck and then you pop out Fro-Kopi-Brown, we’re gonna see some goals.

    Stoll is odd man out here, but I think he could be quite effective on the 4th line. I’d like to see Army or Harrold at wing instead of Zeiler, but this line will work. Ivan needs to keep his head up and watch for that first pass to the neutral zone so he can initiate the dump-n-chase with Stoll as first man in. Ivan sometimes forgets to prepare himself in that role and we lose pucks in the neutral zone.

    Tonight’s game should be good….if we come ready to play. I mean we won last time. Every time we get to 500 or a game above, this team seems to take a night off. Better not be the case tonight (or anymore for that matter).

  • ian

    Is Zeiler really contributing anything at this point? I can’t remember the last time I even saw him get a scoring chance. Maybe Armstrong would be better, he can flap his gums (agitate) and has shown a willingness to hit/check this season…and is more creative offensively.

  • anthony

    Man this 59 year old is a punisher and a demoter.
    You do anything he dislikes, he’ll destroy you.
    Did it to Frolov, Sully, Boyle, Richardson, Purcell, Stoll, Preissing.
    What a terrible coach to be playing for.

    Unless you’re name is Ivanans, Kopitar, Brown, Handzus, and Gauthier – you’re out side his little circle of trust.
    Gauthier and Handzus – because they’re ex flyers
    Kopitar and Brown – because he doesn’t want to piss off his boss Lord DL
    Ivanans – sanity issues due to advanced age.

  • Scott

    Actually, Handzus WAS on the ice. Skated with Simmonds and Ivanans.

  • uknojata

    harrold on the first line huh? ya, thats genius. now give me 500 words on why you think thats a good idea.

  • anthony

    OOps, forgot to throw in the magnificent Calder to that group.
    Chalk that one up to the sanity thing as well.

  • TeamHasHoles

    I’m hoping Murray’s just trying to motivate Stoll somewhat. He hasn’t been as aggressive lately offensively and they need him on that end, skating and shooting the puck, especially on the PP. If Murray takes him of the PP, then he’s just being pigheaded about it. Stoll has been a terrific addition and I trust TM knows that.


    I’ll give you just a few, 13, that should be enough.
    “It excludes a certain weak player from the lineup. You figure it out.”
    There’s definitely irony in that number.


    Plus, I’d be happy to plug Dany Heatley in there if we didn’t lose any of the guys on these lines but Calder.

  • old man

    If we sat TM down for all his mistakes this year he would be out of a job. I don`t believe he used good judgement in Stolls case. He can play and also score and i might add works his ass off. Give him a break, for heavens sake!

  • ian

    Anthony, lay off the age thing, it’s senseless. TM is holding players accountable, there is nothing wrong with that, Stoll can earn his way out of the doghouse. There is no arguing with the improvement TM has brought about, they are a lot more fun to watch, can beat any team on any given night and I’m personally enjoying the ride..

  • Cynic

    (the 2nd Anonymous was my post, sorry, thought I was signed in)

    Anthony- It’s called DISCIPLINE. It’s something we haven’t seen on this team in a LONG time. See, in places like Detroit, Dallas, San Jose, the players are mature enough to do it amongst themselves and their coaches back them up. Takes time to develop. O’Donnell pointed this out to Murray last week as the character that needs to be built here. It’s coming, but again it takes time.

    Until then, the BEST thing TM can do is EXACTLY what he did to Stoll. Infact, I’ll bet he’s even talked with Stoll and told him he’s an example to the younger players and he needs to show it or not get minutes. If TM didn’t like Stoll, he’d be sitting out in favor of Armstrong.

    I can’t believe you really think like this. You gotta be joking. Infact, I could swear you’re the alter ego of Neil, or Neil’s rendition of an alter ego. (Some will understand that LGK reference) Anyway, for your health, put down the pipe, back away from the rock. TM is doing exactly what he is supposed to do and we’re better for it.

  • uknojata

    that doesn’t really explain why you think harrold fits on the first line, but i understand…its kinda hard to explain.

  • Quisp

    Ian, re Anthony/ageism:

    Senseless, certainly, but it’s also bigoted. Pretend for a moment the descriptor referred not to TM’s age, but to his race, religion or sexual orientation. It’s utterly inappropriate.

  • anthony

    Oh Please.
    For Heavens sake

  • Mike

    To dave fouser:

    Try the Redondo Beach Cafe. I think that’s the place you’re talking about. Good food, try the poutine. And in case it’s not obvious, it’s in the South Bay. Redondo Beach to be exact. Google it for directions.



    uknojata (by the way, what does the name signify?)

    Well, I don’t think that outside of Lewis that we really have any other options for forward right now. The others are all injured, though I may be wrong that they’ve become scratches and are ready to go.
    But Harrold is a skilled player and a naturally defensively responsible forward because he’s a trained defender. Personally, I like him on defense over Preissy, but I think he was excellent when played on the wing a week or two back. He’s fast and smart and that top line could use some speed getting to corners. Harrold’s shot and his ability to get it off quickly and accurately is pretty good – underrated I’d say.
    So with the way the roster is, and the abilities that Harrold has, I think he’d be pretty fun to watch up there and he’d bring some much needed pace to the game.
    Barring trying Stoll with KopiLov, which I don’t think Murray is even close to trying, I’d say Harrold is the best guy to throw up there. It has the added bonus of making Preissing play for that 2.75 million dollars we’re paying him this season; and, showcases any talents he has so that we can possibly find a buyer.
    I’m glad to explain my theories. Sometimes I think they don’t need explaining so I say, perhaps, too little of my ideas. But, maybe they’re just crazy anyhoo.

    Oh yeah. One more added bonus that I implied was that it could help us get Zeiler back to Manchester where he can help our kids down there learn the “heart” part of their games.

  • 4thlinechecker

    Quisp, Again you say somthing I completely agree with. It is getting old. I’m to the point where I dont even read his comments if I’m not in the mood. I’m 30 and it irritates me, just a very narrow-minded view…….. Its all bark and no bite, never has anything to back up his statements. Scotty Bowman, arguably one of the greatest coaches in the last 10 years, sure was a young buck wasnt he?

    If you hate the team so much, you got another team 30 minutes down the road.

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