Postgame quotes

(Re: the biggest issue tonight): “Too many penalties, taking too many undisciplined penalties, the hooking and the holding. t was same as last game vs. Anaheim and it came back to be the same thing tonight.”

(Re: game recap): “I thought that we pulled ourselves out of a little bit of a rut that we fell into, with the two goals [against], but we came back came back and played pretty well. We got 16 shots on net in the second period. It was a pretty good second period and we had some opportunities, maybe not great scoring chances, but we tried to bounce back.”

(Re game recap): “The penalties are an issue. I gave up those power plays and we took way too many penalties. They are the kind of penalties you don’t want to take. We just have to be more disciplined. You want to kill those penalties and get things going again, but today they took advantage of our penalties.”

(Re: coach Murray’s timeout): “He just wanted us to have a bit more composure and talked about starting to play the right way and help each other out, especially on the back end. He told us to be more supportive, especially our forwards and he told us to basically take a deep breath and start playing with a little bit more patience.”

(Re: against New Jersey): “They are a tough team to beat. They’ve done it for a number of years now where they just wait for you to make a mistake and they’re very defensive minded, but then again you look at their forwards and they play hard. So once you make a mistake they have some weapons to put it in the back of the net.”

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  • anthony

    The game is 3-0 when finally Armstrong scored to make it 3-1.
    Then the Kings started playing their best hockey of the night. Driving to the net and forechecking well. Almost making it 3-2.
    Then what does Grandfather do? He throws his girlfriend Rita on the ice for no _ucking reason. Rita takes a penalty because he’s too fat and slow to keep up with real NHL players.
    Then NJ gets a power play. Momentum is gone. Game over.
    Great coaching. When you’re down 3-1 in the 3rd period, throw in your garbage players.

    Patrick O’Sullivan had an ouststanding game. He was strong on the puck. Great forechecking. battled along the boards. Strong on the power play. Strong on the penalty Kill. And helped out on defense.
    This poor kid can’t buy a point.
    Any other team in the NHL, he’d be a 30-40 goal scorer.
    If I were him, I’d go up to DL and ask to be traded befor grandfather ruins his career.
    TM plays with his head too much. Always shuffling him around, not giving him enough time to adjust to new linemates. Punishes him when he makes a mistake. Demotes him when he feels like it.
    I’d ask to be traded to a team who has coach who actually knows how to coach.
    To teach both offense and defense. Not just defense.
    And even TM’s precious Defense lost the game tonight.

    How many of you guys will admit that Greene and O’Donnell played like _hit.

  • Silence Dogood

    The Kings stunk tonight. No sense of urgency was noted. The Kings seem to take the overwhelming majority of their shots from the perimeter. Very seldom was anyone even attempting to go to the front of the net.

    Boyle does not seem to have any guts. Only once did he even try to get in front of the net — on a power play, and he was not there long. He has size, but no power. What a wuss.

    Kopi seems to be having delayed sophomore slump. He had a horrible game in the faceoff circle. He lost most of the faceoffs that he took, and lost every one of the important faceoffs. He is not very evident near the front of the net either.

    This game was depressing to watch.

  • Brent

    anthony: I get it, you are frustrated. Can you stop with the personal attacks on the coach & Ivanans, please. It is ruining the environment of this blog again. Thank you.

  • sense13

    Ivanans should have never seen the ice in the third period.

    Why does TM punish guys like Stoll, Frolov and Sully for poor play but never seem to discipline Ivanans?

  • anthony

    Sorry Brent
    You’re right. I am very frustrated.
    Please accept my apology.
    You too Rich. Accept my apology.
    But If this was contest between the two coaches – Brent Sutter wiped the floor with Mr. Terry Murray.
    It blows my mind away as to what TM sees in Ivanans. He’s punished Frolov, Stoll, Sully, Boyle, Richardson, Preissing, Purcell, but never never Ivanans.
    His choice to leave Quick in net after the 3rd and 4th goal was bad. His choice to put Ivanans on the ice when the team built up some momentum was idiotic.
    I think his coaching style is not suited for todays fast paced NHL. He’s too old school. Not too old.
    His lack of vision on the Ivanans situation.
    Rolling out 4 lines in critical stages of the game.
    This punshment thing.
    This demotion thing.

    But maybe he’ll get his act together in the second half of the season.
    Lets pray he succeeds.

  • Chris in Torrance

    The game tonight was such a let down after the Ducks game. I’m guessing they were emotionally spent after the Ducks game and just couldn’t get it going tonight. This was by far the worst game I’ve been to this season and probably 1 of the top 3 worst games they’ve played this season.

    Hopefully they will bounce back on Monday with a solid effort.

  • Bring Back the Shield Jersey

    The sky isn’t falling, but…

    The Kings need to change their pre-game ritual; they are not at full-speed to start many games.

    Consistency-check for TM: punish Stoll for a stupid play? Well now Handzeus committed a cardinal sin, not once but twice, by losing a defensive-zone face-off cleanly, goal goal btw. 4th line for you buddy. Right.

    You know that “home plate” emphasized by TM? The Kings are afraid to go there on offense. They love being behind the net, to the side of the net, on the wing, and this new umbrella offense isn’t helping. We don’t go to the net, we don’t look at the net, thus

    We are over-reliant on shots from the point. So often we out-shoot the opponent, but so few of the shots are are really threatening. Cycle, cylcle, shot from the point is not really the purpose of cycling. The object is to move the puck from behind the net and the wing TO OUT FRONT for a scoring threat. But then again, we are netaphobic.

    This is largely a character issue, and please add names if you want, but the only guy who’s got this Ryan Smythe (sp?) mentality seems to be Simmonds. Sulli, a little bit, too. But folks we’re going nowhere without more of it, I’d rather we get a to-the-net guy than a sniper.


    Ivanans, man, what do we do with him.

    I believe there is no question that Ivanans have been taking way too many undisciplined penalties this season. Often times they were momentum changing penalties and tonight’s penalty was just another example.

    Yes, we all know what his role is as a big body in the lineup – play physical game, play simple game by moving puck forward, and change game’s momentum by throwing his body or even fighting. To be fair, he has been doing those rather effectively.

    HOWEVER, if he takes dumb penalties and change the game’s momentum the other way around, not once but several times, somebody needs to make sure he understands that’s gotta stop.

    With healthy Richardson and Armstrong, Ivanans should sit a few games.

  • jediknight329

    well, that was an all around lousy game tonight. the defense was porous and week at the blue line. they turned the puck over and made some poor decisions that directly led to two goals. probably one of greene’s worst games of the season, quincy as well.

    none of the lines had any jump. they looked flat and were completely outplayed and outskated by the devils tonight. it looked like boys playing men tonight. the good thing is that has only happened a handful of games this season.

    i’m not going to disect this game. it’s over and i’m moving on. too many penalties called on the kings (7) and not enough called against the devils (4). our pk was crap, about as bad as its been all season.

    i’m very much looking forward to the bolts on monday. stamkos was sat down on fri vs. the ducks but will be in the lineup against the kings. its been a while since they’ve been in l.a. that i can remember. this needs to be the kings big bounce-back game. i would not be surprised to see ee in net.

    that’s all, signing off for the night. need rest.

  • voice of reason

    Let me get this straight–the Kings lose a game to a team with seven more wins, and the person most responsible is the only player on both teams to skate less than 7 minutes.


    Sometimes you just happen to get the crap knocked out of you by a better team.

    Turn the page and hope we come back harder against Tampa bay.

  • MagicArc

    I was at the game tonight and seriously the Kings looked worse than the kids who play during intermission. In my opinion Murry is switching the lines up too much. You start getting used to playing with a guy and Murry goes and swaps the lines around. We’ve had 4 different sets of lines in 4 games. The only Kings who seem to be playing with any sense of want is O’Sullivan and Simmonds. Kopi’s role has been changed so drastically he doesnt know what to do with himself….is he defense? is he offense? Whenever he gets the puck he seems to be skating in mud…slow, sluggish and just empty.

    Brown got smacked around the ice tonight by a much larger team. Fro seemed to be doing his normal duty of trying to do everything himself…I swear he gets the puck and 3 opponents are jumping on his back and he has no one to pass to. Zeus was not even a factor this game other than the horrible penalty and crappy face offs.

    Too many penalties yes, but 3 goals on the PK is unacceptable. Quick was probably feeling some of the effects of his illness…just didn’t look solid.

    Get the lines back to what they were and I think we will see things change around.

  • duane

    Thank you for answering Brent with polite dignity. Your second post showed that you can express your opinions in a logical and calm manner. You were doing that for a while here – please do it again. Please lay off the age of the coach and the grandfather comments – as a 60 year old I find them insulting to read. I love this blog and I do love the Kings – even though there is plenty of room for improvement – I am enjoying this year more than last for sure. Ranting and bellowing does not acomplish anything.

  • CanadianKing

    I agree with the Ivanans complaints. Don’t you think it was the turning point of the game when he took that penalty in the third? The Kings had the momentum and were just dominating the early part of the third. Then Ivanans takes a dumb penalty, the Devils score and there goes the momentum.. and the game for that matter.

    As for Sully, I may be alone here but I’m not the biggest fan of his game. He reminds me way to much of a guy named Cammy. I’m tired of watching the Kings gain the zone, only to see Sully no look a pass right to the opposing defense or take a bad angle shot. I truly believe he will be part of any ‘blockbuster’ deal, if there is one.

  • Anonymous

    I know TM is passive, but doesn’t it bother anyone that he doesn’t seem more angry about how they are losing these games? If the coach does’t get fired up how can we expect the players to.

    The defense isn’t a product of TM anyway it’s Mark Hardy! Mark my words we’ve got the wrong head coach again. Way wrong.

  • voice of reason

    I cannot believe people are arguing that the Raitis penalty was the “turning point of the game.” It’s not easy to score two goals in the third period in the NHL. Sure it could have happened, but the Devils flat out dominated the entire game.

    The whole team sucked tonight. The guy who played 6-something minutes (the least of anyone on both teams) is probably least responsible for the loss.

  • Lukelumme

    I truly believe it is time to fire, think about firing Coach Murray or at least have him take so responsibility for personal decisions on the ice. I know a lot of people will disagree on this with me. Yes, the goalies & defense are playing much better than last year. He always seems to blame the players for every mistake that they make. It is time he starts to look at himself first before placing blame on the players. He should have changed goalies after the 3rd goal was scored and the timeout was called. No way should have he had Ivanans on the ice when the team had momentum while still being down 3 to 1. As coach you need to have the right players on the ice at all times especially late in games. Bottom line is you need to put the players in position so the players and team can succeed and win games. That means Calder cant be on the top 2 or 3 lines. Ivanans cant be on the ice in the 3rd when they are losing. Cant try and make Boyle into a checking forward no matter what his size is. You cant name Labs your starting goalie when he has not proved he can play at an NHL level. (Yes, I know Labs was already traded) Need to change goalies to spark your team to play better when needed. I am sure many of you will make comments that the NHL coach knows better than my humble self sitting behind this computer and finally commenting on this blog for the first time. I have played & watched hockey for many years OK maybe not in the NHL, AHL or ECHL but hockey is hockey and bad coaching decisions can cost you game in and out. That being said it is not all the coachs fault the players need to take responsibility also. I like what Lombardi is doing with this team but some changes do need to be made.

    I wouldnt make a major trade that would cost us guys from the current team but would try and sign an UFA goal scorer / offensive guy after the season under the age of 28. I know this is easier said than done plus Lombardis record has been better with trades than FA signing since he has been with the Kings.

    You also need to give the young guys a chance to play and see what they can do. Call up Moulson, Lewis, Voynov while sitting Ivanans, Calder, maybe Armstrong also and see what the young guys can do give them a real chance not just playing 5 minutes a game on the 4th line or 7th D-man.

    The PP unit really stinks and needs to be fixed seems like most of the action goes on the outside not around the net and need to finish when chances come up in front. Seems like when we are on the PP there is always 2 right-handed shots or 2 left-handed shots on the point. It would be way better for the 1 timer and puck movement since the puck would not have to travel as much to get to the player if we could get a right-handed and left-handed shot on the point.

    We also need more scoring chances from our D. Everybody knows when ODonnell, Gauthier an even Greene to an extent get the puck there is not much need to worry about the shot. Maybe this is where Hickey, Voynov, or even Johnson once he is back from his injury come in handy. We just need more quality chances from our D.

    Seems a lot of times we have trouble clearing the puck out when we are about 10 to 15ft away from the blue line. This costs us goals more often then I would like maybe the players are afraid of icing it with the new rules.

    We go offside to many times when we have a 3 on 2 or a 2 on 1 when the play is right in front of us.

    Sorry about the very long posting.

    Thank you very much Rich for all your updates and info on the Kings. It is truly a blessing being able to come to this website and get some knowledgeable hockey insight especially since I live in Las Vegas the hockey ghost town of the USA. Please keep up the good work I am sure all of us on here appreciate all your time and effort on this blog.

  • Anonymous

    How can a young team like this not bring the energy and emotion each night? This, I believe, is the one area that TM might be lacking in …. MOTIVATION. First off, my personal opinion is that Kompon should be let go. He offers nothing to this offense and especially, the powerlessplay. Secondly, the players need to “sell some moves” and be more creative. If they can’t deliver with these improvements, then this group of players will never achieve success. All the road games coming up the second half of the season is really going to show what kind of character this team has. If we plummet in the overall standings, then changes must be made. However, they should be the likes of Preissing, Gauthier, Ivanans and Zeiler (not necessarily in that order). I firmly believe that Harrold, Armstrong and Calder (if put in the right position and spots) are decent depth players. Come on DL, lets get the ball moving quicker on the progression.


    Disgrutled Kings fan since 74/75.

    And thank you Rich for all your priceless time and effort. I cant imagine what it would have been like these past 30+ years being a diehard Kings fan by having this much coverage. I’m sure it would take 10 years off each one of our lives, if not kill us !!!!

  • Brent

    anthony: Apology accepted. I totally understand where you were at yesterday. I was about to burst myself. It’s hard to watch the inconsistency and especially painful when we don’t have any control over the situation. We are so seemingly close… but yet so far.

    You’ve been a much more productive member of this blog lately anthony. I think working out instead of typing when you get to that level of frustration may be helpful. Cheers!

  • Hockey Jesus

    I see everyones frustration. One thing that I see constantly is the lack of in the slot scoring chances. Every shot we seem to get is from the perimeter, perimeter, perimeter. That is not going to get us anywhere. It is pretty clear now that our issue is scoring. We need a true power forward or someone who is wiling to crash/bang/park in front of the net and create havoc. Brownie isn’t going to do it, Sully isn’t either, neiter is Kopistar and as big as Boyle is that is not his game so what happens? Do you need to find that player via UFA? or???? I would like to see something like this:separate note I did like what I saw from certain line combos up front:


    I think you could alternate Purcell and Brown and keep the other forwards the same. Lukelumme I totally agree with you that Calder shouldn’t be on any of the top 2 lines or even the 3rd line he is a 4th line player a lot of the times he makes plays and I am like what the heck was he doing. Give some of the younger players a chance to play. It seems like none of the Vets except for OD and Zues have any impact



    Also we need a better shot from our D this is also where Hickey, Voynov or Johnson may help out.

  • rory

    a few people have said TM should have pulled quick after the 3rd or 4th goal, come on 3 of those pp goals he had no chance on. After the 5th goal why pull him? We didn’t have a chance to come back. Factor out the no chance goals and it’s a 2-1 score. Why throw the kids confidence under the bus. TM showed Quick respect understanding it wasn’t his fault.

    How about that kings powerplay? Awful. Special teams won/lost this game.

  • Moondoggie

    Well….Now that everyone has had a good nights sleep…

    No, it’s not time to ask for TM’s head. Guys, gals, this is ridiculous. We win a big game against the Ducks and we talk about the Kings like cup champions, loose a game and everyone wants TM’s head, Ratis head, Sully’s head, Eli Manning’s head (he doesn’t even play for LA….), well you get the idea.

    The Kings are a .500 team. Maybe a tad better but it probably won’t show in the standings at the end of the season. The Kings are going to spend the 2nd half primarily on the road which isn’t going to help their chances of getting into the playoffs.

    The Kings need a bonified scorer, a threat everytime he hits the ice. I don’t want to see the Kings mortgage their future to get one. The answer may lie in the organization with Loktionov, maybe Azevedo, maybe Moller, maybe through the draft, maybe via free agency. The Kings do need some spark tho to get their offense going. Unfortunately we may have to wait until the off season before any serious help comes along.

    It’s tough to watch but I still prefer TM’s defensive game vs a run & shoot offensive style. I know the run & shoot is far more exciting but it doesn’t win chanpionships. After 41 years of futility and only one serious cup run, I can wait.

    I’ll admit, last nights game was aweful, the worst the Kings have played yet this season but by far not the worst in their history. This team lacks consistency, they’re one game up then one game down. They’ve had trouble maintaining any consistency all season, no winning streaks, no loosing streaks, just a game here and there, very characteristic of a young team. The Kings are still learning. We all want them to learn faster. We’ve shown improvement this season, we’re about one season away from being a very good hockey team. The fact is, the Kings got beat by a much better Devils team last night.

    On to Tampa Bay and Stamkos vs Doughty. Things could always be worse. The Kings could have ended up with the first draft pick last year like all of us wanted.

    BTW….Has anyone noticed the numbers Martin Jones of the Calgary Hitmen is putting up in the WHL? Leading the world in goaltending. See how quickly things change? One minute the Kings have no goaltenting talent, the next minute they’re loaded.

    Stay tuned for more!


    I don’t think the Kings were dominated at all.
    I saw tons of positives last night and I can’t believe the criticism of some of the players who had almost nothing to do with the loss, or the goals against.
    We took some bad penalties that totally blew all the possession we were getting.
    We had 2 or 3 players NOT making basic plays and got down 0-3.
    Frolov – Kopitar – Brown has looked unbelievable at times and was dominating.
    Not to mention I don’t get any of the criticism of Boyle – he’s probably never been so gassed in his life after that game. You don’t just get minutes and start flying. He’ll need at least 3 or 4 games before he’s even used to the demanding physical action of the NHL.
    The only thing I think TM could have done in a better fashion last night would have been to leave the PP units the same as the normal lines – at least up front.
    Once the PP lines start going, the rest of the lines get a bit messy and it takes too long to get the lines back together.
    Also, Fro-pitar is so dominating at even strength, I think we need to see what can happen if they’re together on the PP as well. Brown, O’S, Purcell, Stoll, Boyle…there are tons of options in terms of who to skate them with.
    We may still make the playoffs, but our defense is a little exposed right now.
    Quincey and Co. are starting to come back to earth in their play and lots of little things are starting to go against them. Even that odd man rush (the final goal) was pretty well played by both defense and QUick, but the pass got through to Langenbrunner. It was just one of those nights but nothing even remotely as bad as the 1-6 Colorado game.
    New Jersey is surprisingly much more puck-possessive than in the past.
    They’ve got some unbelievable young talent – Parise, Gionta, Elias (of course).
    Weeks is a great back-up. I’ve seen him have great games like this before. And there is no doubt he was on his game last night.
    Plus, Quick had an off-night. He looked to be having trouble tracking the puck and just didn’t settle well at all.
    He was also victimized by those poor plays by Greene/Zoos, not to mention a sick move by Parise on the 3rd. Unstoppable?
    I also think that part of Zoos’s problem may be a hand injury.
    There was a moment in the 2nd or 3rd where he was on the bench and looked to be throwing gang signs with his right hand. It must be some form of hand injury which would make it pretty difficult to take face-offs and win.
    WE don’t get all the bumps and bruises reported.
    I think something is up, there.

    But at least we’re playing our kids and “cutting bait” guys.
    The last thing we need is to start trading and panicking now.
    But for a few bad decisions by INDIVIDUALS, we’re in that game with a good chance to win.
    But, I wonder if Greene will get a scratch next game. He was really bad.
    You’ve got to be better, and smarter, than that if your an Alternate and on a grip of money.
    Or else you start looking like trade bait.
    Good game by Stoll, though.
    Even saw the Calder/Stoll/SImmonds grind line once – it played great.

    Finally – I love Simmonds, but some games he’s less “present” and less effective. I don’t think it’s punishment to put him on the 4th line and give him less minutes.
    But, I think we’re getting close to having 4 pretty balanced and dangerous lines.
    I just don’t know if less of Stoll is a good thing.
    Maybe we should work towards

    fro – kopitar – purcell
    O’S – Boyle – Brown
    calder – stoll – simmonds
    ivan – zoos – richardson/armstrong/lewis/clune/cliche…


    By the way,
    Doesn’t anyone even know who Dany Heatley is?

  • Anonymous

    Brent, this is a game where you get a 5-minute penalty for breaking someone’s nose. Pull up your skirt and quit complaining “personal attacks on the coach.”

  • Anonymous

    All I have to say is that was the first game in 15 years of attending Kings games that I’ve left early.

  • JDM

    g-dangit, wasn’t signed in…

    All I have to say is that I was at the game last night, and in 15 years of attending Kings games, that’s the first one I’ve left early.

  • Anonymous

    The officiating was even more brutal than the way the Kings played last night…and that’s saying something… A combination of the two (15% Kings play…85% officiating) may have forced a fumigation of the Staples Center after the game…

  • RjB

    Yes Eat..Dany Heatley is someone I dont want driving me home after a game, but would like driving our first line. Great Call…Speeza, Alfredson, Kovolchuk are also on my wish list. I believe better drivers on the freeway as well.

  • mrbrett7

    Completely beg to differ with you Anthony, on just about everything.

    1. Since you have been so quick to throw Murray under the bus, and you seem to have such great knowledge of the game of hockey (yes, scarcasm is on), who would you have coach the team, and how?

    2. Rita, as you like to call him. Did you watch the penalty? To begin with, not exactly your “textbook” penalty, and he was forced to take the penalty (a boarderline one at that), covering up for your boy, O’Sullivan, who was out of position.

    3. Now on to O’Sullivan. He went to the net ONCE, ONCE the entire night. He is playing like a scared little girl who has lost her way. If I were Murray, my warning to O’Sullivan would be, one more idiotic, weak, worthless, perimeter outside shot with nobody else driving to the net, and your butt is gathering splinters for a month. He has lost every bit of his heart and his desire that MADE him the player he was turning into. His board play is horrific. He has no jump.

    It’s time to call a spade a spade. I don’t care if someone is your favorite player or not. Mine…Dustin Brown. Hey…Dustin…DRIVE TO THE DAMN NET…quit it with these damn 60 foot wrist shots with no screen and nobody driving for a rebound. They are pointless.

    Now…ETR…I tend to agree, a bit. I think they played alright, but, they were a half a step behind for the first 1 1/2 periods…and that just won’t get it done (that’s what I saw watching at home before I left for my own game). Listened to the rest on the radio.

    I’m VERY happy with Boyle’s play, and very happy to see that the better he plays, the more he gets rewarded. Like I said, Murray, Lombardi, the rest of Management…they know he can score. What they want him to be doing is to make sure he is using his size, and the last 2 or 3 games, he has been. THIS is why he is getting more and more ice time, and so long as he continues to play this way, the ice time will come, as will the points.

    On a side note, and most haven’t mentioned him…Purcell is settling in nicely, and we are beginning to see his unreal vision he has on the ice.

  • sense13

    “2. Rita, as you like to call him. Did you watch the penalty? To begin with, not exactly your “textbook” penalty, and he was forced to take the penalty (a boarderline one at that), covering up for your boy, O’Sullivan, who was out of position.”

    I’m not taking any sides here but either you’re talking about a totally different play or you just didn’t see that penalty correctly.

    That penalty by Ivanans was a clear-cut interference call. Parise or Gionta (don’t remember which) didn’t even have the puck nor was the puck being passed to him and Ivanans took him down.

    I just want to know why Ivanans was out there after we had just scored a goal to gain some momentum. It doesn’t matter how you slice it, it makes no logical sense.

    Rich, any chance you can ask TM about why Ivanans continues to see icetime in crucial moments? TM seems to be playing some favoritism when it comes to Ivanans.

  • Dan H

    Glad I finally got to Eattherich’s post because for a second I thought I was following the Last place team instead of a team 3 points out of the playoffs before the game….in a season they’re not supposed to have a chance at the playoffs.

    They’re playing ok but are going to put up a stinker now and then. The things that bug me are stupid penalties and Ivanans early on was the king and then settled down some but he’s been getting them again of late.

    Are people upset that O’Sullivan is shooting the puck because I thought that was the point of the game. If a defense is playing well you’re not going to split them. You HAVE to take the outside to get the puck in deep and then the other guys are supposed to drive the net…if they’re not you’re getting pissed at the wrong people.

    Penalties killed them last night and I’ll agree officiating wasn’t great but it wasn’t the reason they lost either. Penalty kill has to be better.

  • tooldforhockey

    I love the im 60 lets not talk about age lol, man if you get worked up about someone take some shots at someones age, maybe its time to grow up lol

  • Jeff

    I was at the game and very disappointed in the Kings’ performance myself. But at the half way point they have 40 points, a marked improvement over the last two seasons. Let’s see how they can play on the road the second half and not hit the panic button. It’s safe to say that the top offensive lines have been under performing as of late and rookie mistakes have been made, but Terry Murray is in his first year with the Kings and many of his players cannot legally drink. I’d reserve some of this harsh judgment for a little bit later. There are still many games to be played Let’s see the true grit in these guys.

  • mrbrett7

    Sense…I’ll take your word for it. At this point, I don’t remember anymore.

    But I too would like to know the answer to your question.

    I know and understand why he is in the lineup against bruising teams like an Anaheim, Minnesota, Philly or the like…but Jersey? Detroit? He can’t skate with those guys. I realize that not having Richardson handcuffs Murray a bit, as Richardson most likely should be in that slot, but why not Zeiler…at least he can skate. He doesn’t do much else but miss on checks (has he hit anyone since hurting Adam Foote?), but at least he can skate.

  • nykingfan

    well said Moondoggie

    There’s no reason to call for the head of TM. The Devils are clearly a better team than we are at this point. That combined with the fact that we didn’t play very well means we’re going to lose those games.
    In my opinion, this was a poor effort across the board.
    Bad penalties, poor PK (Zeus), Terible defense,(Greene)no offensive pressure at all, lousy golatending….just brutal all the way around.

    Quick thought on someone who was stating why Ivanans gets playing time and Stoll benched because of penalties.
    Stoll is a veteran who was signed to a big contract. When the team is killing a penalty and there’s no pressure, there’s no good reason why he shot the puck over the glass. He had time…that’s a play a veteran has to make.
    Ivanans plays on the edge. He’s going to take penalties. You don’t want to take away his aggresive play. The Kings know this and understand what he brings to the game. Htere’s a huge difference betyween the two.

    It’s time to move on and beat TB tonight. I expect a much better effort out of the guys tonight. I would also thing Ersberg will get the start tonight.

  • Anonymous

    There’s absolutely no reason to attack any one person for this loss. Teams have bad games, even Detroit and San Jose.

    I hope those flaming the Kings now understand that once they’re contenders, they will still have losses like this. It happens, deal with it.

    And stop the senseless attacks on our Enforcer, yes, that’s all he’s for-to protect his teammates. He will take penalties, even dumb ones. That’s what a good PK is for.

    Bring on TB.

  • mrbrett7

    I don’t think it was just the shot over the boards, NY…but I agree.

    My question regarding Ivanans is why is he even in the lineup against a team like Jersey?

  • sense13


    Yeah, I totally agree with you that Ivanans shouldn’t be playing in games against the devils, wings etc., but I don’t know if Zeiler is the answer either. I suppose Harrold could fill in on the wing until Richardson is healthy but something tells me TM isn’t willing to insert Preissing back into the lineup. Until Richardson is ready to go, I’m hoping that TM will be smarter about how he uses Ivanans.

  • mrbrett7

    I agree with that as well. Preissing is just sooo bad. People ask all the time how can a guy who had a +30 something with Ottawa be this bad? Well, for starters, plus/minus is overrated, and secondly, that team scored like crazy, and when your playing with the likes of Spezza et al (and they are playing well), your going to benefit.

    There is a reason why the Sharks let him go so easily in the first place.

  • nykingfan

    It was more than the shot over the boards, but that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. His play has continued to be inconsistant at best. I like what Stoll brings to the team, but we should be getting a more consistant effort every night. That’s his biggest problem from what I can see.

    I think Ivanans will be in the lineup against everyone, as long as he keeps playing physical. I think he’s improved his play dramatically since he first got here. He’s not going to score 15 goals, but if he plays physical and smart defensively, he’s a guy that can become valuable.

  • Quisp

    re Ivanans –

    I think the secret key to understanding why Ivanans keeps getting his chances is this: work ethic. By all accounts (most recently from Jim Fox on a recent broadcast), Ivanans works his ass off, practicing harder, staying later, always working to improve himself and his game. My take is: Terry Murray loves this, and since he (TM) also sees some potential in RI (and knows that hard work is how he’s going to get there — if he is), he’s willing to reward RI’s hard work. If RI were to “take it to the next level,” he would be an ideal TM player: big, mean, defensively sound, hard working, hard to play against.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying RI will become this kind of player. He might; he might not. But I do think for TM the relentless effort and hard-work on RI’s part cures a lot of ills. It’s earning him his six minutes per game.

    It’s true that RI takes a lot of penalties out of (essentially) lack of skill. But I have also noticed in the last few games that he has made some excellent, simple plays to (for example) get the puck out of the zone in crucial situations. It sounds simple, but if it were, my blood pressure wouldn’t go up every time we’re trying to clear the zone. Why can RI do it, when so many times others (POS, for example) can’t? Maybe because it has to do, primarily, with listening (to the coach), and bearing down.

    Coaches like that stuff. They like it when you listen and work your ass off.

    So, maybe there’s the other part of the equation. Maybe TM has him out there as an example. “You don’t have to be the most talented guy. Just listen to me, trust me, and work your ass off, and you too can get clutch ice time…” Something like that…

    Or, as Dan Bylsma used to say, [paraphrase] “if everyone else worked as hard as I do, I would be out of a job.”

  • Moondoggie

    Nykingsfan hits the nail on the head, again….

    Stoll is an integral part of this team. His mistake against the Ducks was almost a game blower, you could feel the momentum change right at that point. It’s a veteran play a veteran must make. But it’s over and it’s time to move on. That victory and the horrible loss against NJ are past. We’ve got the Bolts to deal with now who played a pretty good game against Anaheim Saturday. I’m expecting a much stronger effort tonight which the Kings usually provide after a bad outing.

    One other thing about Ratis (this is getting old), he plays about 7-9 minutes a night, a night! He’s the Kings enforcer; there’s no one out there even close. Zieler & Greenie throw their weight around pretty good. Zieler is a better skater & puck handler than Ivanans and Greenie is one of our top defensemen. The problem is both Greenie & Zieler are middleweights. We still live in an era where every team must and does carry a heavyweight to keep other teams honest and off the backs of their top players. Ratis presence both on & off the ice keeps our young guns from getting creamed, period. Other teams know they’ll have to face his rath if they start getting chippy. Not a good thing for a team that isn’t exactly oversized and loaded with youthful talent.

    Ok…I feel better. Nykingsfan, you’re probably right, I think we’ll probably see Ersberg tonight. I felt bad for Quick against NJ. He deserved much better than what he got served in front of him, the play was awful. TM showed both class & confidence in the kid by leaving him in. It’s tough on a goaltenders psyche to be pulled, worse in a bad game like NJ and even more so with a young one. It could have been a turning point; for Quick it was. TM stayed with him which basically sent the message that it wasn’t his fault but the teams responsibility. At this young age in their development, we don’t want to see TM (ala Crow) pulling goalies everytime they let a soft goal in. It destroys their confidence. Personally, I think that’s one of the things that’s hurting Bernier at Manchester right now (along with a porous defense playing in front of him), Crow showed little confidence in him once bad goals he couldn’t stop started going in because of the Kings poor defense last year. Those kind of things have a lasting effect on young goaltenders, one of the main reasons DL has been so slow in bringing these kids along (bravo DL).

    You can’t blame losses like those against NJ on the goalie; with the way the Kings were playing in front of him there was nothing Quick could have done to win that game.

  • Moondoggie

    Quisp…I couldn’t have said it better myself….you’ve got the Ratis situation dead cold. Good comment from old Dan Bylsma too, very similar style player and situation.

  • anthony


    Now you know I respect your views.
    But I’m gonna have to dismiss it.
    Ivanans takes way to0 many mamy miror penalties for a goon.
    He can take all the penalty minutes in the world, so long as it doesn’t give the other teams the PP.
    But not with this guy. He tries to start a fight and fails, so gets a roughing penalty.
    He tries to keep up with real hockey players (not like him), but he’s too slow and takes an interference penalty.
    Now I wouldn’t mind if that happened once in a while, but that’s not the case. The fool does it all the time.
    Any coach that takes this guy seriously needs to get his head examined.
    He’s a goon (enforcer) that can easily be replaced.
    Hopefully Soon.
    All he should do is play 2 minutes in the 1st period. 2 minutes in the second a period. And use his face for a punching bag.
    I would not play this guy in the 3rd period unless the game is a blowout.
    But too bad this coach can’t figure out no brainers.

  • sense13


    That’s an excellent point! I do remember Foxy commenting on how Ivanans has improved on his skating and how he practices hard.

    Ok, so let’s say that TM puts Ivanans in the lineup every game because of his work ethic. Does that mean that he should continuously be rewarded for bad penalties as well? Shouldn’t a coach also use better judgement rather than soley rely on his principles?

  • mrbrett7

    Well…Bylsma was a much better skater, more similar to Zeiler, if your looking for a comparison.

    I don’t deny Ivanans work ethic. I do question his ability to help the team when playing against puck possesion teams that don’t employ “tough guys”. There is no harm in scratching him against those teams…although, as has been said, who plays in his place.


    I think all of you are missing the point entirely.
    A “game breaking penalty” when we’re already in the hole by 2 to NJ?
    No offensive pressure?
    Ivan the bad guy? The one who blew the game?

    WHo else is a semi-vet on a big contract and did everything wrong?
    WHo should know better than to try and beat Elias and Parise exiting the zone by himself?
    WHo should know not to jump in front of his own goalie when a shot is coming from the point man on the PP, right off the faceoff?

    If anyone deserves a game WATCHING, it’s Matt Greene.
    You don’t make 3 million dollars a year, and replace Lubo, in anything like the fashion in which he did on Saturday.
    This guy wants an all-star game and he breaks every defensenman rule in the book.
    I love the kid, but if any player deserves to be sitting tonight, its Greene.

    K I S S – means keep it simple, stupid.
    Even Gauthier and Preissing are fairly good with this one.
    Ivan does just fine.
    He should get some time with Fropitar insead, maybe. Just put him with 2 good defensive guys and let him bang in their rebounds. Or, they can shoot them in off of his body while he stands at the net. Hell, give him PP minutes with them, too.



    Murray ought to skate the hell outta these guys in practice.
    We need more stamina and more strength in our team’s legs.
    Make them work out after the games, and add some more sprints.
    More upper-body work would help too, but the legs are the key.

  • sense13


    I’m afraid that you’re missing the point. First of all, we had just scored to reduce the deficit to 2 goals therefore, we had the momentum. And what does TM do to increase the momentum, he puts Ivanans out on the ice. Why? You don’t put Ivanans out on the ice when we’re trying to score. That’s like putting Fro out on the ice when we need someone to fight. It makes no sense. And I don’t think most of us are blaming Ivanans for the loss. We’re blaming him for the rally killing penalty.

    As for your reference to Green, he is one of our best dman and although, he may had an off night, you have to remember there are only 6 dmen and 12 forwards.

  • nykingfan

    I’m going to park myself in the ETR corner on this one.
    Anthony, you are completely wrong on this one.

    Ivanans is an energy guy. After you score a goal..or give one up for that matter, you want your energy guys out for the next shift. It’s about keeping momentum going your way. Does it always work? Of course not. He took a penalty, but lets be serious people…we’re not coming back down 3 against NJ…especially the way we played. That’s an upper echelon team and our effort for the majority of the game was atrocious. We had no business being in that hockey game.
    I think Ivanans skating has improved significantly and so has his play with the puck. He keeps it simple. He’s starting to remind me of Laroque. He’s getting minutes since his overall play has improved. He was once thought of only as a goon. No more! There are plenty of guys throught the league that have made the leap from goon to getting a regular shift. They all had a great work ethic.

    Greene has been without question, a terrific get for DL. He’s been one of our more consistant defensemen all year. The last 2 games have not been his best…especially against NJ. He was absolutely brutal. If we are going to praise the guy, we have to also be fair and call him out when he’s bad. Should he be benched? I’ll leave that up to TM and his judgement.

  • Moondoggie

    Mrbrett7…Much better comparision, Balsma & Zeiler…I kinda blew that one….

    Still tho, not that I’m a big Ratis fan (and I still can’t believe we’re discussing this), he’s an enforcer. Yes, he has an excellent work ethic and in time he may make a 3rd or possibly even a 2nd line winger (that would be asking a lot). His primary job is to keep the other teams’s goons off our kids backs so that they can do their job which is to score, pass and play D. Any side benefits like Ratis becoming a better all-around player are purely pearls he brings to the team, so much the better.

    One thing, I wouldn’t want to face him on the ice night after night, he scares the hell out of me….same for most of his opponents.

  • Duckhunter

    I’m one that would have Ivan playing in all games as well. Quisps’ point on effort and working his ass off is all you need to know. I love that quote as well. i look at it from a different angle, if our skill guys were doing what their suppose to be doing Ivan probably wouldn’t be playing during crucial times. I understand the frustration with some of the penalties, but you have to have some guys that due the dirty work and are willing to do anything to contribute and to win. As I said before, there’s not one guy on the Kings that isn’t glad Ivan is out there.

    Moondoggie, nykingfan, Quisp, ETR great posts. Mrbrett7 I always enjoy your insight and knowledge as well, but on this one I support Ivan, even with his shortcomings.

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