• anthony

    So now what.
    Do we replace him with Pressing?
    Maybe our brilliant coach will play Gauthier at the point on the power play.

  • Jimmy Crack Corn

    Bring back Jack!!!

  • Dorian

    I don’t know about you guys….but i’m in the mood for Hickey!! šŸ˜›

  • Kopi

    Man i love DD but dude sux it up and play. its just a bruise i dont know how many times i played with bruise shins or a cut on my face come on now..

  • Anonymous

    We lost double D, call up double V! Vyatcheslav Voynov!!

  • afx114

    @Kopi: Yeah tough guy, guess which muscle is used the most in skating? Your thigh. I’ve had a bruised thigh and it’s a bitch. I bet Doughty can barely walk, let alone skate.

    Lets see you do curls with a bruised tricep, then come back and talk smack about how much of a wuss Doughty is.

  • brianguy

    no penalty for kneeing? those zebras were blind last night. that goon deserves at least a 1 game suspension, first for trying to throw a linesman off of him during a scuffle, then for taking out Doughty with a flagrant knee to the groinal vicinity.

    watch the replay, not only does he lead with the knee and with full force (260 lb guy bearing down on you like that, is a lot of force), but also makes no effort whatsoever to slow down or even turn his body going into the boards. its the cheap shots like these that need to be targeted by the NHL

  • @Kopi

    I had one of those a few months ago. Doctor FORCED me to stay off my feet for a week due to a chance of the thing shooting a blood clot to my heart. If you force yourself to stay active it won’t break down cleanly and could cause something serious.

    I’m cool with him being a wuss for a few days. Big picture time.

  • brianguy

    “Man i love DD but dude sux it up and play. its just a bruise i dont know how many times i played with bruise shins or a cut on my face come on now..”

    pretty weak statement. we don’t know the extent of it. I would be surprised if he doesn’t miss 2 or 3 games.

    for comparison,
    I took a normal wrist shot off the inside of the thigh a few weeks ago in a game and didn’t think it was any big deal. sure it stung, but as far as I was concerned I’d been hit by worse. the next day I saw the damage – a huge contusion with a lump in the middle. even after treating it, there was a good 3-1/2 weeks before all of the swelling even subsided. about a week before that, most of the pain was gone. but there was still a reminder.

  • brianguy

    “I don’t know about you guys….but i’m in the mood for Hickey!! ”

    only if he gets to wear #4…. otherwise I’ll take whoever we can get.

  • mrbrett7

    Yes, Anthony, Preissing will be in the lineup, and probably at the point on the PP.

    Your act is getting tiresome and has made this blog virtually unreadable.

  • Anonymous

    I say we let DD and JJ take as much time as they need to fully recover. In the mean time, let’s begin Hedman vs Tavares debate.

  • Quisp

    Hickey: must wear #4
    Voynov: should get called up now.
    Preissing: probably will get in some games, but is doomed anyway.
    Gauthier: one of the hardest checkers on the team, if not the hardest.

  • Kozak

    Why don’t we just annoint Anthony as the GM, coach, #1 defensive pair, PP & PK specialist, #1 center, draft guru, enforcer, conditioning coach, and popcorn vendor. He seems to have all of the answers and is much more informed than the professionals that are in the organization. Think of how much money AEG will save in salaries by hiring Anthony. Also, by having this many positions and this much respnsibility in the organization, he won’t have time to spread his negativity on the blog.

    Rich, Jill, and fellow blog readers – sorry for my sarcasm and negative post but I’m just sick and tired of Anthony’s act.

  • BRS

    I think anthony just says these things so people will comment on them. He’s probably not as ignrant as he seems. He just wants attention. Best if we all just ignore him.

  • jediknight329

    mrbrett7… amen

    quisp… i agree, i agree, i agree and i agree

    kozak… double amen!!

    on the game side from last night, the guys are looking tired. they looked fatigued and made some costly mistakes trying to make plays that weren’t there. maybe a voynov and another ahl’r call up might freshen the legs a bit.

    i really wanted to see a bolt get bloddied after that bum took out doughty. that scumbag did not play the rest of the game (i think). did not see him if he did. pretty weak on the toughness last night and coasted for 40 minutes before deciding to play. too bad they could not connect on two consecutive passes. anze had two open looks and shots on net and choked on both. yikes! what a lousy game.

  • Kevin Y

    Guys, Doughty is listed as day-to-day. At worst, he’ll be back on the road trip. There’s not enough urgency to have to call up another player. As much as I hate to say this, I think the move right now is to put Preissing in the lineup until Doughty is healthy. It’s not worth a recall.

  • Ersberg

    No disrespect to Mr. Doughty and his thread here, but it seems our friend Ersberg has been a bit on the soft side since returning. I do realize he probably just needs some time, but perhaps this is a good time to try out the…Berninator!! I think JB should get a shot. We can’t leave him out of the 08-09 call-up party.

  • brianguy

    JJ, DD, and now VV? Kings are getting very alliterative.

    and let’s not forget BB or MM – Brian Boyle and Matt Moulson

  • CiscoC


  • JDM

    I’m hoping a Voinov call-up as well. I certainly don’t want Preissing out there. Then again, my worst nightmares came true when I saw OD and Goat paired together. Like skating through mud those two.


    I’m with you about the officiating. The last two games were two of the most poorly, unbalanced called games I’ve seen. Somethings not a penalty in one zone, then 10 seconds later in another zone it is.

    I want to go back to the NJ game. The penalty Ivanans took that everyone was so horrified about. I don’t know if you could see it on TV, but I certainly saw it from where I was sitting at the game, just before Ivanans took that penalty, on the other side of the ice, he (or someone else maybe on the Kings) got COMPELTELY held and interfered with behind the net as the puck was going around the boards up to the point. The ref is standing right next to him, not paying any attention, the pucks clears the zone, the King player goes after it and gets undeniably obstructed, causing him to be late on the play at the other end of the ice. Ivanans penalty was not the best, but I could tell it was largely out of frustration for not getting the calls all night.

    How about when the NJ player grabbed the puck and slid it under him behind the net! DELAY OF GAME! The ref is right there, and just blows the play dead. I know you can swipe the puck out with your hand, but you are not allowed to pull it under you! Hell, I saw that penalty get called on the Kings a week or so ago.

    The officiating has just been awful. Way too many new refs in one season. I don’t recognize any of the names of the refs anymore. They seem intent on only calling hooking, holding and boarding, and nothing else, and they couldn’t even get that right.

    Shit, last night Tampa Bay got away with a clear cut case of too many men on the ice. The Bolt player going off skated to the bench, his replacement jumped on the ice, the puck game to the first player, who then MADE A PLAY, and jumped over the boards, with his replacement standing two feet from him.

    I am sick and disgusted by the refs lately.

    Not that any of this discounts the Kings poor, lazy effort of late.

  • NMKingsFan

    My only hope is this season’s January doesn’t turn into last season’s December. The boys need to get out of LA, and develop a better chemistry and cohesiveness. I look forward to seeing them on the road.

    I’ve complained about Anthony’s posts for a long time, I don’t see how they add to the discussion, they are just continuously regurgitated attacks. I know I check the comments less and less while commenting myself less because of the negativity. This means less hits to the website as I am sure many other fans do. Rich does a great job on the posts and updates and those I will always read.

  • TB

    Its so nice to know I’m not alone in how I feel about Anthony’s tiring and often way off remarks. Its obvious he doesn’t know a thing about the game. Rich, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help us continue to enjoy this blog by not posting his bull****.

    Last time I checked, this team wasn’t winning a cup this year, so what does it matter? Let DD heal, and the rest will work itself out. Priority number one is his health, if we were pushing for a playoff birth at the end of the season…ok, play him. But for now, let it go. He’ll come back in a week or so.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sick of reading a bunch of whining complaints about Anthony when what’s really pissing everyone off is the team losing.
    Grow up and don’t read the comments section if you don’t like it.
    And, don’t watch the game if you don’t want to hear how horrible it looks.
    You people act like Anthony DOESN’T HAVE A POINT…

    Anthony is not paid to know what he’s talking about or to manage the team.
    Talk about pathetic. A bunch of grown people that can’t handle spirited debate over sports is an embarrassment. I seem to remember a bunch of the people calling for “no personal attacks on the coach” personally attacking and jumping for joy when Labs was traded.
    No personal attacks on Rob Blake?
    No personal attacks on Kopitar?
    No personal attacks on Cammy?

    BS all around.

  • Anonymous

    Ersberg said:
    No disrespect to Mr. Doughty and his thread here, but it seems our friend Ersberg has been a bit on the soft side since returning. I do realize he probably just needs some time, but perhaps this is a good time to try out the…Berninator!! I think JB should get a shot. We can’t leave him out of the 08-09 call-up party.

    The way Bernier is playing – you can have him in LA. Hopefully Bernier will pan out, but at this point he’s a bust.

  • RJB

    I am flabbergasted! I think there should have been 6 called up from Manchester today. You want to send a message, then here it is. If nothing else we have been a team that has not gelled over the years. “SOFT” We knew it as fans and our opponents knew it as they grinned everytime they saw L.A. on their schedule. Allison’s injury-Nobody did a thing. Ziggy’s Injury-Nobody did a thing and now Drew. I thought that was all changing this year. What the heck does Draggo (AKA Rita) think when he puts on a uniform? That he deserves to be there because of his talent? He is there for one reason and he did not answer the call. I am tired of this year after year. Any other ownership group if this close to putting your team into the playoffs would have made the few yet small tweaks to end this 7 year non playoff skid and reward their fan base. Not AEG! LIE wickkkkki just continues to pull the strings and is happy to finish 1 game better than last year for job security. I mean come on 10.50 tickets to fill up the stadium for what? Make the playoffs and the fans will be happy to pay the price regardless. This lets get Taveras Hedman BS is tiring. We are just a couple player (Scorers) away from not just being 8th but maybe 4th or 5th. Just a few venting thoughts from old RJB…Your thoughts welcomed..

  • 4thlinechecker

    Quisp I agree with you more and more each day….

  • Moondoggie

    Damn…I’m still pissed off about that hit on Doughty!

  • Ersberg

    Anon-How do you figure Bernier is a bust? Because of his AHL record? I seem to recall a recent Kings goaltender having sub-par Manchester stats. I’ll give you a hint-I use his last name.

    And on that note, Quick didn’t have that great of stats in Manchester, either. It’s about their team and that league, not how good they are and could be at the NHL level.

  • brianguy

    agreed. neither Ersberg nor Quick had very good stats when they were last in the AHL, but they’ve done well for the Kings.

    yet Labs’ stats his last season in Manchester were impressive, and he was crap here. go figure…

  • Quisp

    re Bernier/bust/AHL:

    With goalies, it has much less to do with stats than it has to do with getting used to the pro game. If anything it’s a wilder, less disciplined place (the AHL) than the NHL, so some goalies do much better in the more controlled environment of the big leagues.

    JLB, who someone mentioned, did great in the AHL. He seems to thrive on the chaos, lots of shots, etc.. Also, there wasn’t as much attention on him in particular.

    Bernier has played great and had some off nights. His numbers are the same as Quick’s.

    If I might offer an analogy: when testing children for giftedness, there are standardized tests. One particular pattern that is seen in gifted children is that they make more mistakes on the easy questions and very few (or surprisingly few) on the harder ones. The interpretation is that the gifted kids are bored with the easy questions and are paying no attention, working too fast, etc., and it’s only when they are engaged at the higher level — their level — that they perform up to their ability.

    I’m not saying Bernier is some kind of goalie genius. But I do think this analogy applies to him at least in part. It’s not the same as being, for example, a forward. If you have a knack for scoring, it’s going to show up in the AHL. But goaltending, as we all know, is this big mental house of cards. JLB was more of the crack-under-pressure good guy type. Bernier, by all accounts, is slightly more volatile, more of a Belfour. Or, for that matter, Hextall.

    I’m not making any excuses for him. His numbers are good, not great. The above is just why I’m not worried about him.

  • Ersberg

    Some good points there, Q.

    Some or most may not agree, but I think it’s actually a pretty good time to play JB. We’re currently playing two young and/or mildy NHL experienced goalies. He could come up to play/compete with them. Heck, why not.

    We may as well find out who could/would/should be our top two stars now.

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