Last night’s first line

As noted here, the Kings started last night’s game with a eyebrow-raising line of Anze Kopitar, Dustin Brown and Raitis Ivanans. Was Terry Murray trying to make some type of statement? Not really. Turns out, Murray and his staff had watched tape of Tampa Bay’s game against the Ducks on Friday, when the Lightning skated a first line of two skill players, Vincent Lecavalier and Vaclav Prospal, with a “tough guy” in Evgeny Artyukhin. So Murray countered with a similar line of Kopitar-Brown-Ivanans. When Tampa put Martin St. Louis back on the first line with Lecavalier and Prospal, the Kings put Alexander Frolov back on their first line. So that’s the reason, for the curious…

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  • anthony

    Thanks Rich,

    Well here’s the problem – Artyukinn is hundred times better than Ivanans. A cheap shot artist, but nonetheless, he has more skill. Ivanans is good nothing, other than taking penalties.

    Nice try TM, but once again you just proved that your not up to the task of being coach in this league.


    Am I the only one who thinks it should have been Fro/Kopi/Ivanans instead of Brown?
    I thought the idea was to unite those players (kopi-frolov), not to confuse the entire lineup.
    Murray has failed to be able to find anyone that matches well with Brown.
    Simmonds/Boyle/Brown – Two high energy players with the plodding (for now) Boyle would be a good fit. Boyle can dump and let the two bangers chase.

    This is not rocket-science. I don’t know why it’s so difficult for Murray to figure out.

    If you want Artukin to pay, send Ivan over the boards with the clear-cut message to punch him square in the face whether he’s ready for it or not.
    Don’t pull up to the crime with your sirens blaring.

    Don’t try to cross a “bridge” if it’s gonna fall apart while you’re on it.

  • Goallum

    Great job, TeMu. You’re the home coach for crissakes! Make them try to catch up to you, not vise versa!

    And split up the Browpitar already – IT DOES NOT WORK!!!!!

  • Joe McGrath


    Any way you can add a “penalty box” section in this blog.

    Some of us (Anthony, Cristobal errrr EAT) don’t know how to play within the rules. And rightly deserve a ‘time out’ in the proverbial sin bin.

    Jill, Rich.. Continued THANKS!

  • Rich Hammond

    For every one “anthony” post, there seem to be at least five “anti-anthony” posts. Which do you think clutters up the comments section more? If I can make a suggestion, it would be: if you don’t like a comment, refute the points made, or ignore the comment. It boggles my mind how and why people want to turn the comments section in “Kings Fan vs. Kings Fan.” Just ignore it. It’s easy.

  • Ersberg

    You have to admit, Rich, Joe’s suggestion was pretty funny. At least I thought it was.

  • anthony

    I spend alot of time and money on this team.
    More than I should be.
    If I told you how much money I spend on this team, you’d be shocked.
    But as a recent post accurately stated, the kings are addicting, am I’m addicted.
    When something you love so much keeps falling short, often the brain snaps.
    I just happen to blame most of the shortcomings on the management, coaching staff, and lately, – Ivanans and Gauthier.

  • Irish Pat

    I would just like to point out that Anthony may type provocative remarks on this blog, but he at least doesn’t attack his fellow bloggers. I may not always agree with him or anyone else, but at least he isn’t typing stuff like, “Next to unicorns and milkshakes, the Kings are my favorite thing ever” or “Dean Lombardi is dreamy”. You have to admit that Anthony is one of the main reasons you go to the comments and read them. The guy sparks interesting debates. Oh, and Anthony, in your post to Joe you left out Calder. Can’t forget him.

  • 28 KINGS

    Sorry Pat, but Anthony’s comments are the last reason I read the comments section of the blog.

  • ziggy33

    I was shocked also that Ivanans was on the first line. In my opinion, he should be getting as few minutes as possible. I think Murray should give O’Sullivan some time with the top line or even try Simmonds. Simmonds, Armstrong and Brown are the only forwards who play hard every night. This just states the obvious that we need a veteran forward who can lead, score and help the young players. We have the cap space and prospects and picks to make something happen. Boyle has been disappointing since his call up also.

  • Marty

    This is the major problem with this team,Murray is not utilizing the players properly.Ivanans actually thinks he is aplayer in the NHL,HE IS NOT APLAYER HE IS AN ENFORCER. Murray needs to use him as an enforcer nothing else if you play him more than a few shifts he takes bad penalties through dumb mistakes or his inability to keep up with the play,just as the Goat,Greene,Army and even Stoll to a certain extent.Ivanans needs to ENFORCE.Murray needs to play the players to their strengths or be replaced,his majorerrors are costing this team a chance to make the playoffs and improve to one day competeon a higher level than a bottom feeder.WAKE UP MURRAY!

  • Deano Lombardo

    Thats the lineup to get you the all important first goal of the game! What is going on?

  • paul

    take a look at how San Jose scored the first goal against Tampa tonight.

    2:17, Devin Setoguchi 20 (Joe Thornton, Douglas Murray)

    Murray not exactly known as a offensive threat!? Guess its only a good strategy if you score.

  • Nick

    Douglas Murray is a defenseman, that’s not even remotely the same.


    Maybe we could trade for Douglas Murray and play him with Frolov and Kopitar. (sarcastically)

  • Dom

    Easy now everybody…. I think Murray has been doing a fine job so far. Just look where we were last year this time around.

    What bothers me the most is that Murray simply REacted to Tampa’s interesting change rather than ACT on his own Strategies….!
    Send a checking line or power line against their first line but don’t mix up the lines every time an opponent does something funny like that …. where is the continued system when the coaching staff only reacts to the opponents “great” ideas?

    I’m missing consistency here. Let the same guys play together more often and they will learn to “click”.

    My 2 cents.

  • 4thlinechecker

    Alot of us have, 30 years worth. I get it, but its extreme and unneccesary at times

  • Eric K

    Irish Pat: i’d put the Kings above unicorns. however, In-N-Out milkshakes are hard to beat.

    as for Murray: interesting thought, but that ain’t gonna get it done. isn’t Brown man enough to handle it?