More Murray postgame quotes

Here’s some more stuff from Terry Murray after last night’s game, quotes that are more about the general play of the team…

(on the most disappointing part of the game…)
MURRAY: “The loss. Losing the game is always the most disappointing thing. You can lose a game in a lot of different ways. You can lose when you play extremely well or you can lose when you play without the structure and without the system, and that seemed to be where we were at tonight. The puck management, and the decisions with the puck, really cost us. With and without the puck, they cost us. The first goal is a perfect example of it. They go down on a 3-on-1, on a situation where it should be an automatic read, and that seemed to be the template for our game the rest of the day.”

(on the inability to get much going in the offensive zone…)
MURRAY: “That was because of not getting the puck in on a consistent basis to have some kind of forecheck going. We turned it over far too often at the offensive blue line and the gray zone, that five feet on either side, and when you do that you end up just chasing the game. Then later, as you try to do it, players are hesitant. There’s no instinctive play or reads that are going on, and as a result, you don’t get any offensive-zone play. A few shifts, but nothing on the sustained side of it.”

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  • Anonymous

    Seriously doesn’t it bother anyone he isn’t more pissed off at how they’ve been playing??!! Losing is disappointing? Wow, great insight Terry thanks.

    Please someone switch out his Prozac with No Doze!

  • adam

    Speaking of the first goal, I like how Gauthier pinched in at the blue line to make a check and he ends up taking out Boyle rather than Stamkos sending them on a 3-1. Man, that guy agrevates me, how many bonehead plays does this guy do on a gamely basis? I don’t see what Murray sees in him, other than the Pilly connection. I can’t wait for JMFJ to come back so Gauthier can go back to the AHL where he belongs!

  • Anonymous

    Enough with the excuses. Let’s here what you’re going to do to fix the problems.

    Rich, I feel for you. All the negative comments that you have to read from the fans, and now the coach. I guess this is why we are so passionate about this team. We are use to losing and venting. How enjoyable would it be to be a consistent winner and have nothing to talk about! Think about it. I guess you would have to ask the bandwagon fans of all the sports winners out there. They cant handle rooting for a perenial loser.

    I’ve become so tired of 40+ losing years that I have nothing more to say. But, I will stick around because of this infectious disease I have of Kings Hockey !!!!

  • Marty

    More PC talk by Murray,all the back pedalling in the world can’t save this sinking ship.Time has come to fire Murray and get a capable coach to make the correct decisions not some old loser BS. Murray continues to misuse and under play his better players -the younger.While overusing slow ,dumb and under skilled older ones.Get areal coach FIRE MURRAY while there is still half a season left.Maybe Lombardi is next? Lets get on with it.LIEWEKE DO SOMETHING!

  • Chicken Little

    chaos, doom, rapture. good thing lil ole me can rely on (some) kings fans to see the worst points of view in life.

  • Bring Back the Shield Jersey

    Don’t kid yourself-the sky IS falling, the wheels are falling off. There’s a lot of falling going on, including our place in the standings. The King’s early competiveness raised our hopes, and now they, too, are falling.

    Blame flies in every direction. Flailing goalies, perimeter-loving forwards, slow-footed d-men, character issues, poor decisions, bad penalties.

    But it was Murray who was brought in to make a decent offensive team that played poor defense, into a decent over-all team. Now we’re a bad offensive team playing poor defense. All our defense numbers are falling; PK, GA, shots against. This is not going in the right direction.

    For all of TM’s stolid appearence, he’s proving to be anything but calm and consistent. His use of players has become rather chaotic. 43 games in and he seems no closer to getting compatible line-mates. His demotions and punishements are a bit whimsical. His offensive strategies are inherently inconsistent: cycle down low vs. play an umbrella vs. crash the net. And the fruits of this are now becoming publicized.

    “Afraid to make mistakes,” “over-thinking”; these statements reflect inconsistent and competing demands placed upon the players, who all the while are trying to remember if they’re passing to a left- or right-handed team-mate. No captain, nor alternate captain, can make up for this macro level failure in leadership. Sure, on a micro level, Brown can show “leadership” by running around and hitting people. But the macro-level disconsonance (look it up) remains.

  • Old Time Hockey still rules

    What bothered me most is, nobody went after the goon who injured Doughty. Replays showed it was a dirty check. You mean to tell me they don’t have access to replays in the dressing room between periods? No effort, no courage, no desire … looked like things were turning around for this team, but this game was like the recent old days. You think Pronger would’ve let Tampa Bay off the hook if somebody kneed Bobby Ryan into the boards? Last night’s game was a joke, I’m glad I turned in my season tickets years ago.

  • BRS

    At least Ivanans won the fight.
    And Kopitar had 4 or 5 good hits.
    I think that’s it.
    But this team will get better.
    Don’t panic.

  • Old Time Hockey still rules

    Bring Back the Shield Jersey – I totally concur.

    In addition to a proven scorer – somebody the other teams have to say, “Oh-oh, so-and-so’s on the ice” – what this team needs most is an identity. I’m not saying bring back Andy Murray, but when he was the coach, at least you knew you would watch 60 minutes of effort every night. The Kings have a lot of weapons with all the young guys – they’re just not being utilized correctly. Seems like Murray is asking Kopitar to be a defensive presence – please, he’s one of the few “dangerous” players we’ve got … let him do his Kopitar thing! And somebody, anybody, please crash the net! And don’t wait to crash the net until you’re trailing 3-0 and it’s late in the second period.

    Good teams come out with a vengeance from the opening faceoff. He who scores first usually wins. This team falls asleep (and makes me fall asleep) with its lackadaisical play.

    Maybe a trade would put some fire in their bellies???

  • Mike

    Maybe a few more line changes should do the trick, right TM?

  • anthony

    The reason why that 3 on 1 attack got started – TM favorite ex-flyer d-man, Gauthier, tried to pinch along the boards and got burned.
    It had nothing to do with the forwards.

    Once again, how can the players play with any passion and enthusiasm when there’s a emotionless statue behind the bench.

    Yeah Marc Crawford screamed and yelled, but he also screamed and yelled at the referees. And that seemed to get a rise out of the players.

    With this person, the referee comes over to the kings bench, says a couple of words to him, and TM takes it as face value. He goes “UH, DUH, OK, I understand, sorry to bother you, continue to call bad penalties against my team.

  • wavesinair

    Well, for the most part we’ve responded well to losses this year. Last time we lost 2 in a row was a month ago and we got to overtime the following game. The 2 previous times we won the third game.

    This time we play the Wings at home. We’ve lost twice this year to them, once in a shootout. I expect a huge effort and a bounce back. I said it in December. If we can get through January at .500, I think we’ll be in fine shape for the rest of the season. It’s crunch time.

    It won’t be easy, but we have 6 more games this month and I think we can win a couple and tie a few and maybe just one loss??? That would be nice.


  • Marty

    Why is Ivanans on this team? Why isn’t Murray telling him to take out Artukyen?Why are Krapitar Frownie Froloaf and Sulky not scoring?Why is the Goat ever put on the ice with Prince Harry or Not very mean Greene?Only a new coach or a 20 man trade can be of help now.Wake up Deano,save your own skin or your next.


    Bring Back the Sheild has it kind of right.

    2 wins out of 5 this month while we’re still on a mostly home schedule.
    7 wins out of 20 going back to the beginning of December.
    Less than cohesive on the ice.
    If we’re going to struggle and rebuild the rest of the way, we need to find some consistency in doing it. Find players to compliment each other and keep them together.

    Handzoos doesn’t like to use his body much, but he’s good defensively while being creative with the puck. Use Zoos on the 4th line at center, not Stoll.
    With Handzoos dumping, we can send in Ivanans and ? to forecheck, bang bodies, draw some blood.

    Kopi and Fro need to go together every second they’re on the ice. Power Play included. Find the player that compliments them. Boyle, Purcell, Stoll, Lewis, Calder….
    O’S and Brown. They’re both a bit speedy, one player can help compliment the other. Throw Boyle in the middle and you’ve got 2 “veterans” of the team (one being the captain) to lead the newbie forward and show him how to play – skate hard, hit with and without the puck, go to the danger areas, trust your linemates, anticipate the puck going to the net…

    Calder / Stoll / Simmonds doesn’t even need coaching…
    Just let them grind away like they instinctively do, and move on to coaching the other guys. Calder/Stoll/Simmonds I would imagine could score a goal every other game if there were some consistency going on.

    Our defense is finally proving to be inadequate. I’m not sure what to do, but McLaren might help and we’ve got plenty of Cap room to do something.

    Bring up Voinov at the very least. We need something to spark our slow, dimwitted defensemen. I wish to god that DL had drafted Tyler Myers right now…I think he could step right in and improve our defense.
    There are some prospects floating around, that damn, we could use right now.
    Johnson can’t get back soon enough, and even when he does, is it going to help?
    He was minus 3 in his first game, if I remember correctly.
    That and 3 goals all last season worry me.
    I don’t know what they’re paying him, but Marek Malik was floating around for ages as a free-agent.
    DL has made this bed, now he’s having to lie in it.
    I think the team has it within them to turn it around and get back to .500 hockey, but there’s absolutely no way to do it when Murray blows up the lineup after every game.
    I see so many different lineups out there during the course of a game I’m beginning to wonder if TM isn’t starting to feel a bit the fool. He can’t honestly be doing it because he thinks it produces results. It’s obviously out of desperation.
    I just hope DL doesn’t go crazy out of desperation and start trading for crap vets that really are no better than the crap-vets we’ve got
    We’ve got to face the reality that at 1/2 way through, we can’t just expect “the goals to start coming” of their own accord.
    Our defense is about as strong as an old, patch-work quilt and it’s about to bust.
    Greene, Quincey, and O’Donnell have hit earth and can not run the defense by themselves. There’s no sense of a strength at the back anymore. None of the defense (except Doughty and Goat) even really punishes the other team’s forwards. O’D is so soft I can’t believe it.
    Our forwards are getting abuse in front of the defending goal, but we don’t punish anyone…
    I’d like to see some cheap-work done by our forwards rather than absorbing the abuse and hoping for a call. It never happens. The officials are incompetent. Just deal with it. Hit back. Use your stick. Punch with your gloves. Hit their goalie. Whatever.

  • old man

    Shield jersey and old time hockey it the nail on the head.I just wish tm would read what they have to say.

  • anthony

    I hope AEG is fed up with this garbage we’re watching on TV.
    And I hope they makes some changes and start from the top. Start with his highnes Dean Lombardi. By far the worse GM the kings have ever hired.
    What makes him worse than his bad trades and free agent signings is his attitude. He thinks he’s a hockey God. If you disagree with him, you’ll either get demoted or find yourself without a job.
    Instead of looking to hire more qualified players and coaches, he would rather hire individuals he knows and loves. Enter Terry Murray. His old buddy.

    AEG – Enough is enough. As fans, we’re tired of spending time and money for this kind of result.
    ANd get this team started on the right path again.
    With DL And TM, we’re headed nowhere

  • nykingfan

    I think you’ve all gone basically over the deep end.
    Give it a rest with the personal bashing of TM and the players. If you have an opinion give it…there’s no need to be personally bashing people.

    Bring back the shield..
    When did this blog turn into the National Chapter of Mensa?
    This is hockey…if i have to start looking up definitions, I think I might have to go elsewhere. Since I’m not looking up the terms..I’ll classify them as irrelevant to the discussion.

    I have to shake my head when I look at the standings and the difference between this years team and last years. I’m well aware that we are in a stretch of subpar play…the same as we had a nice stretch of superb play. Winning games 2-1 is championship style hockey…losing games 2-1 means the coach needs to go because we can’t score goals.
    The backbone of any elite team is its defense. Murray was brought in to change the culture of the Kings from an offensive minded hockey club, to one of a defense- first mentality. It seems to me that he has accomplished that in a rather short period of time. We still make tons of mistakes, but we’re light years ahead of where we were last year in terms of defense.
    So the cry is lets dump the defense first mindset and just open up the offense. Don’t worry about giving up 40+ shots a game…we have incredible goalies that will stop all odd man rushes. We need to score 5 or more goals a game so that I can enjoy watching them. Lets go back to the way things were last year. They were an exciting team. DEAD LAST IN THE CONFERENCE!!!!!!!!

    The players need to execute the game plan a lot better than they’re doing. They are the one’s who need to get the puck in deep…past the blue line, and forecheck hard and create turnovers…which in turn creates offensive chances. They go hand in hand people. The goals will come when they do what they’re supposed to do.
    Let’s get off the coaches a$$ and demand he be fired. There’s still a half season to go and the Kings are actually still in a playoff race…something they weren’t involved in at all last year. Let’s see what the final results are at the end of the year and then..DL can determine whether Murray’s the right guy for the job.

    On the 1st goal….who was wrong on the read…Boyle or Gauthier? It didn’t say in the quotes…Was Boyle supposed to back up Gauthier as he was coming in for the check, or should Gauthier have seen Boyle close to the player and back off?

  • Marty


  • Quisp

    NYkingsfan, re “the read”:

    There were two problems with the so-called read on that play. Fundamentally, if Gauthier pinches, Boyle has to back him up. If this happens, it’s a two-on-two — Boyle and Harrold vs. the two TB forwards. The second problem was that Boyle and Gauthier ended up basically checking each other; the Tampa player avoided them and moved up ice to be the third player in the three-on-one. If you pinch, you have to take the man.

    If the break-down falls on any one player’s shoulder, it’s Boyle, since he must “read” that Gauthier is pinching and back him up. Failure to do so creates at best a two-on-one against (three on one if the guy you are checking gets by anyway). Gauthier’s “read” of the play was correct: there were three Kings back (himself, Boyle and Harrold) and three TB players; therefore, his pinch to cancel out one of the three is safe; at worst, it reduces to a 2-on-2.

    Gauthier and Boyle both missed their man. That’s not a failure of the “read” though. It’s an execution issue.

    I would say the compounded errors occurred, in descending importance:

    1) Boyle fails to see that Gauthier is pinching. (creates two on one)
    2) Gauthier misses his check.
    3) Boyle misses his check. (creates three on one)
    4) Ersberg fails to stop the shot from a non-scorer from a not-great angle. I think Ersberg might have been cheating, anticipating a pass, or something.

    (Harrold, if memory serves, played the 3-on-1 well; certainly forcing the shot in that situation is textbook)

  • Irish Pat

    The team played like crap last night and they did it at home. Against the Lightning. Awesome. Can’t wait to watch the upcoming long road trip.

    Anyone who had fantasies about this club making the playoffs this season is way too optimistic. Our best defenseman is an 18 year old. Moller, Simmonds, Boyle, Purcell, Doughty, Quick… they’re all rookies. We have a first year captain that is only 24 years old. Kyle Calder gets prime minutes at left wing. Denis Gauthier isn’t playing in Europe, the KHL or AHL like he will be next season. Yeah, the offense blows this season, but this club is making strides defensively and should contend for a playoff spot next season. The key word there is contend. They may not even make the postseason next year, but I think they’ll come closer than this season. I’m not being pessimistic, but merely pragmatic. I do see this hockey club making waves in the 2010-2011 season. If they don’t make it to the playoffs that season THEN I’ll want Lombardi’s head mounted on Gretzky’s blade on the statue in front of Staples. I think that’s fair. I’m sure Lombardi does too. I’m confident in what he’s trying to build and I’m sure he is as well. It just sucks being patient.


    I’d say Dany Heatley and Jay Bouwmeester are two young players that could help turn things around in a hurry, here.
    What would it take to land these two? Bernier, Greene, Stoll, Zoos….Hickey???
    I’m still not in favor of moving anything key…Fro,O’S, Kopi, Brown, Doughty, J Johnson, Quick…but I’m thinking about expanding my range of consideration.
    Are we making calls?
    Or, are we waiting for others to call?
    Do we just wait for the highest No. 1 overall?
    Will another 18 year old even help next year?
    Will Teubert be ready in 8 months?
    Is Hickey really ALL THAT?
    Can we call up Voinov without risk?
    The “good will” over $11.50 tickets is going to run out quick if the wheels are really off the the vehicle.


    1st blown call is Quisp’s interpretation of that play.
    Just like the night before, you have to know when to pinch as a defenseman.
    Greene did it at the wrong time against NJ.
    Goat did it at the wrong time against TB.
    It’s defensemen trying to do too much. It’s over-compensation because they add nothing offensively.

  • Quisp

    Irish Pat –

    Maybe. It’s impossible to know how this season will shake out. Things always look worse when you’ve lost a couple of games; just like they always look great when you’re on a winning streak.

    Regardless of optimism/pessimism, the Kings are still in the playoff hunt. If the Kings play well from here on out, there’s a decent chance they will make it; if they play badly, they won’t. Those are the facts.

    It was somewhat of a minor miracle that the Kings absorbed the Johnson injury and played as well as they have to this point. The Moller injury/absence is turning out to be a much bigger problem than most people thought it would be. I have said all season that Moller has been one of the two best two-way forwards on the team (along with Handzus). Since he’s been gone, look what’s happened to our defensive play, not to mention the power play. Why anyone thought that subtracting your leading scorer on the PP would have no effect is beyond me. I understand DL’s point of view regarding sending Moller to the WJC; it could have worked out great for him and for us. As it stands, it didn’t really work out for the Kings.

    If Doughty is out for a couple of weeks, I hope we use the opportunity to take a look at Voynov, rather than putting Preissing back in.

    The All-Star break couldn’t come at a better time. Doughty and Moller need to get healthy.

  • MarkE

    What a f@#ken joke…We should have taken his head off. Murry never put Ivanans back on the ice at the same time as Archuken. Old man OD is the only one that goes after him. Even the TB fans were shocked.

    The Kings are a SOFT! team they are easy to play against. When teams come to the west coast the Kings are the vacation team. They hate playing the Ducks physical style. Just ask any player that comes, they ALL say it behind close doors according to the guys next to me at games.

  • Kevin Y

    Bouwmeester is a free agent after this season, I believe. If that’s the case, I wouldn’t trade for him. I’ll just wait until the offseason, and if I can’t get Hossa, then maybe go after him.

    Heatley is an interesting one. It would be kinda weird seeing him in a Kings jersey, but the Senators are 29th in the league in the standings this year, so something has to be done within that organization. Maybe trading Heatley or Alfredsson could be that “something”.

  • kingsince67

    Fire the coach…no wait…fire the GM…no wait get rid of Calder and and and Zeiler and and and Gauthier, Preising, Ivanans, the trainer, the stick boy and maybe the guy that sharpens skates…I love the comments about get rid of his Prozac…problably wanted Crawford to take it. Look we are a very young team proneto many mistakes and nobody is more disappointed in a poor effort than me…since I will always maintain that comes from within no matter who the coach, what the system. You are paid a lot of money for ” THE EFFORT “. But what will happen with a defense of Doughty, Greene,Quincey an unproven…YES UNPROVEN Jack I am no healthy MF Johnson, Hickey,Tuebert and say SO’D as the other vet with Harrold or whomever as # 7. Another season of rookie mistakes. The same rings true of the forwards…we are still not consistant with AK, DB, POS, AF and the rest of the kids. If we go the proper route that everyone has been clamoring for we get YOUNGER AND LESS EXPERIENCED. Then you all start on the AEG cheapskate route. AHL, ECHL product we are icing. be patient, I have seen this since 1967 and this is the VERY FIRST TIME I see a plan and I see talent that should pan out in the long run. It hurts like hell to sit every playoff time for too many seasons, but we now have to crawl before we can even hope to walk yet run. My opinion and for those that think they know moods, yelling, or whatever…until you have been there…you have no idea. A lot happens in the locker room that never see’s the light of day…

  • Me

    …These are the new dark ages. And the world might end tonight.

  • anthony

    Heatley has a monster contract and he’s not having that good of a season.
    If he’s not tearing it up in the more wide open eastern conference, imagine how poorly he’d do against the ducks, sharks, stars and the rest of the tight checking west.
    If DL trades for him and he busts. It’ll cost him his job. Its Overdue.
    ETR, with this coach, it wont matter which goal scorer we acquire. TM will f_ck it up by scaring him and transforming him into a “defensive specialist.”

    When do you expect Gauthier’s head to finally roll.
    Take away his ex-flyer status, he’d be gone long ago.
    I can think of better players in Ontario Ca.

  • Nick

    Quisp, I usually find myself on the same side of the fence as you in arguments on here, but I disagree re: Gauthier’s pinch. I think Gauthier, being the defenseman, has to see that Boyle is already making a play for the man. He has to be the ultra-conservative guy. That’s his role with Harrold, that’s his role when he’s on the ice with a more offensive-minded unit. He can’t run around and try to make hits when he represents the last line of defense (as he did along w/ Harrold), and he definitely can’t miss when he actually goes for one. You can say that he saw 3 guys back with himself, Harrold, and Boyle, but I don’t buy it. It screams of a bad defenseman making a selfish play and going for a high-risk play in the hit. He’s done it all season long. To say that he made a good read is to give him too much credit, in my opinion. I think he just saw a man he wanted to hit, and went for it.

    At any rate, even if Boyle goes straight back, Gauthier missed his check. Boyle wasn’t near in position yet, even if he backchecks hard. It was a wretched read by Gauthier. Hell, even if he lands his hit, it’s probably a 2 on 1, maybe 2 on 2 if Boyle is really fast getting back or the puck was at all slowed down by Gauthier.

  • Quisp

    Anthony –

    I don’t have a big problem with Gauthier. He and Boyle need to work on their communication (re the first goal last night). That said, I think he’s probably not going to be on the roster next fall.

    Funny how Zeiler would have been useful last night. Anybody think he wouldn’t have gotten down to business with that big Russian person who kneed Doughty?

    I think what happened to the Kings last night was not that they are soft or lacked character or are easy to play against or any of those cliches. I think they literally didn’t know what to do. When Doughty was hurt, the team’s inexperience showed. Just like players said, close game, don’t want to blow it, (but) must answer the bell, etc. etc.. I would agree with some of the comments that Brown dropped the ball by not taking control of the situation. Maybe if we hadn’t just been blown out in a game because of stupid penalties, maybe then somebody “steps up.” I think Zeiler would have stepped up. I’m kind of surprised Brown or Gauthier (or Simmonds) didn’t get into it. I’m willing to bet they talked about all this in the closed-door meeting.

    Some leadership was in order in that situation. Brown is still learning how to be a leader. I think Boyle could have cemented his standing with the team if he had gone after that guy; even if he had gotten a five and a game and we lost 10-1 as a result; even if his face was turned into ground beef.

    The interesting thing is, they didn’t go for retribution because it was a close game and they didn’t want to lose. But they lost anyway. In retrospect, it would have been better to lose 10-1 and punish some folks for taking liberties.

    And to those of you who are contemplating Heatley or Speeza or whoever, I hope you understand you’re talking about trading Kopitar. They’re not going to cough up a point-a-game player for prospects and cast-offs.

  • tantrum4

    nykingfan is the only person on here with any hockey sense and is the only person who’s quotes I can bear to read. I really hope when the Lombardi, Murray and the Kings turn this around in a year or so that all you Kings bashers stay away from these boards, because I really don’t like bandwagoners and if I have to read one post by any of you saying the Kings are great or Lombardi is a genius I’ll snap!!!!!

  • anthony

    “turn this around in a year or so” Under DL and TM. Are you kidding me.
    You better start on that kool-aid again, for at least another 10 years.

  • Irish Pat


    Fair enough. I just don’t see it this season. It’d be cool, but I think we’re destined for a top 10 pick in the draft. Also, regarding your post to Anthony, I don’t think it matters if Zeiler was in the game, anyone should have jumped Artyukin. The Kings did a great job of rolling out a nice, big welcome mat for the league. I hope they have fun figuring things out on the road.


    I can’t think of better players in Ontario because I haven’t seen any ECHL games, but I’d much rather see Voinov making rookie mistakes then Gauthier making knucklehead plays and bonehead passing for the rest of this season.


    The KIngs are great. Lombardi is a genius.

  • Quisp

    Nick –

    Well, I’m not exactly saying what you’re saying I’m saying.

    First of all, I’m only looking at this one play, not any pattern of Gauthier’s in past games.

    Certainly, you’re right that if the rule is to be ultra-conservative, then Gauthier should not have pinched. However, technically, if the rule is to be ultra-conservative, you should never pinch. If Gauthier has been told “never pinch” and he pinches, I don’t think we would be hearing about the “read” from Terry Murray.

    The bottom line is: a defenseman’s decision to pinch or not depends entirely on the amount of support he has from backchecking forwards. I will grant you that Gauthier mis-read the situation in retrospect,since Boyle did not see that Gauthier was pinching. You can chalk it up to a miscommunication. I can certainly see blaming Gauthier for not being more conservative. But it’s also reasonable to expect Boyle to “read” the play and pick up the pinch.

    Now: they both missed their checks. This is an entirely different screw-up. You can’t pinch and miss your check.

    I’m sure if you asked Boyle, he would say he didn’t see Gauthier was pinching, and if you asked Gauthier, he would say he thought Boyle was backing him up.

    If they had it to do all over again, I don’t think you would advise Gauthier to stay back (that would, in effect, be saying “you can’t trust Boyle to read the play”; Boyle is there, he’s in position to back-check, you’re covered if he does; he should be trusted to be able to see what’s going on around him). What you would advise the players to do is “pay attention to the developing play; know where your teammates are.” Hey, maybe neither Boyle or Gauthier are capable of that kind of communication at high speed. That’s possible. Or maybe it’s just one of those mistakes. It happens.



    Honestly, who here could possibly be called a bandwagoner?
    And, when can we actually start judging the team on its own merits (as most of us are) rather than on the comparable advances over the ineptitude of last year?

    Quisp, you have the typical mentality of defeat. We can’t get Heatley for anything less than Kopitar?
    We trade our own players for draft picks and role players, but we can’t expect to get anything decent for a collection of role players and/or draft picks???

    I’m fine with sitting tight, but your’s and Lombardi’s attitude when it comes to trading is very strange.
    How about getting Sopel back? Can we get someone like that to help out for the remainder of the season without trading Kopitar?
    Can we re-acquire Sean Avery for one game and get him to break Artukyn’s leg?
    We don’t need Zeiler pulling on his sweater, we need somone nasty to make him spit his teeth out, and take their 4 minutes of high-sticking penalties.

    Here is how you get even:

  • Ersberg

    Quisp, Zeiler would have been good last night just for that reason. At any rate, your comments regarding trades etc…

    Some teams will trade away big named players to save cap space. I do feel a team like Ottawa with Heatley/Spezza, and TB with Vinnie, will trade said players to trim down on their cap amount, at the same time occupying holes in their lineup. No, we won’t give them Kopitar, but they would definitely get players like Sully, JJ, and maybe prospects like a Hickey/Teubert+picks.

    It has been and still is being discussed as this being the new wave of trading starting this season, and seasons to come. I’d bet my wallet this is precisely why DL went into this season low on cap dollars: not to just to sign our new guys, but to not have to sell off a large contract player(like a Heatley). Having a contract like that now while we’re trying to sign and retain our core guys would most certainly push our dollar figure closer to the league max, resulting in a loss of a player we don’t want to lose to shed cap space.

  • Nick

    Well, from a personal standpoint, I would never have Gauthier pinch. Ever. Even if he recovers the puck, I don’t have any faith in him to make the right decision with the puck, or anything like that. I just think he made a bad decision there. Maybe Boyle did too, but Boyle is the forward so I think I’m going to be more lenient toward him (and any forward) when it’s a breakdown that happened like it did, where it did. It just seemed like an insanely risky play. Even if you aren’t being ultra-conservative, that seems like a really bad time to pinch. At absolute best it’s a 2 on 2 with one d and one forward going back. Those aren’t great odds to begin with.

  • Quisp

    Eat, I don’t have “the typical mentality of defeat.” I just think it’s silly to think you’re going to get Dany Heatley from Ottawa for Calder, Zeiler, Martinez and a 2nd and 4th pick. The guy is a two-time 50-goal (and two-time 40 goal) scorer. Kopitar is a one time 30-goal scorer. The idea that Ottawa would take Kopitar for Heatley straight up is questionable.


    Heatley for POS, Johnson, Hickey (or Teubert) and picks? I’d rather they take Kopitar.

    But I don’t think Ottawa thinks as highly of Kopitar as the Kings do.

  • nykingfan

    Thanks Tantrum4
    It’s really sad what has become of this board, but I can guaranteee you that the praise will be coming for DL…I’ll just sit back and laugh at the haters who will be kissing DL’s ass when the Kings turn this around completely. No names, but you know who you are.

    Look at the damn standings from last season. If you can’t see the difference between this years team and last years…well think of what you always call Murray and that applies to you!

    I guess you all expected this team to make the leap from worst to first. If major progress is not seen on a nightly basis, someone has to go.
    If I wasn’t so lazy, I would love to go back and read the whiners and complainers thoughts on this years team during the off season and during training camp and post them all. Most of you would end up looking like what Anthony refers to the coach as:

    Note to the whiners;
    What were your expectations coming into this season? Let’s cut through all the BS and just tell us what position you thought the Kings would be in this year. I’ll have a hell of a lot more respect for those who admit that they had no expectations for this team and realize that they’ve just gone completely out of control with the bashing.
    Fat chance that’ll happen!

    We would all be a lot better off looking at this team in terms of long term goals…not short term fixes.
    I have to laugh when I see people saying..well lets trade Hickey or Teubert for player X.
    If you did get your wish and Hickey or Teubert turns out to be the next Larry Murphy and player X goes bust for us…will you still call for DL’s ouster? I bet you would! You’ll conveniently forget how you were begging for the trade to happen so you could sneak into the 8th playoff spot.

    I’ll trust DL to decide which of our prospects are worth trading and for what players he feels will help us..not only this year, but going forward.

    Nothing personal here guys…just me ranting!

  • Irish Pat


    “Note to the whiners; What were your expectations coming into this season? Let’s cut through all the BS and just tell us what position you thought the Kings would be in this year. I’ll have a hell of a lot more respect for those who admit that they had no expectations for this team and realize that they’ve just gone completely out of control with the bashing.
    Fat chance that’ll happen!”…

    Here you go… Predictions courtesy of Inside the Kings from 10/9/08:

  • Ersberg

    Quisp, I didn’t mean that trade specifically, rather they could, and mostly like would be involved to get an elite player. I agree, though, I’d rather them take Kopitar than the group I have there as a whole.

    What kind of sucks on our part is the fact we’d need to overpay some to get an elite player.



    I think you need to realize that not everyone is on board with EVERYTHING DL does and that when measured against where the Kings were when he took over, we’re in a worse position.

    I also think you need to ask yourself, what fan of a sports team wouldn’t be pissed right now?
    Can we talk about stellar defending anymore? Can we say we’re beating the teams we should and that we’re .500 because we’re just not as good as 1/2 the teams in the league?
    We’re losing to the Phoenix’s, Toronto’s, Tampa’s, Columbus’s over the last month+.

    If you want to aggravate a frustrated fan base even more, you’re doing the right thing in posting your thoughts.
    If your pissed, tired of losing, tired of futility, tired of the “bridge” players we sent Lubo and Cammy packing for, you’d sound a lot more like Anthony who’s bleeding pissed that two former Kings players have brought weak teams into our building and made us look pathetic (colorado/granato ~ tampa/tocchet).
    What do these coaches know that Murray does not? Could it be that they’re closing to their playing days?
    We let Artukyn sodomize us and Murray didn’t do anything.
    We let Cody Mcleod run Army’s head through the boards and Murray did nothing.

    Shouldn’t he be upset with himself?
    He’s got the entire franchise confused and litless right now.
    Is that the Flyers way?

  • Ersberg

    Oh and side note, if we’re going to give up some guys, I’d want generational player in return, like Malkin, which to be honest, we don’t have a shot at getting.

    Nyking, DL WILL have to give up some prospects(like a Hickey or equivalent) to get an elite player. I know you know that, just commenting on your note about trading such players. This, of course, would only be the case if the player was aquired through trades.

  • anthony

    Irish Pat,
    You are a genius.
    And note what my prediction was back then.
    9th place.
    Not unreasonable. Right.
    Good research.

  • nykingfan

    I could give a rats ass about upsetting the fan base. If I’m upsetting them by saying there’s light at the end of the tunnel, then they are the gloom and doom people that you’re speaking of.
    Nobody’s happy about losing. I’m as big a Kings fan as everyone else here and the losing is painful. I also can look at the big picture and see that things are much different now than before DL got here. We had no farm system to speak of. We can argue over the level of talent the Kings have in their pipeline, but the “experts” feel the Kings have more prospects than a most teams.
    If losing some games now is all part of the learning process that will get us to the next level, I’m ok with that. It’s the next level that we need to get to.
    The fact that TB and Colorado came into our building with 2 ex Kings and beat us is completely irrelevant. These are teams that we should be competing with this year and should be able to dominate in the future. I say this without knowing their talent pipeline.

    Last point…What exactly did you want Murray to do after Doughty got hit? Did you expect him to jump over the boards and go after Artukyn? He’s told us since that he’s extrememly pissed off that his players didn’t take care of the matter. In fact I haven’t seen him this upset since he’s been here. There have been games and plays that have bothered him, but I don’t think to the extent that this incident has. This may become the defining moment in the Kings season. Right now all of the responsibility is going to fall on Dustin Brown. He’s the captain and can’t let something like this go on. He’s about to learn what being a captain is all about. It isn’t about arguing with the refs…it’s about making sure that his players are one for all and all for one. That’s the captains responsibility.

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