Doughty’s status

Drew Doughty wasn’t available/around for comment today, but here’s what Terry Murray said about Doughty’s status…

MURRAY: “The status is the same as it was yesterday. It’s a day-to-day thigh contusion. He’s getting treatment for it, and it’s almost like a light charley horse. Day to day is where it’s at.”

Question: You’re planning on not having him tomorrow?

MURRAY: “I’m planning that. I’m thinking that way. I think it would be difficult, after a couple days of not being out there, to be jumping into a game tomorrow, although a young guy could do it. I’m planning that way, not to have him.”

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  • Me

    Lets hope the Kings take out their frustrations of not having Doughty on the Red Wings.

  • PUCKBOY 25

    Hope this is really just a contusion and not a knee injury

  • Decker

    I was out the room for the hit that injured Doughty. Does anyone have it recorded or know where it might be? I searched YouTube for it, but didn’t find anything.

    If you have it, great! Oh and thank you in advance.

  • OneTimer


    There’s not a ton to see frankly. The hit happened just off-screen (TV left), as the (main) ice camera was following the play up ice. Another cam closer (down along the boards) shows the hit in it’s entirety- and you can sorta see Artyukhin’s leg/knee leading as he came into Drew along the boards.

    For all intense purposes- IMHO it was a relatively (I say relatively) clean hit. Do I like the fact that he kinda sorta lead with the leg? Absolutely %$!&*# not- but it wasn’t obviously intentional- I don’t think. I’m happy to be wrong about this. It also wasn’t penalized as boarding or charging or kneeing or roughing, etc… Nevertheless the Kings should have responded (more than just OD did), and KEPT responding, and they didn’t. The fact he outweighs DD by about 60 lbs and came in FULL steam for a hit on one of our key, (young) star players also didn’t help … that alone was worth a major response from the Kings. … Nothing!

  • Decker


    Thanks for the response. Yah, I never caught any replay, if FSN even aired one, later in the game so I was just curious. Some people have said it was really cheap and even intentional so I wanted to form my own opinion on it. Thanks for letting me know the camera angles weren’t all that helpful.

    Appreciate the reply!