Power play needs, well, power

The Kings are 0-for-8 on the power play in their last two games, and success on the power-play has been a season-long issue. The Kings are still hanging tight at No. 15 in the NHL in power-play efficiency, but they’re struggling of late. As Terry Murray points out below, it can also translate to 5-on-5 play. For the season, Anze Kopitar and Patrick O’Sullivan each have only two power-play goals. Murray talked about the status of the power-play unit and the need to play more effectively as a unit…

MURRAY: “The penalty killing is so aggressive today, by all teams in the league, that you really have to have good structure and attack with five guys in the zone and have great support to regain possession. We do a pretty good job of that in most of the games. Sometimes inevitably, when you get it in the early part of a game like that, it just doesn’t quite click the way you’d like it to. I think that’s a league-wide issue. But it’s an opportunity that you’ve got to take advantage of. We’ve got to work harder to get open and get available and have that shooting, scoring mentality with traffic. We don’t stray for from that. Our defensemen, our people on the blue line, are pretty good at getting things through and trying to have that kind of an attitude, getting it to the net with traffic and screens. We can do a better job in front of the goaltender. I think they see more pucks than we would like them to see. Playing goal yourself is kind of the attitude you need to have when you’re playing in front of the net.

“When you have some offensive-zone time (on the power play), it clearly has an effect on your 5-on-5. You come out and you build off the energy and momentum and you can elevate your game, as a group, after a couple successful power plays.”

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  • Anonymous

    Today is the 30th anniversary of the first start for the Triple Crown line. The Kings led 4-1 after one and went on to crush the Bruins 6-2 at Boston Garden.

  • Marty

    Get Sully on the mid-board and Kopi down low and they will produce.Essentially have Kopi and Sully swich set up spots,Murray just needs to play to the players strengths.

  • Anonymous

    This is the byproduct of Jamie Kompon. Wasn’t he in charge of the powerplay when MC was coach? If something isn’t working, you need to have a couple other sets and personel to work with. From what I’ve seen so far, there is no imagination from our powerplay units. Countless times we don’t have our shots on the inside for one-timers. This is a no-brainer! I would suggest replacing him at years end if things don’t improve, especially with the talent we have.

  • m

    i think the problem lies within his “getting shots through” and be “better in front of the goaltender.”

    this is ALL the Kings’ powerplay does. Shot from the point or half-wall, go for rebound or get deflections. planting 1 or 2 players near the crease obviously isn’t working.

    the team needs other options. try a pass through the crease to the backdoor. get the other teams’ penalty kill to move around to try to cover the players. move players into the slot, then out. it’s more than creating traffic; it’s creating havoc for the PK with movement and constantly changing positions. mix it up.

    forget dumping and chasing OR gaining the blue line only to hold up at the half-wall. attack with speed and numbers and control.
    INJECT SOME CREATIVITY INTO THE POWERPLAY (please do the same with the offense as well)

  • kingsince67

    The coaches can draw up play after play and if the execution is not there then no matter what you think of it will not work. I do agree though that maybe the message can get stale some times but the fact remains that until we are playing at a very high level each night nothing will work. The guys coming in nightly being willing to play a 60 minute game and sacrafice are things that needs to happen. Maybe we do have some of the wrong personel on the ice…or maybe 40 years of this same pain…in and out efforts is what happens to hockey players here in LA.

  • Ibleedkings

    Put Frolov on the 1st unit, with Kopi and Brown/O’Sullivan. Problem solved.

  • Bill

    The problem is Jamie Kompon. Until he’s replaced, I don’t see this problem going away.