Westgarth called up

The Kings have recalled Kevin Westgarth from Manchester and placed Oscar Moller on injured reserve. Obviously, Terry Murray indicated there’s an injury issue involving Raitis Ivanans, but the timing is rather curious, given that so much of the talk after Monday’s game involved the need for a more physical presence… Moller’s move to injured reserve is retroactive to Jan. 7, and there’s no change in his status. He will be evaluated again after the all-star break.

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  • Ersberg

    Wow. Ok, Rich, the chances the Kings staff not reading your site? Almost zero(j/k).

    Sweet, I don’t much about this guy, hopefully he can run a few guys over for us.

  • Nick

    Kings were pathetic Monday. That is softest group of guys I have seen in years.

    Westgarth is a monster. He was on a fight tear in the pre-season…he battled DJ King, knocked down Scott Parker and fought Chris Stewart as well….He was one of the last cuts.

    Hopefully, this is a kick in the pants to Ivanans. Someone should’ve done more Monday night.

  • Marc Nathan

    the next game is vs. DETROIT… what the hell do they think they need Westgarth (OR IVANANS) for in that one?


  • Ciccarelli

    This is as good a time to ask you this question, Rich:

    When a player is put on I/R, what does it mean (and what effect does it have) that it is retroactive to (a date in the past)?

    I seem to remember in baseball there were different length stays on the I/R, but I don’t recall seeing anything like that in the NHL.

  • Irish Pat

    Excellent. Hopefully Westgarth is nastier than Ivanans and doesn’t look like he’s thinking “Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum” when he has the puck on his stick.

  • Nick

    Marc, the next few games we play Dallas, Minnesota, Chicago. All tough teams.

  • Quisp

    Westgarth: two inches taller than Ivanans. Also, he’ll be wearing #33. That’s got to be good karma, right?

  • Baumgartner22

    i don’t think it matters who they are playing. it’s about the message being sent to the team “if you’re not going to stick up for your players, we’ll bring up somebody who will.”

  • Irish Pat


    Only if his stick doesn’t eventually cost the Kings a championship… ha, ha… (sigh).

  • Quisp

    Also, don’t be so sure he’s a replacement for Ivanans.


    What, am I kidding? Oh, probably. Probably…

  • Marc Nathan


    that’s all well and good for when they go on the road. Why bother with him coming to LA for the Detroit game? There’s no one that goes on that team. And, if Ivanans is injured, then put him on IR and don’t take him on the road.

    Nothing against Westgarth, but it’s pointless at this point.

  • Chris Bond

    What do they read what we write we all ask for him to get recalled…


    I’ve never seen Westgarth play, but it doesn’t seem like that’s the reason for the callup.
    TM is chasing his own tail.
    Its starting to look funny.

  • Rory

    Interesting. Maybe Westgarth will pull a quick, and play so well in his call up that he’ll make Ivanans expendable like JLB. I already consider him expendable because he’s played 40 plus games this season as an enforcer and on monday when he needed to step on because of the hit on doughty he didn’t, no one did.

    My concern for Westgarth would be he’s a young guy getting his 1st shot in the NHL and he might be over eager to make a name for himself and take dumb penalties. Either way Best of Luck!

  • dan

    like we had a chance against detroit to begin with. besides, it’s not like we have anyone to call up to give that could improve our odds, so might as well bring up someone who has a solid pair and is willing to use them.

  • Goon Squad

    Quisp has it. They’re both in the lineup. See Rich’s earlier interview with TM where it is stated that Ivanans is not hurting enough to come out of the lineup. In training camp/preseason they had Boyle centering the 2 enforcers. Zeiler and Richardson will be the scratches. Wow. Everybody has their pet peeve, I guess this is mine. How do you keep putting the slowest skaters on the team on the same line. Boyle HAS to play with some hoofers, otherwise he’ll be trapped in his own end, which is what has consistently happened, excepting the couple of games he played with O’Sullivan and Harrold. Ugh.

  • Paul from Oxnard

    This is off topic here, and I would have posted it earlier had I noticed it in the TV listings. If you have the NHL Network, the CHL Top Prospects game is on right now. This is an exhibition game where all the high ranked prospects for the next draft play to impress the scouts. Some kids playing tonight are John Tavares, Ryan Ellis, & Brayden Schenn (Luke’s brother). It’s a good bet at least one of these kids will be future Kings, if not more then one. Plus it’s another chance to see Tavares play in junior hockey.

  • markisonfire

    If everything thinks we are going to lose anyway, then why not at least punish Detroit? I say put Westgarth in against Detroit, lay some big checks, ENERGIZE THIS TEAM! The Tampa Bay game was an embarrassment. No doubt about it. The Kings looked like they were playing no contact pickup hockey. It seemed like none of the Kings knew each other.

  • Dominic Lavoie

    I would guess that the move has nothing to do with Detroit and everything to d owith sending a message to the team. Westgarth knows what his role is and he’ll do what he can to stay up with the big club. The callup sends a message but so will his play. So what if Detroit doesn’t have a goon. They have guys that will stick up for their teammates when something happens. Regardless of if he is going to sub for Ivanans or lineup next to him the point is that the Kings will definitely show more pride and fight next game. And that is what matters.



    We’ve been leading in the 3rd period against the Wings twice already this year.
    Why call up a NON SCORER when you can’t score?
    How about calling up Slava Voinov to fill in for our injured defenseman?
    Does that sound reasonable?
    Now we’re back to juggling lines that don’t click and a lineup that hasn’t shown any chemistry.
    At least leave the lineups like this for half-a-dozen games so that they guys at least know who they’re playing with.

    The only positive of these line changes is that, hopefully, Murron will leave them together on the PP too, instead of juggling the crap out of the entire game.

  • Anonymous
  • Nick
  • Irish Pat

    Paul from Oxnard,

    Thanks for letting us know about the game. Would you mind checking to see if they’re going to replay it? I’m at work and I won’t get home ’til later. Thanks.


    Nice clip. Westgarth has a nice right upper cut.

  • Paul from Oxnard

    @Irish Pat: My cable box doesn’t show a replay of the game. Sorry.

  • SECTION 110


  • MarkE

    Awesome call up!!!!! Make the other team pay the price.
    If you sit Ivanas you are just where you started. Have to play both. Not sure Detroit is the place to start, but why not. We’re not going to the playoffs anyway if we play this soft the rest of the year. When guys hit and fights you have to decide as we use to say “are you going to get your pant dirty” or ” puss out” time to man up!!!

    Bloggers stop your whining about another scorer, we could have Crosby tomorrow and still not make the playoffs. This year is about character and a defensive systems.

  • JGSmall

    Doughty got run because the Kings do not have an enforcer. Ivanans has looked unimpressive in his encounters – probably because he has been playing injured. Zeiler was out against Tampa. Westgarth will be used to make sure no one else takes a cheapshot at say Kopitar.

  • Someone

    I want a good enforcer, but one with class. I don’t want a classless goon who is more concerned with the crown than his team. When the fight is over, skate to the penalty box. No hand dusting, or fist pumping or any thing like that. Show respect.

    Westgarth will need to prove he belongs in the NHL and not a beer league.

  • hockeylvr

    watched him play here in Hartford (against the Wolfpack) – big guy – fun to watch.

  • Marty

    Its obvious Ivanans won’t take care of business,so its out with the old and in with the new.Westgarth is not shy,but I would reccomend a hair cut so he can see where to punch.Go get em’ son.

  • Quisp

    DL is the one who makes the call-ups. It doesn’t matter who we’re playing or what kind of style they play. Moller is already injured, so there’s a spot. The idea that bringing up Westgarth is dumb, is dumb. If Clune were ready (he’s not, he’s injured), he would have been brought up too probably. What kind of message does it send to bring up a second enforcer after the incident last game (and the ensuing non-response)? The message is, it will not be tolerated.

    That’s all good, right? After all the hand-wringing and moaning about how soft the Kings were the other night, you can’t complain about bringing up more muscle, can you?

    Unfortunately for the Kings right now, their softest players are also their scorers, their marquee players, Kopitar, Frolov, POS, Stoll. Purcell and Boyle are still learning. It would have been great if one of them had stepped up (but no less embarrassing for the Kopitar contingent); but they didn’t. I bet Boyle does next time. He’s still figuring it out. Simmonds, Greene, Gauthier, SOD, Quincey, I don’t feel like any of them are playing soft. Frankly, Calder — who is getting next to no ice-time and who I look forward to seeing dealt somewhere — at least can snarl and would back up his teammates. I think you’re going to see more of Zeiler, Westgarth and Ivanans, not less, until the others step up.

    Wouldn’t it be f***ing hilarious if DL brought locker-room-poison/madman Avery back? Seriously, DL should call a team meeting and tell them to toughen the f*** up or he’s going to go get Avery and then they’ll all be sorry.

    (frankly, I think they — the players — will figure it out on their own; but I have long lobbied for the necessity of having an agitator Avery/Lappy/Clune/Zeiler/C. Lemieux type player…and the current situation argues my point for me pretty well.)

  • @ Irish Pat

    you’re a cold cold man…. =)
    sadly that was my first thought too…we could’ve been up 2-0 going into game 3 in LA….ahhhhhhhh

  • JonG

    Despite the degree of success we experienced earlier this year, it’s important to remember that management and the coaching staff are more concerned about development than winning right now. If we need to dress more fighters so that the rest of the team understands the need to stick together, that’s what we will do. If TM demotes Stoll to the fourth line to reinforce the message that unforced errors are unacceptable, that’s what he will do — even if it reduces our chances of winning the game.

    I don’t necessarily agree with that approach, but I think it does help explain some otherwise curious personnel decisions. Management’s motto should be “the right way or the highway”.



    To agitate the agitator must be on the ice, and its usually an ability to also score that separates an agitator from a cheap-shot king that nobody respects.
    I think our problem is that we play our agitators on the 4th line and there’s little ice time to agitate, and no scoring to balance out and justify the borderline stuff an agitator does.
    I don’t care if it’s Zeiler, why not play an agitator with Frolov/Kopitar.
    I’d think even Zeiler’s numbers would swell playing with those two.
    Plus, we’ve always got Stoll who is more than willing to hit and bother people.

    The problem is with all this is that we definitely have the players to do it (even Calder), but TM is too wrapped up in the traditional (read: old) style of having a 4th line of Goonishness. He doesn’t appear to have any knack for finding line chemistry and sticking with it. Frolov and Kopitar played well together. It should have been just a matter of finding the right 3rd man for that line.

    Now we’re back to a first line that isn’t even scoring at 5 on 4. I don’t see it working out. Maybe I’m wrong and they just need some time together througout a stretch of games (even strength and PP), but with the way Murray has changed it so much, will we even see it given a decent opportunity?

    We had one incident that is not being reviewed by the league. Are we changing all THIS in a too reactionary sense? I think so.
    Maybe you’re correct and some of the younger guys need to jump on the grenade for their fellow man, but the Artyukin hit was borderline judging from the replays and the extent of the injury. Should we expect Boyle and Purcell to challenge him to a fight? Start one? Are they supposed to focus on getting back in the game or are they supposed to focus on being a fierce teamate? Maybe it’s both, but if your coach dresses Ivan for every game, you’d think those players would assume he’s there for a reason. Murray can demand Ivan drop the gloves, there’s nothing Bertuzzian about that. Dropping the gloves is what the league is half based on. Self-policing and intimidation.

    I’ve never seen Westgarth, though, like I said, so I don’t know if he brings anything hockey wise with him. If he does, maybe he’ll be here for a little longer than we’d at first think.

  • Cry Baby

    Off topic but this was an awesome brawl (bongo style)…Semin VS Staal. By far the best I have seen in a while.


  • uknojata

    eat, did you just suggest putting zeiler on the first line? seriously? for real? i think some people are missing the point. its probably less about toughness and more about playing with heart. play like you want to win, like you care about your teammates, like the worst thing on earth is losing.



    Yes. I did. For the very reasons you state in regards to what this team needs.
    If Brian Willsie can score 20 goals with Ovechkin, why can’t Zeiler score 10 playing with Fropitar?

    It makes about as much sense as anything else Murray is trying.
    If Zeiler is playing like they want the players to play, doesn’t he deserve the same PROMOTION that Purcell, Boyle, Lewis, and Harrold have gotten?
    If the mentality was consistent the answer would be “yes.”

  • Anonymous
  • Quisp

    Eat –

    I don’t know that I would say TM has some kind of old-school 4th line must be goons mentality. I think TM’s philosophy is in part that he values so-called enforcers and that he prefers ones with skill, who aren’t liabilities, etc.. The more skill you have, the more ice time you will get. I also think his use of the fourth unit is more complicated than you are presenting. Half the time, the line has been composed of players with actual scoring ability (e.g. Lewis, Purcell, Boyle, POS, Moller, Stoll; to a lesser degree, Calder). This is not always meant as punishment (Moller, for instance), but has been at times an attempt to find a viable scoring unit past the top-six. At other times, though, the fourth line has been cast offs, bruisers and agitators (Calder, Ivanans, Zeiler, etc.). So there’s at least two different ideas working here. In the latter scenarios, those guys rarely see more than 4 to 6 minutes of ice. This means he’s basically rolling three lines. I like this idea. Everyone has been saying, let’s give our talent enough icetime to succeed. The other night, Frolov was on the ice the whole game it seemed.

    Another gambit of Murray’s — which he didn’t invent — is shortening the bench in the third period. I like this, too. It rewards players who have been playing well that game, and limits defensive exposure. People have complained about seeing Ivanans in defensive situations late in games. There have been some instances of Ivanans hurting the team with a bad penalty. But I think he’s also been solid at times in those crucial situations. I’m not lobbying for Ivanans as our third period shut down guy; I’m just saying, I have seen him do some good things in clutch situations.

    Re Murray’s “knack for finding chemistry and sticking with it”:

    I don’t know who is to blame for the lack of “chemistry” among certain forwards so far this year. I will grant you, it might be Murray’s unwillingness to try certain things or his tendency to switch up line combinations a lot. Or it might be the system is costing us offense. Or, it might be something not related to Murray.

    Let’s unpack the chemistry question. Murray’s strategy appears to be to find pairs of forwards and stick with those pairs, while being pretty loose with who the third person is on that line. So you’ve got Handzus/Simmonds (by all accounts, a successful pairing; good chemistry there). Previously, Handzus/Moller (also good chemistry — hey maybe that Handzus guy is pretty good!). You’ve got Frolov/Handzus on the other side, and they have looked pretty good together. Interestingly, Frolov/Handzus/Moller-Simmonds has been, by far our best line all year. Chalk one up for Murray.

    Now, POS/Kopitar/Brown, Calder/Stoll/Brown, whatever combination of these guys has not been successful this year. Throwing various rookies (Boyle, Purcell, Lewis, Moulson) has not worked for them. Is it a chemistry issue? I actually think not. Here’s why.

    The good line, the Handzus line, features three guys (Handzus, Moller and Simmonds) all of whom are extremely responsible defensively. It has not been much of an (or any) adjustment for them to work within Murray’s system. Frolov, being the weak defensive link, holds onto the puck like it’s glued to him. Which is another way to say, they’re very solid defensively.

    Kopitar, POS, et al, have had to make big adjustments to the system, and they’re playing like they’re a little lost. I haven’t seen enough of Stoll in EDM to comment on his previous defensive abilities, but Kopitar, POS and Brown (the first unit everyone has lobbied so hard for) are having to do a lot of work just to play at both ends of the ice. I like all these guys — I’m not down on them (well, maybe I’m down on Kopitar, but not for defense: it’s because he has no finish whatsoever, but that’s another post, right?) — but I think they are not on top of their games.

    It’s not that they have no chemistry. It’s that they’re not playing well. It’s the opposite of Quincey. Quincey had virtually no experience before coming to the Kings, but all of his little experience was with Detroit, a highly disciplined team where he studied under Lidstrom. Brown, POS and Kopitar have more experience, but it’s all been playing forward on a bad team with no defense and no responsibilities. So now they are, in a sense, rookies. And it shows.

    Actually, because of this, one thing I would like to see Murray do is put together Purcell, Boyle, Lewis, Moller…the kids. I think they might play better together than if they are trying to spark Kopitar or whoever. Kopitar has to bear down and find it in himself. I think Brown is playing like a third line energy guy, and should play there for awhile. I like POS and Kopitar, or Frolov and Kopitar. I figure they’ll work it out eventually.

    I wonder if we will see Westgarth/Boyle/Ivanans… it’ll be interesting. I will miss the game — driving to Napa at the time — but I’ll tape it so I can watch on Monday when I get back.



    I think all the Ivan, Stoll, Kopitar, Gauthier, and Harrold bashing is lame.
    Greene and O’Donnel have been outplayed by Goat and Harrold a number of times lately.

    Ivan is just trying to become an agitator that can goon it up, instead of a goon that is just a goon. He shouldn’t play every night like he does, but pinning the recent bad form on Ivan is getting it all wrong.



    For me the problem with the forward lines has been Murray’s doing.
    I’d first address the issue of having a 6 minute-a-night 4th line and shortening the bench.
    If we’re rebuilding, and we’re trying to groom young, inexperienced players, the idea should be to get everyone as much ice-time as possible and to get them into real game situations. Unless Murray is focused on the playoffs still, the current mentality makes no sense.

    Overall, the forwards are fairly trustworthy defensively. I actually think Brown is one of the most overrated defensive players, at least on this site. I also think the only real defensive liabilities on the defensive side are Zeiler and Ivanans. I don’t think they have the sense or the skill to be dependable defensively.

    So, if the forwards are fairly good at defensive responsibility overall, the goal should be to balance their offensive skills in such a way that they compliment each other.
    Calder – Stoll – Simmonds are quick, good at forechecking and decent with a scoring opportunity. I can’s understand why he’s only paired them for about 3 shifts all season. Each time he does it the work their way into a cycle and get the other side chasing them = confusion.

    Frolov and Kopitar were looking great together. Both are great puck possession guys and clearly need a good puck-possession guy to play with. That guy has also got to have a good shot and an ability to get open in scoring position.
    I can think of nobody more fitting at the moment than Purcell. But this wasn’t tried and we don’t seem to be moving towards trying it.

    For your second line you still have O’Sullivan and Brown to skate the wings (he also hasn’t tried them off-wing yet) and you can center them with Boyle if he’s playing well, or mean. Or, you can skate Handzus there if you think it’ll work better. They could even shift centers from 2nd to 4th lines, and back and forth, during the game and not create any confusion.

    In addition, you can keep these two top lines together on Power Plays, as well as send out the 3rd line if you feel you need a more grinding presence on the PP.

    That leaves the 4th line.
    You have Handzus for the defensive excellence if you refuse to go with any combo but Ivan/Zeiler, plus you can have Boyle or Purcell cycling through if their play warrants it, or if a little bit of a different look is needed during a game.
    I see no reason, other than that we really don’t have the skill on the blue line, that these lines can’t come together well, score more consistently than we are currently, and be flexible enough to were you can shift players around during the game without completely confusing the entire bunch.

    Of course we could always bring up Lewis and Westgarth and kind of cycle games, playing Ivan/Zeiler one night, and Westy/Lewis the next.

    I think the Tampa game was an example of a team that doesn’t know what’s going on anymore. They don’t know who is playing what role, and they don’t know who is on the ice with them. Just look at the passing. It’s horrible.

    Also, if Doughty isn’t going to play next game why isn’t Voinov called up?
    And, if Doughty is going to play, arent’ they making a little much out of the lack of retribution for Artyukin? If it wasn’t dirty, and they don’t send tape to the league office, why do they feel they need to send a message to a guy who is just finishing his checks – just like they want the Kings players to do.

    Have fun in Napa, you lucky Sod.


    By the way,

    I know I brought up Heatley, but I wonder if there’s any sense that Ottawa would part with Daniel Alfredsson.
    Any idea about that situation?
    He’d go well with Frolov/Kopitar or Brown/Kopitar or O’Sullivan/Kopitar.
    He’s cheaper at $4.3, too.
    Even if he’d be considered a bridge player, he’d be a great one to learn from.
    I wonder what the cost would be? I think Harrold could actually sweeten that pot. He played a pretty solid 20 minutes on a night when Doughty went out. I’d actually not like to lose Harrold, but acquiring a player like Alfredsson might be worth the costs.

  • dan


    which scorer would that be? seriously? there’s lewis and…? no offense (to you or lewis, and by the way, no pun intended but i’ll take it) but no one in manchester is going to solve our scoring problems.

    i think it is evident after these two losses that a lack of morale and cohesion on this team is what needs to be addressed. when the guys start to feel more like brothers than line mates, the d will tighten up, the forwards will loosen up, and that will translate to goals scored and more w’s. not saying there’s animosity in the locker room, but brothers don’t let brothers go down without any retribution.

    bringing up westgarth is sending a message, imo, that you look out for each other, and to hell with the PIMs.

  • taz42

    OT here but, watched the Prospect Game on nhl.net and Taveras went out with what looked like a shoulder injury. He hit the corner boards hard with his right side. When got up, was helped off the ice favoring that arm or shoulder.



    Even if what you said were so, if morale were low and there was no cohesion, the blame for that would be on the HEAD COACH and he should be fired. We’re halfway through the season. If the guys don’t know that the common goal should be to win hockey games, the leader should be cut out of the equation and replaced.

    I’m banking everything on my belief that these guys like each other and want to play for each other, but every time they do something wrong Dad comes out and sends someone in for a timeout. In those situations, like in boot-camp, the mentality becomes survival despite what the coach/captor does to you.

    It’s like Bridge on the Freakin’ River Kwai…

    Think back to the first games of the season. O’Sullivan looked better after having trained with his buddies than he does at this point in the season. Brown, too, looked ready to be a dominant scoring and hitting force. Now they both just look confused.

  • Duckhunter

    Ivan, Westgarth and Clune when he gets healthy on the same line? That would be outstanding. I’d much rather watch these guys display some toughness and do their best skill wise, than watch a bunch of highly skilled players, play like wimps with little self pride. Good luck Westgarth. Clune please get healthy so at least it’s possible to put together this line combination.

    ETR, lets try and give TM at least a full year before we ask for his head. Same with our stars,(I’m having a hard time with this) we need to give them at least a year to adjust, if not, their heads need to roll as well.

    Quisp, nice breakdown on why you think some of our players are struggling. Also, agree with Handz, Simmonds and Moller being partially adept to TM’s style making it easier for them to adjust.

  • Quisp

    Relevant bit from the Monarchs blog:

    THE BIG MAN, who often does his talking with his fists, Kevin Westie Westgarth earned his first career callup to the Los Angeles Kings today. The promotion comes since there is a roster opening with rookie forward Oscar Moeller [sic] on the DL (injured in the World Junior Championships) and it comes out of some necessity after rookie d-man Drew Doughty was injured by Tampa Bays Evgeny Artyukhin and there was little to no response from the Kings.

    Theyre obviously in need of a physical presence, said Monarchs coach Mark Morris. At this level (Westgarths) done an unbelievable job in policing our team. I think the respect hes earned at our level has been a force . . . (Kings) werent happy with the non-response to the Doughty hit . . . That might be part of the reason for bringing this type of player on board.

    LA Kings assistant GM (and Monarchs GM) Ron Hextall said: We want to be a heavier team. Westies tougher and has size and grit . . . and there was an incident with Tampa that we didnt like so the time was now to callup Westie.

    So there you have it.

    Clune is just about to be cleared to play in Manchester. He’ll need some time before he’s up to speed, to say nothing of being ready for the NHL.

    Voynov, since people (including me) keep mentioning him, was discussed in an article on the Monarchs in the Union-Leader:

    And Defenseman Slava Voynov has returned from the World Juniors Championship where he won a bronze medal for Russia, but Morris said the 18-year-old rookie is “readjusting to the speed of the game at this level. He’s having to re-learn and re-familiarize himself.”

    Voynov missed 10 games and has skated in two Monarchs losses since he has returned.

    Which I guess would (at least partially) explain why he hasn’t been called up.



    Don’t misconstrue my comments as ideology. I was responding to Dan comments about what he thinks are problems – cohesion and morale.
    I DON’T believe that is the case (i think it has a lot to do with all the changes and little punishments.
    I think the game plan doesn’t fit what’s supposed to be going on – rebuilding.
    If there were institutional problems as a result of Murray, only then would I say that he should go as soon as possible.
    If morale is ok, and it’s us fans that are trippin’, you have to let him see it through for an entire season. The only danger is that when the players are looking poor, you can’t trade them for much, and the fans want them gone.
    For example, many fans commenting here are saying the Kings aren’t sticking up for each other and that were getting manhandled.
    I’m sure Gauthier has no problem making someone pay for injustices. We’ve already seen him do it. O’Donnel and Calder and even Armstrong have stepped up to some tough guys and exhibited supportive behavior.
    Now, however, Murray is making mountains out of molehills and changing our squad because of one guy.
    It’s totally reactionary and, considering he holds Ivans leash, totally pathetic strategizing.
    He’s not even using Ivan the right way.

    I don’t want him fired, I like the defensive commitment.
    But, I want him to pull his head out of his ass before its too late and heads roll.

  • Big A


    I follow the Sens and for better or worse, Alfie is pretty much untouchable. Rationally, one can argue that his return is only going to drop given his age but he gave Ottawa a big home town discount with that last contract and is generally beloved.

    Terry’s older brother Brian (8 years older – try that out for size Anthony, you ageist) would be raked over the coals if he made that move.

  • Thanks anonymous at 8:48.Love his breakdowns of each fight.Kid is a character,reminds me of Kenny”DADDYS HOME”Baumgartner.IVANANS ARMY WESTGARTH.

  • Thanks anonymous at 8:48.Love his breakdowns of each fight.Kid is a character,reminds me of Kenny”DADDYS HOME”Baumgartner.IVANANS ARMY WESTGARTH.

  • Thanks anonymous at 8:48.Love his breakdowns of each fight.Kid is a character,reminds me of Kenny”DADDYS HOME”Baumgartner.IVANANS ARMY WESTGARTH.

  • dan


    love your passion, man. really do.

    for the record, i did say that i don’t believe there is any animosity in the locker room. o’sullivan talks about being tight with brown and kopitar, doughty has mentors in od on the ice and greene at home. that’s great and all, but you don’t have a closed door meeting when morale is high. you don’t have your coach and gm call the team out when teammates are backing each other up.

    back to the original topic of westgarth. it’s clear now he was brought up because of the lack of response from the team. i think the lack of response was because of the morale. the source could be coaching, could be something else entirely. of course. only those behind the closed doors really know what’s up, and hopefully we’ll see a better effort tomorrow against detroit.

  • kingsince67

    Marc and all…why bring him up now seems to be the flavor and how dumb is that. Well it is a chance to get him work with the big club before he hits the ice in a game that counts and even if he is not used in the Red Wing game he gets to skate with the guys. A cheap owner would not spend those bucks to get him here and then send him right out on the road. I like the passion we are all displaying here, but do not think for a second that some of us do not fall into the ” DUMB ” catagory as well.

  • Jonny

    Everyone blaming McSorley for the 93 playoff collapse, should realize that Hrudey was horrible in the finals… He let in soft goals in the overtimes and regulation.. compare that to Patrick Roy…. Thats what happened. Give the guy a break. I would love to have a McSorley on the kings right now.

  • Big Rob in Dallas

    Ciccarelli: I don’t think I saw an answer for your question about IR and being placed retroactively. I think once you put someone on IR they can’t come off for so many days. So they make it retroactive to not lose additional time. I know in the NFL once you are on IR your season is done.

    I’m not an expert but I remember hearing something about this years ago. So what’s I’m saying is I could be wrong.

  • Ciccarelli

    Thanks Big Rob.

    I actually looked it up this morning. A player must be on IR for a week, so in this case Moller could come off today (but won’t because he’s still injured). The placement on IR can go back to the game the injury occurred. But in this case, I guess back to when Moller joined the team and they discovered the injury.

  • Al

    If there was to be an award for the meanest scowl, Ivan would win it hands down, but when it is time to take things (other players) in hand he is a “0”. His presence does not mean a thing to who ever we’re playing, but with Westgarth it just might make other teams think it over. It looked to me like Westgarth is a better fighter then Ivan and has the mentality of taking care of his team mates and doesn’t wear a tu-tu, could you imagine what practice would be like if Clune and Westgarth were on the ice facing each other, gotta keep them both on the same side.

  • BakoCAcondorsKingsFan

    Quisp–I like your comments.

    Considering your ‘rookies’ view of Kopitar/Brown/O’Sullivan as they learn defensive responsibility vs. unstructured irresponsible Crawford-play:

    Could there be a mid-level two-way forward out there to trade for? Someone who could help teach them the NHL winning way while not diminishing our chances of ever scoring a goal?

  • vicarious

    The teams with players who can fight beat the teams with fighters trying to play.

    They should have saved this call up for the next time the Kings play Tampa Bay.

    This year’s Kings team is playing to or exceeding expectations. So it seems to me calling them out publically for playing badly or in this case “not responding well” is likely counterproductive. Seems to me the Kings tried to respond but had to balance that with trying to win the game.

  • sense13

    Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

    If OD would have dropped gloves and fought Artyukhin he probably would have gotten an instigator and a game misconduct. And add to that the kings would be 2 men short on defense. Then a lot of you guys would be complaining how stupid OD was.

    Yes, Artyuhkin leaned in with the knee but how many of you actually saw that before Foxy pointed it out. And I’m not even 100% sure if that was deliberate. Artyukhin’s a pretty big guy and he may be just a bit awkward in throwing his body around. I’m not saying he was right or wrong, I’m just trying to look at it from all the angles.

    BTW, for those of you who blame Gauthier for that uneven attack which led to a goal knows nothing about hockey. Boyle should have recognized that Gauthier was pinching in and Boyle should have dropped back to cover. But then again, Boyle has been brainwashed by TM to take the body whenever he can so, you can’t fully blame Boyle either.

    The way I see it is that this team is playing like they’re afraid of making mistakes due to TM’s reactionary coaching style. TM really needs to lighten up and let our boys play imo.

  • RB from Torrance

    I’ve not seen anyone mention the clear hypocrisy of bringing up Westgarth. Players are being punished for committing penalties that are putting the team in precarious penalty kill situations against teams known for capitalizing on power plays. Then he brings up a player who is explicitly known for being in the penalty box. Why the double-standard?

    I agree that someone should have stepped up when Doughty got hit. I also agree with OD about keeping a level head about how you go about these things. But the team’s biggest problem isn’t it’s ability to hit. It’s their ability to finish and manufacture goals. Last time I checked, you don’t win games by hitting the other team more. How does bringing up players who aren’t offensive threats justify the excuse we’ve been given since last year, “We’re building toward something”.

    Look folks. I’m happy with the defensive progress that has been made this year. I just don’t understand how anyone can say that they are building toward something when they keep changing it. We need some chemistry on offense. Set the lines, leave them alone for a month, and if they are still not performing, change them. Altering the lines 3 times in a game just doesn’t make sense and doesn’t build team chemistry.

    Am I far off on this?


    Mr. Hammond any news on when Brad Richardson will be coming off of IR and into the line up or put on waivers.



    Not far off based on what we know.
    What we’re hearing management/coaching tell us is that they guys THEY’VE brought in and told us are the core don’t stand together, can’t score, take stupid penalties, and are no better than ‘cast-offs.’
    Did we not trade Lubo for Stoll and Greene because management DIDN’T want a team that would back down? Wasn’t Lubo called “too soft” and a “weak, small, euro defenseman?”
    Weren’t we told that Taylor’s teams were too soft and didn’t stick together? Bryan Murray found out a few years back that Taylor’s boys at least fought for each other up in Ottawa – remember Mair coming off the bench during a 5on5 brawl and getting suspended for over 10 games?
    A list of players who are being called, in a sense, weak for not stepping up against Artyukin – Quincey, O’D, Greene, Gauthier, Ivan, Armstrong, Simmonds…

    Are we to believe that Lombardi can’t build a strong team that backs it’s own?

    I’ve seen Corvo, Gleason, and even Belanger step up for their teamates before.

    Murray is basically calling Lombardi’s guys shit.

    Call up Westgarth now? When we can’t score? Do they think we’re that ignorant?

    During the last 5 games, all in January, I think we’ve been outscored 9-15. That’s 3 GAA and under 2 GFA. There’s where the problem is. It’s almost like they’re trying to distract us from that, now.

  • Marc Nathan

    Westgarth – healthy scratch… but he gets a nice pre-game meal and a good first hand look at Staples press box šŸ™‚

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